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Chapter 104: Full Python Banquet

The lunar rabbit, the treasure hunting fish, the little fish, and the little monkeys transformed into large and small loli, the little turtles, hearing this, hurriedly looked at the ruthless emperor that Ye Chen was holding in his arms, and then he was right The ruthless emperor bowed and worshiped:

“Well, see the mistress!”

“Hello.” The three-year-old ruthless emperor was dirty when he heard the greetings from the pets. “S little face suddenly smiled, and then shouted.

The Emperor Ruthless is only three years old now, and she does not yet have an adult mind. However, because of Ye Chen, the Emperor Ruthless is not as fearful or shy as an ordinary three-year-old child.

As soon as the words of Emperor Ruthless came to the ground, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smiled, then looked at Emperor Ruthless, and said:

“First go take a bath, change clothes, and then we will eat well. How about eating?”

“Well, I listen to my husband.” When the Great Emperor Ruthar heard this, his eyes lit up, and then he nodded in excitement.

When Ye Chen saw this, he laughed, and then touched the head of Emperor Ruthless, and said:

“Just do it!”

Ye Chen finished. Immediately looked at Yanhu Yelin, and said:

“You take the mistress to wash and change clothes. By the way, there is no one that fits here. Go to that world and call the ten most skilled A good tailor will come over, use the best materials, and make more sets of fittings for your mistress.”

When Ye Chen said this, he suddenly thought of something, and then hurriedly added:

“By the way, don’t forget to call all your mistresses over!”

Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen and the others were originally waiting for Ye Chen to have dinner together. Ye Chen also planned to finish solving the real world matters, and then went back to eat with the girls.

But the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. Because Ye Chen went to the Beauty League, he met the ruthless emperor’s daughter, and also released the memory of the “God of Cooking” in the past life.

Ye Chen didn’t want to ignore the ruthless emperor who “reunited again”, so Ye Chen made it, stayed, and made a good meal for the ruthless emperor.

But, even so, Ye Chen couldn’t and would not ignore the women Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen, Huang Yueying who had become Ye Chen women because of this.

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That’s why Ye Chen asked Yanhu Ye Lin, don’t forget to call Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan and other women into the real world.

“Yes! Brother!” Yanhu Ye Lin hurriedly responded when he heard this.

The treasure hunting fish and the small fish on the side, as well as the little monkeys transformed into big and small loli, the little turtles, and the lunar rabbits, upon hearing this, they hurriedly said:

“Brother ( Master), let’s help too!”

They all heard Ye Chen’s words of the strong and incomparable love for the three-year-old Ruthless Emperor.

It is precisely because they heard it that they want to show so eagerly that they want to have a good relationship with the three-year-old ruthless emperor, 囡囡.

After hearing the pets” words, Ye Chen was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and nodded and said:

“Okay, let’s go all, I’ll prepare some delicious food. Drooling.”

Ye Chen can cook? It will always be, but it’s hard to say.

Of course, this was the situation before Ye Chen’s memory seal was lifted.

And now, as Ye Chen lifted the memory seal of the Emperor Ruthless, Ye Chen continued to learn and improve in order to let the Emperor Ruthless eat delicious food in his previous life, and finally acquired the memory of extraordinary cooking skills. Has returned to Ye Chen.

The meals made by Ye Chen like this are hundreds, thousands, or even ten thousand times better than before the memory was unblocked.

This is not Ye Chen’s boasting, but fact.

In his previous life, Ye Chen indeed won the title of “God of Cooking” because he kept making good food for Emperor Ruthless.

And this will not disappear because of Ye Fan’s seal of Ye Chen’s memory.

“Yes! Brother (Master)!” When the crowd heard Ye Chen’s words, their eyes lit up, and then one by one hurriedly bowed to Ye Chen.

After the pets finished speaking, they took the three-year-old Ruthless Emperor from Ye Chen’s arms, and then took Ruthless Emperor to the back house of the city lord’s mansion.

Ye Chen glanced at the departed pets, as well as the three-year-old Ruthless Emperor, the 囡囡. After a slight smile, he rose directly into the air, and then flew outside the city of reincarnation.

A good meal requires a variety of condiments, and this thing can of course be brought out from the novice zone of the Three Kingdoms.

The problem is that these condiments are too common and not suitable for the golden pythons of the evolution family.

If this was before the memory seal was lifted, Ye Chen would definitely not know it, but now, it’s different.

Ye Chen, who has restored the memory of “God of Cooking”, just thought of cooking with the golden pythons of the evolution family, and in his mind, no less than 30 ways of doing it came directly.

The various collocations, various condiments, the control of various heat conditions, and the steps in these practices also came directly into Ye Chen’s mind.

Like the instinct that is born with it, there is no sense of strangeness.

Ye Chen is out now, just to find suitable condiments, and then make an authentic full python feast.

On the street of Reincarnation City, the female players of the Beauty League who had just arrived in the city of Reincarnation were watching with curiosity. At this moment, a female player from the Beauty League saw the city from Reincarnation. Ye Chen, who flew out of the city lord’s mansion, was taken aback for a moment, and hurriedly bowed and said:

“See you master!”

As soon as her words fell, the other female players of the Beauty League on the street We all looked up at the sky one by one, and then hurriedly followed and bowed and said:

“See you master!”

The sky is flying towards the outside of Samsara city, looking for Ye Chen, who needed the materials for the whole python banquet and the condiments, nodded with a smile when he heard this, and then flew straight past.

The female players of the Beauty League, after seeing the smile on Ye Chen’s face under the moonlight, they all stayed for a while, and then instantly became lively.

“Master, you look so handsome when you smile.”

“Yeah, really handsome.”

“What is the master doing out so late?”

“I don’t know, it should be something.”

“You said, should we go to the city lord’s mansion and ask the host, what do we usually do?”

“You A little hooves, you can just say that you want to stay with your master for a while.”

“I’m angry, you don’t want to say it.”

“Hey, Don’t be angry, I think too, but Sister Yaoyao said, don’t deliberately approach the master, or it will make the master unhappy.”

“Yes, if the master needs a woman, some women are willing to dedicate themselves, we can’t do anything wrong.”

“Oh, you said, when will the master accept us?”

“If you want to accept it, you must accept Sister Yaoyao first, and Sister Xiaoyue, right? , And cute.”

The female players of the Beauty League, twittering, you are talking with me, Ye Chen’s needs have just flown to reincarnation Ye Chen of the city wall suddenly stiffened after hearing it.

What’s the matter, these little ladies, as expected, they all think about it

But fortunately, Li Mengyao is still smart, knowing to restrain these little ladies

When I return to the game world, I will give them some quests to prevent them from being so leisurely

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s eyebrows can’t help but raise, just at this moment, on the wall of Reincarnation. There were also a group of soldiers from Reincarnation Xiancheng in Zhou Cang who were on duty. They saw Ye Chen flying in the sky. After a moment, Zhou Cang also had a group of soldiers from Reincarnation Xiancheng. They all bowed to Ye Chen and said:

“Meet the lord!”

After Ye Chen heard the greetings from his subordinates, he immediately returned to his senses. After a little bit with a smile, he flew straight out of the city of reincarnation.

At this moment, one of Zhou Cang’s commanders suddenly thought of something, and then hurriedly looked at Zhou Cang and asked:

“General, the lord is out so late, There must be something, do we need to send someone to follow?”

“No, if the lord needs it, we will definitely order it directly. Since the lord did not say, we definitely don’t need us to follow.” Zhou Cang heard Here, I couldn’t help but smile, and then said.

When the commander heard this, he was slightly taken aback, and then he nodded his head with a right face.

“The general said so.”

“Don’t flatter, explain what you did, did you do it? “When Zhou Cang heard this, he glared at the commander, and then asked.

When the commander heard this, his face suddenly became solemn, and then he hurriedly bowed and said:

“General Qiqi, around the city lord’s mansion, there are hundreds of guards, no matter who it is, don’t even think about entering the city lord’s mansion under the eyes of the brothers.”

“Very well, remember, although those women are slaves to the master, you don’t have to worry about them being unfavorable to the master. However, the master can only be chosen by the master on his own initiative. Mistress. “When Zhou Cang heard this, he nodded in satisfaction, and then said.

Hearing this, the commander nodded seriously, and then said:

“The general, don’t worry. The final general is willing to use the head guarantee on the item, and will never call anyone to sneak into the city lord’s mansion!”

Outside the city of Reincarnation, I just showed my spirit outside and prepared to explore Ye Chen, who is suitable for the full python banquet. After hearing the dialogue between Zhou Cang and Zhou Cang’s commander, he was taken aback.

I wiped it. This week I looked at the big five and three rough guys. I thought he was a rash guy. I didn’t expect to be so careful that I could see the level of the minds of the little girls in the Beauty League at a glance.

Also, this It has saved a lot of things, but the women in the Beauty League still have to arrange some tasks, not to let them idle

Thinking of this, Ye Chen exhaled for a long time, and then directly explored the surrounding area of ​​Reincarnation. It is suitable for making a full python feast.

A little bit of time passed, and when Ye Chen had prepared all the materials in full, he went straight back to the city of reincarnation, and then directly started to prepare.

Not long after, Yanhu Yelin, who went to the game world, brought tailors and many maids, as well as various dishes, chopsticks and other tableware.

The five sisters who followed Yanhu Yelin were Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen, Huang Yueying, Huang Wudie, Xiao Qiao and Zhen Mi.

After the girls met Ye Chen, they left the maid to Ye Chen, and then they went to the back house together to see their sisters. The Emperor Ruthless went.

In fact, after hearing Yanhu Yelin’s words, all the women were surprised.

After all, Emperor Ruthless was only three years old, but their husband directly regarded Emperor Ruthless, who was only three years old, as his wife.

At this point, even if they were women from the Three Kingdoms period, they were a little surprised.

Of course, even if they are surprised, the women are not unacceptable, and they will not be angry or anything because of this.

The age is young, so I can only watch it. In a few years, it will not be enough. This is what the women think.

As for exhorting Ye Chen to release Emperor Ruthless, that doesn’t exist.

For all the women, Ye Chen is their heaven. No matter what Ye Chen makes, in their eyes, they are all right and correct.

Moreover, they don’t think Ye Chen is that kind of evil person.

At this point, the women who had been with Ye Chen for a long time knew and understood that they naturally wouldn’t think Ye Chen was perverted just because the Ruthless Emperor was three years old.


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