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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 1052: Massive Invincible Jade Slips Read Novel

Chapter 1052: Massive Invincible Jade Slips – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1052: Massive Invincible Jade Slips

Thinking of this, Ye Chen lifted his left hand and turned towards Sun Wei. The void was a point.


After the violent air tremor, a thin cyan thread with golden runes flowing around appeared out of thin air, and then rushed straight towards Sun Wei.

At this moment, Sun Wei, who wanted to “surrender” Ye Chen in exchange for a chance to survive, suddenly felt a sense of “big things are bad” in his mind.

This feeling came suddenly and was a bit “unexplainable”.

After all, Ye Chen’s actions didn’t seem to kill him.

Moreover, he knew very well that if Ye Chen wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t have to be so troublesome at all, he would be stabbed to death with a single shot.

As a result, his mind was still out of control, and such thoughts appeared.

However, before Sun Wei had any reaction, the thin cyan thread of golden runes circulated all over his body, which was directly attached to Sun Wei’s head, and then disappeared in a flash.

What Ye Chen used was naturally a “seal technique” specifically designed to seal others” knowledge of the sea.

As for the purpose, it is to prevent the parasitic soul body in Sun Wei from leaving Sun Wei because of “danger”.

Ye Chen wanted to obtain the invincible jade slip, but Ye Chen also wanted to subdue Sun Wei, to be precise, to subdue the parasitic soul body in Sun Wei’s head.

If Ye Chen didn’t “seal” Sun Wei, then the parasitic soul body parasitic on Sun Wei had a high chance of leaving Sun Wei voluntarily and then fleeing.

Ye Chen didn’t want to see such a situation happen, otherwise, Ye Chen would not directly seal Sun Wei after confirming that Sun Wei is the host of the parasitic soul body.

“King Ye You, what does this mean?” Sun Wei tried to stabilize his heart, suddenly he heard the heart “violently”, then looked at Ye Chen and asked cautiously.

When Ye Chen heard Sun Wei’s question, he glanced at Sun Wei, and then said:

“If you want to survive, you can honestly sign a slave contract. For other things, you don’t Need to know.”

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Sun Wei was taken aback when he heard this.

He thought that Ye Chen would not kill him, otherwise, he would be dead now.

He also thought that Ye Chen would accept him.

After all, Ye Chen didn’t kill him directly because he heard the words “willing to be a slave”.

But Sun Wei thought about it, but never thought that Ye Chen actually proposed a term he had never heard before, “Slave Contract”.

What is this? No matter how stupid Sun Wei is, no matter how stupid he is, he can still judge its potential meaning without hearing it.

To be more precise, the “slave contract” must be Ye Chen’s method of controlling his Sun Wei.

As long as they sign, 100% of them will have various restrictions, which will be imposed on his Sun Wei forcibly.

In this way, his Sun Wei will become a real slave, and a slave who cannot have any “personal thoughts” and “no freedom”.

For Sun Wei who wants to be Ye Chen’s “slave”, this is not what he wants to see.

To be more precise, Sun Wei’s desire to be Ye Chen’s slave was just an excuse for his survival.

Furthermore, Sun Wei wanted to be Ye Chen’s “slave”, in fact, he wanted to enter Ye Chen’s Reincarnation City by virtue of his status as a “slave”. He did things for Ye Chen on the surface, but actually planned for himself secretly. Even looking for a chance to kill Ye Chen.

In this way, his Sun Wei’s “bearing humiliation” is worth it, and then his Sun Wei will become the strongest player and the strongest overlord on earth.

Because he killed Ye Chen, everything about Ye Chen would become his Sun Wei’s. Under such circumstances, it would be difficult for his Sun Wei to become the overlord of the earth.

This is Sun Wei’s true thoughts deep in his heart, and now, what has he heard?

Ye Chen asked him to sign a “slave contract”! If you don’t sign, you have to die!

Signed, he can survive, but the ’little abacus” in his heart will disappear.

If you don’t sign, you will definitely die.

Whenever he thought of these two extreme results, Sun Wei was not calm.

To sign or not to sign, Sun Wei prefers to survive without signing, but he is very clear that in front of Ye Chen, he has no room for bargaining.

“It seems that you have made a choice.” Ye Chen smiled coldly after seeing the hesitant expression on Sun Wei’s face, and then spoke. After speaking, his right hand was bloodied. The sharp spear pointed at Sun Wei immediately.

Seeing Sun Wei, who was aiming the gun at him, his face suddenly turned pale, and then screamed:

“I sign! I sign!”

At the moment when Sun Wei shouted “sign a contract” because of his fear of death, Sun Wei suddenly “tremors” violently when he knew the parasitic soul body in the sea.

However, no matter how “trembling” Sun Wei’s parasitic soul body in the sea of ​​knowledge “trembles”, it is impossible to rush out of Sun Wei’s sealed sea of ​​knowledge.

The divine sense locked on Sun Wei’s Ye Chen, and instantly noticed the abnormal movement in the sea of ​​Sun Wei’s consciousness, and his eyebrows raised involuntarily.

This is a feeling of “danger”. Unfortunately, it is useless to feel it. As long as you use the ancient contract book to sign a slave contract with Sun Wei, the parasitic soul body parasitic on him will be directly because of ” The reason for “symbiosis” is to become a slave directly

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s mind moved, and the ancient contract book instantly appeared in front of Ye Chen.

Glancing at the ancient contract book in front of him, Ye Chen immediately started to open it.

In the next second, the idea of ​​signing a slave contract, the master-slave contract or the equal contract, instantly appeared in Ye Chen’s mind.

Slave contract!

Ye Chen made a decision. In the hall of the City Lord’s Mansion, a huge gossip array that exuded ten thousand golden lights appeared in an instant.

There are thousands of runes in it, and texts similar to tadpoles are constantly wandering around the light curtain, which is extremely gorgeous.

At this moment, two red beams of light suddenly appeared in the gossip array under Ye Chen’s feet, and then Ye Chen and Sun Wei were enveloped in it.

In the next second, the “soul voice” with the aura of the great avenue sounded out of thin air, and then I saw Sun Wei and closed his eyes involuntarily.

As soon as the time for a cup of tea was over, when the “soul voice” that contained the aura of the great avenue ended, the feeling that Sun Wei could control Sun Wei’s life and death with only his thoughts appeared in Ye Chen’s heart instantly.

As soon as Ye Chen noticed this, his eyebrows raised involuntarily.

It became

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, and then moved his mind and instantly put away the ancient contract book.

In the next second, Ye Chen waved his right hand and instantly released the sealing technique on Sun Wei.

Sun Wei has signed a slave contract with Ye Chen, and Ye Chen’s life and death are between Ye Chen’s thoughts. This is not only known to Ye Chen, but Sun Wei who signed the slave contract also knows.

So, no matter how careful Sun Wei thinks, he dare not betray Ye Chen. Even if he thinks about Ye Chen, he won’t work.

Because as long as he dares, or if he has this thought, then the slave contract will directly obliterate him, and it will obliterate him without any affair and no “explain” opportunity.

It is precisely for this reason that Ye Chen will directly release the sealing technique imposed on Sun Wei after the completion of the slave contract.

At this moment, Sun Wei opened his eyes, then looked at Ye Chen, bowed respectfully and said:

“Well, see the master!”

Ye Chen heard this, nodded, and then said:

“Take out all the props and treasures in your storage space.”

“Yes! Master!” Sun When Wei heard this, he hurriedly bowed and worshiped, and then with a move with his right hand, a lot of jade slips appeared in the hall of the main mansion of Shenlong City in an instant.

Fuck! There are so many invincible jade slips.

It has to be one hundred thousand.

Of the jade slips Sun Wei took out, at least 90% belonged to the invincible jade slips. Up to 10% of the jade slips, there are teleportation types, and many large-scale spell attacks.

These jade slips are not important at the back, but the invincible jade slips at the front are important.

Ye Chen originally thought that in Sun Wei’s storage space, it was estimated that there would be hundreds or even thousands of invincible jade slips.

After all, the number of times and number of invincible jade slips in Ye Chen’s previous life were not many.

Even if Sun Wei is the host of the parasitic soul body, the parasitic soul body will search for him, and the treasure that has fallen to the earth will not affect this “result.”

But as a result, what did Ye Chen see? At least one hundred thousand invincible jade slips!

What’s so special, I didn’t expect that the parasitic soul body in Sun Wei found so many invincible jade slips for Sun Wei.

Although it was a bit unexpected, but

Very cool!

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Chapter 1052: Massive Invincible Jade Slips – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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