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Chapter 1056: Ye Chen’s Accumulation – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1056: Ye Chen’s Accumulation

As soon as the system’s prompt sound ended, Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, and then raised his head to look at the bright moon hanging across the sky.

It’s pretty smooth, yes, yes.

Now, Donghuang Taiyi is estimated to be very angry. As for Emperor Jun

This bastard, it is estimated that he will also be angry. Even when he vomited blood

I don’t blame Ye Chen for thinking so. You know, marrying Chang Xi is something that the Demon Emperor Jun and Donghuang Taiyi are determined to win.

As for the reason, it is very simple. As long as Dijun can successfully marry Chang Xi, their wedding will be the first wedding since the beginning of the world.

This kind of wedding can get a lot of merit.

Of course, the benefits of Dijun marrying Chang Xi are more than that.

To be more precise, if Di Jun really marries Chang Xi, then his position in the predatory world of the monster race will be more stable.

The most important thing is that after marrying Chang Xi, the cultivation base of Emperor Jun will increase substantially.

This is why Donghuang Taiyi has worked hard to calculate the lunar star and threatened Chang Xi and Xihe.

Of course, this is also Dijun’s idea, but it is the Eastern Emperor Taiyi who has taken the initiative to implement it.

And now, Donghuang Taiyi and Demon Emperor Jun’s plan was easily shattered because of Ye Chen’s intervention. In this way, their “coercion” method would be completely invalidated.

In this way, regardless of whether it is Chang Xi or Xihe, there will be no more worries.

Because the lunar star has “saved”, there is no need to compromise at all, and there is no need to wrong myself, marrying the demon emperor Jun who didn’t like it from beginning to end.

As for Emperor Jun or Taiyi, “becoming angry from anger”, forcibly arresting Chang Xi or Xihe, and then forcibly marrying, this is possible, but the result is basically a “failure”.

Because of the formation of the Lunar Star Guardian Great Array, the Yin Bone Devourer in Laurel’s body has been completely wiped out by the Gundam.

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Such a lunar star can fully display the star guardian array.

As long as the Taiyin Star’s guardian array is activated, whether it is Eastern Emperor Taiyi or Demon Emperor Jun, it is impossible to rush into the Taiyin Star as easily as before.

At least, for hundreds of thousands of years, they don’t want to succeed.

Even if they use a large number of subordinates, even use the Innate Lingbao River Tuluo Shu, the Innate Treasure Chaos Clock.

It can be said that as long as the demon emperor Jun or Donghuang Taiyi do not prove the way and become holy, they will not even think about attacking the Lunar Star in a short time.

This is still the result of Ye Chen’s failure to show up. If you count, Ye Chen will complete all the plans in the Three Kingdoms Novice Zone in the near future, and then the whole country will rise to the prehistoric world, then it will be different.

Because at that time, both Chang Xi and Xihe will be supported by Ye Chen.

Although Ye Chen couldn’t help them in a short time, as long as the time is long, Ye Chen’s help will definitely get bigger and bigger.

Be aware that the Qiyun Dynasty’s blessings on cultivation are extremely terrifying, and Ye Chen’s Jade Seal of Chuanguo is the top nine-orifice exquisite stone. With it, it was originally nine times the initial cultivation speed. The blessing of will directly become eighty-one times!

To be more precise, as long as Ye Chen established the Qiyun Dynasty, he would directly gain eighty-one times the training speed instead of nine times the cultivation speed of the emperor of the normal Qiyun Dynasty.

And don’t forget what Ye Chen just got, a lot of invincible jade slips!

With the invincible jade slip, coupled with a large number of powerful props, Ye Chen’s army of reincarnation immortal city, it will be difficult for Ye Chen to rise to the sky in one step.

It can be said that Ye Chen, who has accumulated a strong family background, will directly come to the last “super explosion” as long as the whole country soars.

At that time, whether it is Ye Chen who has accumulated a large amount of experience, a large number of innate attribute points, or Ye Chen’s army, they will rise strongly.

Although this, Ye Chen and Ye Chen’s army cannot be allowed to come up to be invincible in the world, sweeping the land, but it can also make Ye Chen directly become an existence that ordinary powers dare not easily provoke.

This is just the beginning. If it takes a long time, ten years, hundreds of years, Ye Chen’s reincarnation dynasty will continue to advance, and Ye Chen’s realm will soar.

In addition, refining the Innate Lingbao, Innate Supreme Treasure, Ye Chen’s combat power, it is not difficult to chase God Jun or Taiyi.

Of course, this is just about catching up in strength, not that Ye Chen will head-to-head with the demon clan after the whole country ascends.

For such a choice, Ye Chen could not do it, at least not for the time being.

After all, a strong rise does not mean invincibility, nor does it mean that it can crush the monster race.

If Ye Chen really came up with a head-on confrontation with the Monster Race, Ye Chen would definitely be able to let the Monster Race of the Primordial World taste it, what is pain and what is fear.

But Ye Chen’s reincarnation dynasty will suffer unimaginable destruction because of this.

For example, the reincarnation dynasty was destroyed as a result, and another example, the reincarnation dynasty was “depressed” because of this.

No matter which one, it is not the result that Ye Chen wants to see.

Therefore, it is impossible for Ye Chen. After the whole country soared, he went head-to-head with the monster clan.

But even so, Ye Chen is not unable to help Chang Xi and Xihe.

To be more precise, Ye Chen has already decided. After the whole country has ascended to the wild world, he will contact Chang Xi and Xihe through the Lunar Rabbit, and finally receive the two goddesses of the wild world directly. Reincarnation Xiancheng.

And Chang Xi still has Xihe. Once you get to Ye Chen’s reincarnation city, even if Sanqing or Hongjun takes the shot, you can guess that Chang Xi still has Xihe’s whereabouts.

Don’t forget that Ye Chen has the “one that escaped”. With this, no matter who calculates Ye Chen, or calculates people related to Ye Chen, the result will be the same. That is “a mess”.

In this way, let’s not say first, whether Dijun or Taiyi will spend a lot of time and energy in attacking the Lunar Star. Simply say that after they rushed into the Lunar Star, they couldn’t find Chang Xi’s return. There is Xihe, and it is impossible to calculate their position. This alone is enough.

The prehistoric world, the lunar star.

It was confirmed that the Yin Bone Devouring Worm in the Laurel Tree, Chang Xi and Xi and the two sisters who were indeed wiped out, all lit up in front of them, and then they looked at the Lunar Rabbit in unison.

At this moment, Chang Xi and Xihe are excited, excited, and of course, also dumbfounded.

They don’t know where the Lunar Rabbit found the Gunslinger, and they don’t even know who the “master” of Lunar Rabbit was when it first started.

“Sister Xi and Sister Chang Xi, Lunar Star is finally safe!” Lunar Rabbit, who also confirmed that Laurel had returned to normal, glanced at Gunslinger with gratitude, and then at Chang Xi and Xi And, exclaimed with excitement.

When Chang Xi and Xihe heard this, they glanced at each other, and then all asked:

“Little rabbit, what’s the matter with the master you said?”

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Chapter 1056: Ye Chen’s Accumulation – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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