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Chapter 1065: Boiling World Channel – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1065: Boiling World Channel

After Hu Xiaoyue and Mengmeng heard what Li Mengyao said, they looked at each other, and then all nodded in response:


In fact Not only Li Mengyao wanted to use “cooking” to get close to Ye Chen, but Hu Xiaoyue and Mengmeng also thought so.

Otherwise, after seeing Li Mengyao’s ’lost” expression, Hu Xiaoyue would not directly remind Li Mengyao that they have now got the inheritance of Ye Chen’s cooking.

The City Lord’s Mansion, the back house.

After Ye Chen came here, he stayed with Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen, Huang Yueying, and the five sisters of Zhen Mi, Huang Wudie, Xiao Qiao, and Emperor Ruthless. He went straight to the hall of the City Lord’s Mansion.

What Ye Chen has to do is naturally return to the game world.

The real world matters have already been dealt with. Naturally, it is impossible for Ye Chen to waste time in the real world, let alone waste time on the love of his children.

For Ye Chen, completing the plan of the Three Kingdoms Novice Zone is the most important thing at the moment.

The main hall of the city hall.

After Ye Chen came here, he glanced at the empty hall, and then went straight to the diamond game warehouse.

At this moment, Yanhu Yelin, treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu, and golden-haired monkeys transformed into large and small loli, and advanced to beasts, and turtles, the royal family of the Starry Sky Stegosaurus family, black The emperor (female) stays in the back house and accompanies the girls.

For them, Samsara City has been deserted for a long time.

Although Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen and other women’s clubs come to Reincarnation City from the game world from time to time, the girls will eventually return to the game world and will not stay in the real world for too long.

So, most of the time, they are very “boring”.

Now, the city of Reincarnation is lively, and their mistress also has a large number of maids here, and will live in the city of Reincarnation in the future, whether it is Yanhu Yelin or the treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu, Or the big and small loli, as well as the black emperor, are all happy from the heart.

Therefore, none of them got Ye Chen’s order, and ran over spontaneously one by one.

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Of course, they did this to please Ye Chen and to please Ye Chen’s women.

After all, they are all Ye Chen’s favorites. They are also good for Ye Chen to please Ye Chen’s women.

This has nothing to do with “utilitarianism”, but the instinct of all spiritual pets.

Coming to the diamond level game warehouse, Ye Chen stepped in, and then lay in.

There was a “creak”, and the door of the diamond game warehouse closed instantly.

At the same time, Ye Chen closed his eyes.

The game world, over the ruins of the capital city of Silla, the hall of the main mansion of Samsara Xiancheng.

A beam of light that opened up to the sky suddenly descended, and then I saw Ye Chen, who was offline, appearing right here.

“Meet the lord!”

The uniform sound of the meeting, with the appearance of Ye Chen, instantly sounded.

When Ye Chen heard this, he immediately opened his eyes, and then looked into the hall, divided into civil and military ranks of his subordinates.

At this moment, the world announcement suddenly sounded.

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen, who successfully advanced to the Supreme Kitchen Road. Special rewards to the player Ye Chen, X3000 innate attribute points, X1 million purple gold coins.”

The World Announcement was repeated three times in a row, which instantly detonated the entire World Channel.

“Damn, isn’t it, Supreme Kitchen? Can a chef have Supreme?”

“Are you stupid, you haven’t heard the world announcement? It’s not already obvious.”

“Let me go, who can tell me why this is, how can I make an announcement in the world of cooking?”

“What’s so special, it’s worth mentioning, it must be Ye Youwang’s cooking skills, reaching the level of earth-shattering, otherwise there will be a world announcement.”

“Hey, I dare say that the title of King Ye You is absolutely awesome, but unfortunately, there is no one who can make King Ye You cook in this world, um, the wife of King Ye You, except .”

“It’s weird if it’s not awesome, otherwise, how could King Ye You get the reward of 3000 innate attribute points.””

Because of Ye Chen’s world announcement, the world channel is constantly refreshing.

Just when the players are discussing with you, the world The announcement sounded again.

“Ding, congratulations to player Li Mengyao, the first advanced cook god, special reward player Li Mengyao, innate attribute points X300, gold coins X1 million.”

“Ding, congratulations to player Hu Xiaoyue, the second advanced chef god, special reward player Hu Xiaoyue, innate attribute points X200, gold coins X1 million.”

“Ding, congratulations to player Wang Mengmeng, the third advanced chef, special reward player Wang Mengmeng, innate attribute points X100, gold coins X1 million.”

The world announcement was repeated three times in a row, which instantly silenced the original lively World Channel.

But immediately, the whole World Channel boiled again.

“Fuck! Did you make a mistake? Ye You Wang became the Supreme Master of Cooking. I can understand this. After all, Ye You Wang has always been the leader among the players. The God of Cooking who became together is totally unreasonable.”

“Fool, what does it mean is unreasonable, don’t you know that these three are the leaders and vice leaders of the Beauty League?””

“You are paralyzed, how could Laozi not know, and compare with you?””

“Idiot, I still ask your sister if I know, what’s special, I will ask you, what is the relationship between the Beauty League and King Ye You?””

“You are a fool of Lao Tzu, from Mahler Gobi, and the Beauty League belongs to King Ye You. Shao Te digs a hole for Lao Tzu to make Lao Tzu offend King Ye You.”

“Saying you are stupid, you are really stupid. If I dig a hole for you, do you think that King Ye You will let me go?”

“Okay, brother, don’t tease him, let me tell him, listen up, King Ye You can become the Supreme Kitchen Dao, the leader and deputy leader of the Beauty League, follow Becoming the God of Cooking, it was obvious that King Ye You made the move and let the three of them advance the God of Cooking.”

“Yes, but it shouldn’t be. This is a culinary art. It’s impossible to master it all at once. It requires enough talent, enough exercise, and even a famous teacher to teach it. I was able to become a five-star chef before the game started, but it took five years!”

“Nima, say you are stupid, you are really stupid, do you know what a game is? Do you know how awesome Ye Youwang is? Do you know what is inheritance?”

“This is not fair! unfair! Cooking skills are accumulated little by little, how can they be mastered all at once, and they are still invincible!”

“Fool, I think you didn’t get the title of God of Cooking, or the title of Supreme Kitchen. Let’s complain about yourself here.”

“It must be, don’t forget, what he said before, he is a five-star chef.”

“Hey, envy, jealous, in front of Boss Ye Chen, you can only do this.”

The world channel was boisterous, constantly refreshing the screen. After a glance, Ye Chen curled his lips in disdain.

These people who “maintain” Lao Tzu, really are A mixture of fish and dragons, everyone has

Don’t blame Ye Chen for thinking like this, you know, Ye Chen, who has passed the catastrophe, can easily remember anyone, anything, and anything he has seen before.

And among the people who “insulted” the five-star chef for Ye Chen, they satirized Ye Chen because Ye Chen made world announcements before, and even persuaded Ye Chen for the sake of the human race and the East. Player, the person who tells the secret of the game.

And now, these people all started to maintain Ye Chen, how could Ye Chen have any happy thoughts because of this.

It seems that those hidden forces are still “not dead”, and they also want to make Lao Tzu proud of “compliment”, and then take action to solve the real world Yaozu

Wait slowly , Within a few days, these bastards should cry

This time Ye Chen returned to the real world and had already noticed that the demon clan had been cleaned up and regained strength.

Under such circumstances, it is impossible for the monster player to continue to hide honestly, without doing anything to the human player.

To be more precise, the monster players who have regained their strength will definitely attack the real world and the cities built by the players.

And among these attacked cities, they belong to the lair of hidden forces, which are the easiest to provoke an army of monster players.

As for the reason, it’s simple.

The number of people in the city built by hidden forces is much higher than that of ordinary forces.

This situation has created a fact.

That is, the blood qi in the city built by the hidden forces is stronger than that of the ordinary forces.

The favorite of the monster players happens to be the full-bodied city.

Therefore, as long as monster players attack human player territories, they often start with hidden forces first.

If you can’t attack, let’s leave aside, this fact does exist.

And this is also the reason why the hidden forces want to use Ye Chen’s hand to destroy the demon clan.

After all, he can easily deal with the army of monster players, and now Ye Chen is alone, and no one except Ye Chen can do this.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen looked straight at the men in the hall, and then shouted:

“Ready to set off and attack the Southeastern Empire!”

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Chapter 1065: Boiling World Channel – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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