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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 1067: Soldiers on the Border Read Novel

Chapter 1067: Soldiers on the Border – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1067: Soldiers on the Border

When Ye Chen saw this, with a wave of his right hand, hundreds of distorted spaces appeared in the school field instantly.

Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Wei, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, Li Yuanba and other generals in the school field, seeing this, Qi Qi turned around and looked at the army, and then shouted:

“Let’s go!”

The command of a group of generals, the 2.41 million reincarnation of the fairy city army, immediately turned on their horses, and then walked towards the twisted space.

Imperial border of Southeast Continent.

The army of players from the East, who have killed an unknown number of times, and the army of players from the Southeast Continent, are facing each other.

After several fights, no one can do anything about it, and this has led to a stalemate at the moment.

The location of the Eastern Players Army.

“The monkeys in the Southeastern Continent are so resistant. We have fought so many times, and we can’t even get through the border.”

“No The way, the Southeast Continent Empire is a unique country of ten small countries. The population, when added up, is quite a lot. Moreover, here is the game world, and you can only fight each other with one shot.”

“Damn, if it weren’t for the changes in the rules of heaven and earth, the previous devastating weapons, bombs, and firearms would no longer be usable. Which round of these monkeys in the Southeastern Continent would be so arrogant.”

“Wipe, if we don’t change, we will sweep the Southeastern empire every minute.”

“Your sister, what I said doesn’t fail, it seems you can have equipment, don’t dream, wake up.”

“It’s just a talk, what are you doing so seriously?”

“Speaking of Mao, what is it, what kind of heat weapon is used? As long as King Ye You comes, all the monkeys in Southeast Continent will die!”

“Damn, I don’t know that this is the same, but the question is, will King Ye You attack the Southeastern Empire today? If he doesn’t fight, then the stalemate will continue here.”

“I think it should be possible. Don’t forget that the Southeast Continent Empire also borders us to the east. King Ye You will definitely not let the Southeast Continent Empire go.”

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“Whoever spares Southeast Continent, King Ye You will not spare it, don’t forget what these dogs did in those days, how many compatriots have been killed, and how many sins have been committed!”

“I feel the same way, at least King Ye You gave me the feeling that he wanted to recover the hardships suffered by Dongfang a hundred times, thousand times, and ten thousand times.”

“By the way, don’t you feel that King Ye You’s behavior is too cruel?” This is the direct destruction of the country. Although this is a game world, you will not die if you die, but you will lose your level if you are killed. Once the level is dropped to the end, you don’t want to continue to live in the real world.”

“Are you a idiot, something special, have you forgotten, what did we see when we came here?” These dog-like players in the Southeast Continent Empire had already crossed the border and stepped on the land of the Han Empire. What are they going to do? Invade our Great Han Empire, OK!”

“Don’t pay attention to this idiot, the real world is like this, what a special heart of the Virgin.”

“I agree with King Ye You, kill these foreign players who have been playing bad days, and level them all, and we can follow suit.”

“The words are rough and not rough. Although I really want to pretend to be a gentleman, I really can’t do it. I came here to win the Southeast Continent Empire and make money. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed. Can only wait for King Ye You to come.”

“Hey, I am too”

The seat of the Southeast Continent Empire player.

“These damn Eastern pigs have caught us Southeast Continent. The empire is not letting go, and the fight can’t come in, and it’s really disgusting if you don’t hurry to get out.”

“Hey, let me say, we might as well attack directly into the east, just like Tu Hua back then, it’s bigger and more ruthless.”

“Fool, you are all Chinese cabbage players when you are in the East. You can cut and step on it at will. I didn’t see it. Are we equal?”

“This is not the key. The key is that what we are fighting right now is the weak chicken among the Eastern players, the real overlord, who is called Ye Chen, has not come yet. If he comes, we You have to run.”

“Run a fart, what can Ye Chen do if you even destroy the four kingdoms? Our southeast empire has oceans and land, and there are many mountain forests. We can’t beat them. We can fight guerrillas, and we can drag it. The defense organization of Ye Chen’s men was dragged to death.”

“Hey, let alone, it looks like Ye Chen’s defense organization is all cavalry! Put this in our Southeast Continent Empire, it really doesn’t have much effect.”

“It’s necessary, otherwise, you think I’m so courageous. After hearing the news that Ye Chen had destroyed the Four Kingdoms, he didn’t withdraw, and he still killed Eastern players here.”

“Hey, if you say that, then Ye Chen has nothing to fear.”

“It’s necessary. I’m afraid of a hammer. The big deal is that we will enter the mountains and the forest. Then Ye Chen’s cavalry army will not be able to function. Moreover, there are poisonous insects everywhere in the mountains and forests, not southeast of us. People from the Continent Empire will definitely be poisoned to death after entering, so there is no need to be afraid.”

Just as the players from the East and the players from the Southeast Empire, when you talked about it, the space near the border was suddenly distorted, and then you saw a Teams of cavalry, wearing full armor and holding dazzling spears, appeared on the battlefield.

However, after a breath of time, the big gilt-black leaf-shaped banner appeared on the battlefield immediately.

When the players in the East saw this, they all stunned, and then stood up all of a sudden.

“King Ye You! King Ye You is here!”

After a cry of surprise, the place where the Eastern player army is located, instantly boiled.

“Hahaha, let me just say, Ye You will definitely come, his old man is impossible. Let go of the monkeys in the Southeast Continent Empire.”

“Hey, this is all right, these monkeys of the Southeastern Empire are about to become dead monkeys!”

“Well, at the beginning, I shouldn’t be so confident anymore. I should just follow King Ye You directly.”

“Saying so much what to do, it’s not too late to follow Wang Ye You now.”

Southeast Continent where players are located.

A man with a sharp-mouthed monkey gill next to the leader of the Southeast Continent player’s army, looked at the reincarnation fairy city army that suddenly appeared on the battlefield, and was taken aback. And his face suddenly changed.

“Damn, these cavalry are Ye Chen’s defense organization? Why can’t my exploration technique show the level of equipment on them?”

“What! How can it be! Isn’t your exploration technique able to detect even the heavenly equipment? “The leader of the Southeast Continent Empire player army heard this, his eyes suddenly opened, and then he hurriedly asked.

“The leader, I didn’t lie, my exploration skills really can’t see these soldiers. The equipment grade. “The man with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks hurriedly replied.

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Chapter 1067: Soldiers on the Border – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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