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Chapter 107: Beheaded

The players of the Southeast Continent Empire did not expect that the Samsara Xiancheng army would ignore the terrain, not to mention that the bows and arrows of the Samsara Xiancheng army were so powerful that they were abnormal.

Of course, what they didn’t expect most was that they couldn’t escape into the forest before the Samsara fairy city army caught up.

And this makes the players of the Southeast Continent Empire inevitably have two choices.

Either be killed or surrender.

No one wants to die, the same is true for the remaining players of the Southeastern Empire.

So, they chose to surrender without hesitation.

They want to survive by surrendering.

Because only if they live, they will not drop ten levels because of death, and they will not be affected by death in the real world.

“Boom, boom, boom”

Thousand horses gallop, the earth roars.

The army of the reincarnation fairy city is still charging, and is still ruthlessly harvesting the lives of the remaining players in the Southeast Continent Empire.

What kind of kindness, what kind of humanity, what kind of sympathy, here in the army of Samsara Xiancheng, does not exist.

Because their lord, Ye Chen, gave the order to kill!

Therefore, no matter what the players of the Southeast Continent Empire say to surrender, the Samsara Xiancheng army will not be softened at all, let alone shaken.

Pieces of Southeast Continent Empire players were stabbed to death, flying, and then trampled into flesh.

The remaining players of the Southeast Continent Empire, seeing this, suddenly showed “unbelievable” gazes.

“Why? We all surrendered. Didn’t the East treat the captives preferentially?”

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“I surrendered. I really surrendered. Don’t kill me. I am willing to be a big Han Empire leaf. Slaves of the King You!”

“You cannot torture the captives, it violates the international convention at this time! This is the behavior of barbarians!”

The remaining players of the Southeastern Empire People, because of the merciless killing of the reincarnation fairy city army, they screamed and screamed frantically.

They want to use this to stop the “savage killing” of the Samsara Xiancheng army.

Because only in this way can they survive and prevent them from being affected in the real world.

Unfortunately, the players of the Southeastern Empire obviously “think too much.”

Even if the Han Empire never killed the surrendered “captures”, the Samsara Xiancheng Army can be regarded as the defense organization of the Han Empire. However, the Samsara Xiancheng Army only obeys the orders of one person, that is, the Lord of Youzhou, Ye morning!

“Boom, boom, boom”

Thousand horses gallop, the earth roars.

The killing of the army of the reincarnation fairy city still has not stopped, let alone the slightest wave of wavering.

As soon as the time for a cup of tea passed, the players on the border of the Southeast Continent, without exception, were all beheaded on the spot.

Looking around, there are dead bodies and mud all over the ground.

The scarlet blood is flowing wantonly, and the strong bloody breath is surging.

No one spoke, no one spoke, only the death on the ground, the blood on the ground mixed with scarlet.

The location of the Eastern Players Army.

Looking at the reincarnation fairy city army, the Eastern players who easily killed all the players of the Southeast Continent Empire, one by one swallowed involuntarily.

“I heard that Ye Youwang’s army is powerful, and I think this rumor is true, but the speed of killing is too fast, ten million people, it’s that short. In a short time, they were all killed?”

“Is this unclear? I need to ask.”

“By the way, have you noticed that King Ye You’s army is a bit too strong.”

“What do you want to say? Ye Youwang cheated?”

“Going to Nima, I don’t mean it. You don’t want to frame me. What I want to say is, what is the realm of Ye You’s army? This combat power is almost exploding. To the extent of unreasonable.”

“Cut, what’s so surprising about this, don’t forget, the invasion of the monster clan army was also solved by the king Ye You. The army of the reincarnation fairy city has this kind of combat power, and it is not surprising at all.”

“Don’t be nonsense, when the monster players invaded, Ye Youwang personally participated in the battle, OK? Look here, Ye You didn’t show up. Those who participated in the battle were all Ye You’s army.”

“The most important thing is that King Ye You’s army hasn’t yet summoned White Tiger, Suzaku or Azure Dragon. This is the most terrifying place.”

“Should I wipe?” Do you still want to hear the secrets of King Ye You? Aren’t you afraid of being stabbed to death by King Ye You, and then completely dead?”

“You are paralyzed, I am just wondering, I can’t talk about it, I didn’t say to listen to the secret of King Ye You.”

“If you have doubts, just get bored and tell you, no matter who you are, or if you are really just a simple doubt, don’t say it here, let alone ask, otherwise you will get tired Everyone here, I don’t want to be burdened by your stupid questioning.”

“Hey, it’s okay. Anyway, King Ye You never kills indiscriminately. He wants to kill only those people who are enemies with King Ye You. Whatever he says or ask, anyway, you only need to provoke King Ye You. This idiot, just one end, completely hanged up.”

“Ciao, when I didn’t say it”

Oriental players, because of the terrifying force of the reincarnation fairy city army, and when you talked about it, the Southeast Continent Empire At the junction with the border of the Han Empire, the space was suddenly distorted, and then I saw a huge island that covered the sky and the sun, suddenly drilled out of the distorted space, and then appeared here.

One saw the island. The Eastern player who appeared in the process was taken aback for a moment, and then his eyes suddenly opened.

“That is the fairy island of reincarnation! King Ye You is here! King Ye You is here!”

Following the shout of this player, the Eastern players raised their heads in unison, looking to the sky, and then involuntarily showed shocked expressions.

Who owns the Samsara Immortal Island, How could Eastern players not know.

But even so, no one has ever seen the true face of Samsara Immortal Island, except for those players who have been following Ye Chen to make a profit.

As for the reason, it’s simple.

Reincarnation Fairy Island spends most of the time on the white clouds. Players want to see Samsara Fairy Island, basically dreaming.

And now, these Eastern players who have not seen the reincarnation fairy island, for the first time saw the vast, magnificent, and immortal reincarnation fairy island, how could they not be shocked, how could they not be shocked.

“I’m going, this is the reincarnation fairy island, I really want to go up and see.”

“I want to go up and see too, but unfortunately, I can only think about it.”

“How did this reincarnation fairy island float up? It’s totally incomprehensible.”

“Still think about it, it must be a fairy, otherwise how is it called a reincarnation fairy island?”

Just as the Eastern players were discussing with you and me, the world announcement suddenly sounded.

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen, for successfully invading the Southeast Continent Empire.”

The world announcement was repeated three times, instantly detonating the entire world channel.

“Hahaha, let me just say, Ye You will definitely attack the Southeast Continent Empire.”

“Hey, brother will soon be on the border between the Southeastern Empire and our Han Empire!”

“I’m here too, this time I will kill all these Zabi monkeys in the Southeastern Empire 10,000 times!”

“The key is to kill these deflated calves in Yin Mud, thoroughly level them, and kill them all to level zero!”


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