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Chapter 1075: The Ugly Ghost Sangurion – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1075: The Ugly Ghost Sangurion

“Zi Zi, Zi Zi”

The sound of frying continued, but soon, the sound stopped, and then I saw one A middle-aged man, shirtless, bare feet, and a wolf leather shorts around his waist, appeared directly at the place where Zhoushan Mountain was originally located.

Looking at the middle-aged man who suddenly appeared, Ye Chen curled his lips in disdain.

This look is really

Ugly shocking, weeping ghosts, uglier than Lao Tzu’s subordinate Dian Wei

I really don’t know, the ink pads are sloppy , Because of what mentality, Sang Gurion was described as a beautiful man

It’s no wonder Ye Chen thinks like this. You know, in the inkpad myth, Sang Gurion is impressed with “handsomeness” when he is an adult. He didn’t recognize his mother at first.

So, Sangurion should belong to the category of beautiful men, but it is true that Sangurion’s eyes are the same size, two eyebrows, one thin and the other thick, almost a triangular head. The upturned nose, the long dog mouth, plus the blue veins protruding from his face, made the whole look ugly.

No matter where you look at it, you can’t see how handsome San Gurion is.

Ye Chen just thought of this, Sang Gurion, who had already appeared in his real form, glanced at the awe-inspiring air mass above the reincarnation fairy city with a look of disgust, then looked straight at Ye Chen, and shouted:

“I didn’t attack you, nor did I attack your subordinates, why did you attack me!”

“Why?” Ye Chen heard this and took a ugly look at San Gurion, and then Disdainfully said:

“This king came here to destroy the Southeastern Empire. Why did you say that this king would attack you?”

“You mean, there is nothing to talk about “Sang Gurion’s eyes shrank sharply when he heard this, and then he shouted in a deep voice.

When Ye Chen heard this, he smiled coldly, and then said:

“Talk about your sister, wicked animal, die!”

Sanggurion is inkpad Special characters, if you don’t kill him, when Ye Chen is about to destroy the Southeast Continent Empire, Sangurion will either appear directly or continue to shrink, and then wait for Ye Chen to leave before coming out.

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No matter which result, Ye Chen didn’t want to see it.

So, no matter what nonsense Sangurion said, Ye Chen couldn’t listen to it, and would only put it out without hesitation.

After Ye Chen finished speaking, he lifted his left hand, and then it was one point towards the void of Sangurion.

There was a sound of “Om!”, a pure white fireball that seemed to burn everything, appeared instantaneously, and then flew straight to Sangurion.

Before, Sangurion didn’t show his true body, and Ye Chenzong had all kinds of methods, and he couldn’t affect Sangurion.

Because of using Ye Chen with glaring eyes, he didn’t see Sangurion’s real body, where he was hiding.

And now, Sangurion came out from the place where the turtle was shrunk, or to be precise, from the secret realm at the bottom of Zhoushan Mountain. Naturally, Ye Chen would no longer be able to deal with Sangurion like before.

As soon as the pure white ball of light appeared, it rose wildly in the wind, but in the blink of an eye, it expanded to a hundred meters.

Since Ye Chen’s realm was higher, Sangurion, who was extremely vigilant in his heart, suddenly narrowed his eyes when he saw this.

“How is it possible! How can you use the real fire of the sun!”

Ye Chen curled his lips disdainfully when he heard Sangurion’s exclaim, and then said:

“Only ants, dare to judge this king!”

When Sangurion heard this, his face suddenly sank, and then he took out a bone stick without hesitation.

As soon as the bone rod appeared, the wind was strong, and then nine very dark spiral nests suddenly appeared from the ground.

At the same time, an icy breath rose directly from the nine pitch-black spiral nests on the ground.

At this moment, a thick layer of ice quickly formed on the ground near the nine dark vortexes.

In the sky, Ye Chen frowned when he saw this scene.

Jiuyou Hantan

This shard can be opened directly to connect to the channel of Jiuyou Hantan. What’s so special about this?

Nineyou Hantan comes from Netherworld The realm, its inner content, Nine Nether Water, belongs to the most cold thing.

Although it can’t completely block the real fire of the sun, it’s okay to block it for a moment or three.

Of course, it also depends on the number of Nine Nether Waters, not many.

If it is not enough, the Nine Nether Water will be burned into nothingness by the real fire of the sun.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that Sangurion, a special figure in the Southeast Continent, summoned a channel connecting the Nine Netherworlds. This fact made Ye Chen somewhat incomprehensible.

After all, Jiuyou Hantan is unique to the Netherworld, and it is impossible for ordinary people to directly connect to the Jiuyou Hantan.

Because it is impossible for the Netherworld to allow such a thing to happen, especially using the existence of Jiuyou Hantan cultivation, it is not allowed to happen.

Huh? Wait

Sanggurion in the inkpad mythology has a master. Could it be possible that Sanggurion can open the channel connecting the Nine Serenities of the Netherworld and have something to do with his master

, It must be so!

Otherwise, Sang Gurion alone, he would not even want to open the channel connecting the Nine Nether Cold Pond

If you say that, the master of Sang Gurion should be from Netherworld!

It should be, otherwise, this mess, just relying on the mortal practice techniques, really can’t cultivate the mana with the soul-eating attribute

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s eyes jerked open eyes.

The luck of this dog day is really good. He even went to approve the existence of the Netherworld, so he directly gave him the “permit” to connect to the Jiuyou Hantan.

Ye Chen just thought of this. The bone stick in Sangurion’s hand suddenly burst into a cloud of black smoke, and then he saw the black smoke, which condensed into a black-haired wild boar in the air.

The moment I saw this black-haired wild boar, a weird thought involuntarily appeared in Ye Chen’s mind.

This should be the master of Sangurion, or his grandmother, that is, the black-haired wild boar who drank the emperor’s urine and gave birth to Sangurion’s mother

It should be like this

Ye Chen just thought of this. The black-haired wild boar that just appeared suddenly looked at Ye Chen, and then said:

“Junior, get out quickly, otherwise, die!”

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Chapter 1075: The Ugly Ghost Sangurion – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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