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Chapter 108: 9

When Ye Chen heard this, he nodded in satisfaction, and then looked at the black spiral nest on the ground.

The time to disturb the heavenly secrets of the underworld and prevent the exploration of the heavenly paths of the underworld, how long it can last, remains to be verified.

But no matter how short it is, it can’t be shorter than a quarter of an hour.

At this point, if you can’t subdue the Nether Demon Pig, then you basically have failed.

But even so, you have to go to the Nether Realm and try to subdue the Nether Demon Pig.

A rare opportunity

The opportunity that Ye Chen thinks is that the ancestor of Styx is not in the Nether Realm at this moment.

At first glance, it makes people confused. How did Ye Chen know that the ancestor of Styx was not in the Netherworld?

In fact, this is not difficult to understand. Just think about how Sangurion just opened the passage with the Nine Nether Cold Pool just to resist the real fire of the sun, and you can easily see it.

If the ancestor of Styx was in the Netherworld, it would be impossible for Sanggurion to open the tunnel with the Nine Netherworlds.

Because it is the Nether Demon Pig that actually opened the channel, and the Nether Demon Pig, absolutely dare not open the channel between the Nine Nether Cold Pool and the human world when the ancestor of the river is in the Nether Realm.

Otherwise, the ancestors of the Styx River have 10,000 ways to make the Nether Devil Pig better than death.

It is for this reason that Ye Chen made the judgment that the ancestor of Styx is not in the Netherworld.

It is precisely because the ancestor of Styx is not in the Netherworld, Ye Chen will let Meng Po go directly to Jiuyou Hantan and directly capture the Nether Demon Pig.

It is precisely because the ancestor of the river is not in the Nether Realm, Ye Chen will make a plan to dive directly into the Nether Realm and conquer the Nether Magic Pig.

This is not to say that Ye Chen is afraid of the ancestor Styx, but to avoid trouble.

Be aware that if the ancestor Styx was in the Netherworld, once Ye Chen or Po Meng used force in the Jiuyou Hantan, the ancestor Styx would be because of Ye Chen’s “one that escaped.” There are also twelve reasons for the first weather to transport the bronze man. It is impossible to detect who used the force, but he can sense the abnormality of the Jiuyou Hantan.

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This point, even if Ye Chen had “the one who escaped”, there was no way to hide it.

So, as long as the ancestor Styx is in the Netherworld, Ye Chen and Po Meng use martial arts in Jiuyou Hantan, and it will definitely attract the attention of the ancestors of the Styx.

After that, the ancestors of Styx will definitely come directly.

At that time, fighting with the ancestor Styx is nothing, because Po Meng is the big Luo Jinxian. Although the ancestor Styx can’t be killed, the ancestor Styx shouldn’t even want to leave her Ye Chen.

The problem is that this will allow Ye Chen to be discovered by the ancestors of the Styx River. After that, Ye Chen will directly become a “flying player”.

Such a result is not what Ye Chen wanted to see.

It is for this reason that Ye Chen thinks that now is the opportunity to dive into the Netherworld, and it is extremely rare.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s right hand moved, and the twelfth-rank Congenital Supreme Treasure Annihilation Black Lotus instantly appeared at Ye Chen’s feet.

Glancing at the Twelfth-Rank Black Lotus under his feet, Ye Chen said:

“If you are lucky, I’m going to the Netherworld. When you get there, you can absorb it. Netherworld’s negative energy, but don’t be too presumptuous, and cover too much.”

The Twelfth-Rank Innate Treasure Black Lotus has already recognized Ye Chen as the master, but because of the avenues in Ye Chen’s Purple Mansion Sendai, Tai Chi Red Lotus Sendai, the reason for the automatic burning of negative energy, the Twelfth-Rank Black Lotus is difficult to absorb negative energy in the human world.

Ye Chen didn’t want to see this result, but there was no way, Tai Chi Honglian Sendai was so perverted.

However, if the Twelfth-Rank Destroying Black Lotus wants to exert its power, in addition to its own abilities, it can’t do without negative energy.

The more negative energy absorbed by the Twelfth-Rank Black Lotus, the higher its attack power and defense power, and vice versa.

In the Human Realm, it is difficult for the negative energy to be absorbed by the Twelfth-Rank Black Lotus because of Ye Chen, while the Nether Realm is different.

Because of the Netherworld, there are not many other things, that is, there are many negative energy, and it is the kind that is everywhere and increasing all the time.

Even if Ye Chen has the ability to “automatically burn the negative energy within a radius of 10,000 miles”, he can’t play a big role in the Nether Realm.

This is the same as a drop of water falling into a sea of ​​fire for hundreds of thousands of miles, completely unable to “extinguish the fire”.

Therefore, Ye Chen’s characteristic of “automatically burning negative energy” is basically equivalent to decoration when it reaches the Netherworld.

There is no way, Ye Chen is only one person, and the range of ability is thousands of miles, but the Netherworld is a world, and the negative energy is endless.

Of course, this is not important. What’s important is that if Ye Chen sneaked into the Netherworld this time and didn’t take the opportunity to let the Twelfth-Rank Black Lotus “feast”, it would be a waste of this opportunity.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, the twelfth-grade extinction black lotus that carried Ye Chen was instantly shaken, and then Ye Chen received the “excitement” from the twelfth-grade extinction black lotus.

Perceiving this, Ye Chen couldn’t help smiling, and then flew straight to the pitch-black spiral nest.

As soon as Ye Chen flew into the black spiral nest, Ye Chen’s body disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, the army of the reincarnation immortal city, under the orders of Zhao Yun, Dianwei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and other generals, galloped directly toward the passage of the underworld.

The army of the reincarnation immortal city has only one thing to do, to obey the order of their lord, Ye Chen, not to let anyone approach the passage of the underworld.

Netherworld, dark, gloomy, and lifeless.

There is no sunlight, no birds and beasts of the human world, no plants everywhere, no flowers and plants, only the dry sand and gravel, ravines, and bones everywhere.

Here, from time to time, you can hear harsh screams, scalp screams, wandering ghosts, and strange ghosts in the underworld.

This is the world of the dead and the “heaven” of evil creatures.

This is a forbidden zone for humans and all living creatures of flesh and blood!

This place is full of dark and evil forces. There is no peace, no friendship, no love, and some are just merciless killing, conspiracy, betrayal, and death.

Here is where the negative energy from the heavens and all realms gathers all the time. There are only two ways to survive here, either strong enough! Either rely on the strong!

The weak can only be enslaved, trampled, and killed forever.

Of course, this is also a feature shared by the Primordial World and the completely changed worlds.

In short, in a word, the weak eats the strong.

The difference from other worlds is that the underworld is more thorough and pure.

Jiuyou Hantan, one of the sites of the ancestors of the Great Nether River in the Nether Realm, is covered with snow and ice all year round.

However, what is strange is that there is no trace of ice or snow in the Jiuyou Cold Pool with a radius of one thousand meters.

At this moment, Jiuyou Hantan did not make a “hum, hum,” trembling breathing sound as usual.

Because the master who made this sound, the Nether Demon Pig, has been completely imprisoned at the edge of the pool of Jiuyou Cold Pool at this moment.

The whole body is made up of blue bones, covered with bone spurs, 100 meters in length and ten meters in height. The beautiful girl who looked at it with fear and easily completely restrained it, Then he asked:

“Who the hell are you? Why I have never heard of your name in the Netherworld!”

“It doesn’t matter who I am, the important thing is you How to choose?” After hearing the words of the Nether Demon Pig, the beautiful girl glanced at the Nether Demon Pig, and then said coldly.

Hearing this, the ghostly blue soul fire in his eyes suddenly trembled.

“You, you are the backstage of that human being”


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