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Chapter 1091: Potential Crisis

“Ding, the location of the alien zerg, covering the secrets of the bottom of Zhoushan Mountain.”

The world announcement three times in a row, instantly detonated the entire world channel.

“Fuck! Fuck! Zerg invasion? Outer Zerg? What the hell is this?”

“Who knows what is so special? Anyway, this mission makes me feel very, very unpleasant. Simple, maybe you will get a big harvest!”

“Nonsense, I haven’t heard the words “special plot” and “rich rewards”, what’s special, if you participate in this task, rewards It’s not high, it’s so ghostly.”

“Is it, stop the ink, who can tell me where the Zhoushan Mountain is!”

“I want to know, too, The World Announcement on the special mention of Zhoushan Mountain, where is the special Zhoushan Mountain?”

“You are not stupid, have you forgotten that King Ye You killed Sangurion before? Is it?”

“The death of King Ye You from Sangguriang is related to Fu Zhoushan?”

“Your sister, Fu Zhoushan is the mana of Sangguriang in the inkpad myth. So, do you think that Zhoushan Mountain is related to Sanggurion?”

“I see! Zhoushan Mountain is near the border of the Southeast Continent!”

“Nonsense, Ye You is the king In that Sangurion that was beheaded, how could Fuzhou Mountain not be there.”

“Wait, let me wipe, we seem to have overlooked one thing!”

“What’s the matter?”

“King Ye You and the army of Ye Youwang’s men are here at Fu Zhou Mountain, right?”

“King Ye You’s army has already set off, but Ye You’s Samsara Immortal Island is still here”

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“There are there, have you gone together? Hurry up and sign up, you can’t miss the chance and don’t come again.”

“Sign up for your sister, I still want to live a few more years!”

“Ahem, I’ll continue to kill the players of the Polar Bear Empire honestly.”

“Well, I will continue to kill the little devils of Dongzhou Country. Hey, let’s not hide it from you, the little ladies of Dongzhou Country, one by one, surrender to us, let us not kill them, they are willing to kill them. He promised, but my brother didn’t agree.”

The World Channel was bouncing, constantly refreshing the screen. After Ye Chen glanced at it, his eyebrows raised involuntarily.

It’s quite interesting, and it saves me a lot of trouble.

But then again, the appearance of the Zerg in the game world this day should be my reason.

Otherwise. There will not be such a world announcement, and there will be no such special plot missions

Don’t blame Ye Chen for thinking so, you know, Ye Chen killed the puppets that raged the world in the real world before. The mother emperor knew the root cause of the puppet insect outbreak, and also knew the existence of the alien insect race.

This is the beginning.

After that, Ye Chen killed the one-star warlord of the Alien Zerg, the Sword Arm Demon Man, and let the Alien Zer know the existence of Ye Chen.

This is intensification.

And now, the Zerg from the outside world, which would not have appeared in the game world, has appeared, and this is the result.

As for how the Celestial Zergs sensed Ye Chen’s identity as a player, and how they sensed the prehistoric game, Ye Chen didn’t know.

After all, the Celestial Zerg had never been discovered in Ye Chen’s previous life. Even if Ye Chen was reborn, it was only a preliminary understanding.

However, this is not important. The important thing is that if Ye Chen does not change the “historical track” related to the Alien Zerg in the previous life, 100% of the Alien Zerg will be like Ye Chen’s previous life, just raging on the earth. Will not enter the prehistoric game.

It is precisely because of this that Ye Chen attributed the reason why the alien zerg entered the prehistoric game to himself.

The truth is the same.

Anyway, the special plot task “The Invasion of the Zerg” that appears this time must be completed 100%, and there can be no slight error. Both me and the Reincarnation Empire will be affected.

At first glance, it is a bit incomprehensible, how the invasion of the Zerg, the special plot task, has also affected Ye Chen’s great cause after the nation’s ascent?

This is really the case, because Ye Chen did not participate in the “Invasion of the Zerg”, or participated, but failed the mission, then the Zerg out of the sky will officially obtain the status of the player.

In this way, the various destructions and killing karma caused by the Alien Zerg in the game world will be divided into parts and counted towards Ye Chen.

After that, Ye Chen will be entangled in endless killing karma.

Although Ye Chen has red lotus karma, he can ignore these causal karma, but this will make Ye Chen directly turn into a human-shaped furnace.

Because the red lotus karma fire will automatically burn, and the causal karma gathered on Ye Chen’s body, after that, Ye Chen will become a human-shaped furnace burning the blood red red lotus karma fire.

Unless Ye Chen doesn’t use the red lotus karma fire to burn the continuously converging karma, otherwise, Ye Chen will 100% become a human-shaped stove, wherever he goes, wherever he goes.

In this way, it would be impossible for Ye Chen not to attract the attention of the great powers of the prehistoric world.

After attracting attention, Ye Chen would be 100% attacked and arrested by the mighty power of the prehistoric world, and then he would be forced to ask how to refine the red lotus karma.

At first glance, it looks a bit nonsense. The red lotus industry is just a fire, and it is not the innate spiritual treasure, the innate treasure, the chaotic treasure, or something. Will the power of the prehistoric world value it so much?

The answer is yes, the power of the prehistoric world will really be valued.

No way, the red lotus industry fire is one of the ten most powerful flames in the prehistoric world, even if it is the power of the prehistoric world, at most I have seen it. As for refining, it’s a joke.

So far, there has not been a person in the prehistoric world who can give red lotus karma to refining.

Does anyone want to refine the red lotus karmic fire? How could it not!

Be aware that the red lotus karma is fueled by causal karma and burns everything.

As long as the red lotus karmic fire is refined, let alone attacking others with the red lotus karmic fire, just to say that from now on, there is no need to fear the karma of cause and effect, which is enough to drive the power of the prehistoric world crazy.

Be aware that if you don’t proclaim and sanctify, karma is the eternal “theme.”

To kill you must bear the cause and effect, and to rob you, you must bear the cause and effect. No matter what you do, as long as it is evil, you must bear the cause and effect.

It can be said that no matter which power it is, as long as it is not proclaimed and sanctified, it is bound by causal karma. Kind of threat.

In the light of the situation, the troubles will continue, delaying the practice, and in the serious situation, the death will disappear.

This is not a joke, but a fact.

Otherwise, the battles in the prehistoric world, as long as those powerful ones participate, they will often be wiped out.

Why is this?

It’s not that I don’t want to be entangled in causal karma.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that it is nothing if the person who refines the red lotus karma fire does not appear. Once it appears, it will inevitably attract all powerful eyes. After that, this refining Those who have red lotus karma fire will 100% be taken away by those who are powerful, and then interrogate the method of refining red lotus karma fire.

And this is exactly why Ye Chen has to complete the special plot task of “Invasion of the Zerg” to prevent the Zerg from becoming a player 100%.

Ye Chen didn’t want to be taken away, so he was tortured as a white mouse.


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