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Chapter 1112: 1 without leaving – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1112: 1 without leaving

“Ye Chen, I know you are strong, but don’t deceive too much! The big deal is that we fight with you, and you won’t feel good!”

See you, the old man Ye Chen didn’t want to give up, and his face immediately became cold, and he was forced to calm down.

“Oh? I want to see, what do you guys have!”

While Ye Chen spoke, the Gunslinger was already floating beside him.

“Not good!”

As soon as the old man saw the Killing Spear, he immediately shouted to the members of the family: “Quick! All the holy generals follow me and cover the other people’s retreat. !”

As soon as the old man’s voice fell, he saw the old man and dozens of other Saint-level personnel of the Ouyang family, immediately flew up into the air and besieged Ye Chen!

They knew that they were going to die, but for the continuation of the family’s blood, they could only come up to hold Ye Chen and delay the escape of the juniors in the family.

“Hmph! Overwhelming!”

When Ye Chen saw them attacking, he shot the Gunslinger immediately!

Brush! ——

In the next second, the Killing Spear immediately turned into a black light, passing directly through the front of the old man’s chest at an incredible speed!


The old man spouted blood, staring at Ye Chen with impressive eyes, and fell from the air unwillingly.

“You’re so cruel”

The old man pointed Ye Chen with his fingers during the fall, his eyes were filled with bitter hatred, but under the effect of the soul-eating characteristics of the Gunslinger, he Before landing, his vitality was completely cut off.

He didn’t expect that it was just because of a wrong decision that he would ruin the entire Ouyang family.

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After the corpse landed, he still had his eyes wide open and his eyes wide open.

After killing the old man, the Killing Spear immediately attacked dozens of Ouyang’s sages in mid-air. Level personnel, launched a massacre!

The Killing Spear was constantly shuttled between them, piercing the body of these holy generals into terrifying blood holes.

“Wow wow wow”

With a scream resounding through the air, I saw a puff of blood blooming continuously in the air, and the living beings were killed in this way. Reap mercilessly.

After these people died, even their souls were swallowed by the Soul Eater, and there was no chance of reincarnation.

Seeing the tragedy in the sky, the tens of thousands of Ouyang family members in the valley escaped faster.

They were led by ten saint-level generals and fled in ten directions. Some of them were fast, and they had already left the range of this valley.

How could Ye Chen let them escape like this?

He knows the truth of the spring breeze and the spring breeze without removing the roots.

So after solving dozens of people in the air with the fastest speed, ten red lotus karma fires were immediately issued, and they fell towards the ten escaped teams!


Once the ten flames landed, they suddenly turned into a sea of ​​flames, ruthlessly swallowing ten escaped teams of the Ouyang family!

“Ahhhhh The tragic howls of the scene, the scene of hell on the scene is simply horrible

Ye Chen looked at the Ouyang family members who were struggling in the sea of ​​fire below with cold eyes, and his heart was calm.

Since they dare to plot against themselves, they must have a deadly consciousness!

Ye Chen will never be soft when beheading an enemy, because he knows that kindness to the enemy is cruel to himself.

Ye Chen, who has been alive again, has already seen through the cold world.

There has never been axiom and justice in this world. Some are just eating the weak, the strong will survive, and the weak will die!

He knows well, don’t look at these people looking pitiful now, but if you change positions between yourself and them now, these people will not give yourself a way out.

Therefore, he will not have the slightest pity for these people, he must kill all of them, not one of them can be let go!

Ye Chen observes the sea of ​​fire in the air, always pay attention to the fish that slipped through the net, the children of the Ouyang family who had escaped the flames before they were happy, they were overtaken by Ye Chen, and then a flame fell. And burn them into coke instantly.

“Wow! Boss Ye, be merciful! We didn’t participate in the plot against you”

“Ye Chen, please, as long as you stay around me, I am willing to serve you as a cow and a horse”

“Ye Chen, those things have nothing to do with me, why are you killing innocent people? Please let us go”

Some Ouyang children are surrounded by fire, desperate Among them, they knelt down one after another, kowtow to Ye Chen in the air begging for mercy.


“A joke!” Ye Chen chuckled coldly when they heard them begging for mercy.

Since the start of the prehistoric game, no one is innocent in this world.

In this chaotic world, everyone has to make a choice.

Either kill or be killed.

Everything is based on strength, there is no reason to say!

If you are the weaker side today, you will end up like them, being embarrassed to death!

It seems very savage and cruel.

But it reflects the true colors of the world.

So these people’s begging for mercy was in vain in front of Ye Chen.

After a cold snort, Ye Chen made a few more flames, and another terrible cry came from the ground.

“Yah ah ah ah ah ah”

“Ye Chen, I curse you, not to die!”

“My ancestors, Ye Chen, one day you will die on the street, I am waiting for you below”

“You are here The devil who killed a thousand knives, Ye Chen, I will not let you go if I am a ghost.”

Seeing that you can’t beg for mercy, the rest of the Ouyang family members scolded the most they could think A vicious curse, before dying, I had a mouth addiction.

The wind screamed and the fire was riding on the wind. The remaining Ouyang family children did not last long before they were all burned by the red lotus industry fire. Pile of coke.

The strong wind blows through, and the dispersion is everywhere.

The power of the red lotus karma is so powerful that even the armor and storage equipment on these people have been burned out.

Ye Chen took a photo with one hand, and only a crystal clear card flew out of the huge pile of ashes.

After getting this card, Ye Chen immediately saw the corresponding information.

Name of the item: Ultra-premium leapfrog destroying the enemy card

Function: Using the highest-level leapfrog destroying the enemy card, you can instantly kill enemies higher than your three realms! The upper limit, celestial being.

Attention: Use the best leapfrog destroying the enemy card. This card is a one-time item and will disappear after use. Remember not to waste it!

Seeing this, Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly opened.

What’s so special, this superb leapfrog destroying enemy card is really a bit perverted.

Enemies higher than your three realms can be killed instantly

If you are in your own realm Low point, didn’t you just want to be killed by that bad old man?

This Ouyang family really has some background, even such a perverted thing can be obtained!

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Chapter 1112: 1 without leaving – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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