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Chapter 1113: Behind the scenes – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1113: Behind the scenes

But it’s useless to have the background. In the end, it’s not in Laozi’s hands.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen raised his eyebrows involuntarily, and then looked straight at the members of the Ouyang family.

After confirming that all members of the Ouyang family had been killed, Ye Chen immediately left here and flew towards the next target.

At this time, under a certain mountain in the east, in a magnificent underground palace, an old man with elegant temperament and Yuanting Yuechi was sitting on the Taishi chair and enjoying tea.

A waiter with a short stature and a scorpion head hurried in and reported to the old man.

“Leader, it’s not good, the Ouyang family and the others”


Seeing the waiter’s nervousness, the old man immediately asked: “What about the Ouyang family? Come on? Come on!”

Hearing the old man’s words, the waiter replied tremblingly: “The leader of the Ouyang family has been wiped out, and no one is alive”


The elegant old man was shocked when he heard the words, he got up directly from his chair, and continued to ask the waiter in a deep voice: “How is this possible? Who has this ability?”

“It’s Ye Chen!” The waiter replied in horror.

“Damn it!”

Pop! ——

The old man threw the teacup in his hand directly to the ground, and said in his anger: “Why did he move so fast? Who leaked the news?”

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Ye Chen rushed through the air, and arrived at Sanshan City in just a few moments.

Sanshan City has been a gathering place for merchants since ancient times, and it is also the place where the king’s ancestors have lived for generations.

The Wang family has been operating here for hundreds of years. It has a solid foundation and a huge influence in Sanshan City.

At this time, the prince of the royal family was in the room with his 33rd concubine, but suddenly heard a rapid knock on the door outside.


“It’s not good, the patriarch, something has happened!”

The one who knocked on the door was the most trusted confidant of the royal family chief. He looked flustered now, and even his voice changed.

“What’s the matter? What kind of demeanor is he who is so flustered?”

The royal family prince who was disturbed by good deeds asked angrily in his words.

Feeling his anger, the cronies outside the door had to report the news to him immediately.

“The patriarch, we just received a message from the headquarters that Ye Chen has destroyed the Ouyang family. The lord now wants us to flee the family that participated in the plot against Ye Chen. The sooner the better!”

When Wang’s Patriarch heard this, he was shocked and ignored the concubine in the room, so he hurried to get dressed and ran out.

As soon as he opened the door, he bumped into his cronies.


The cronies were hit by him and choked on shit, and two of their front teeth were lost.

“Go and tell the people to escape from here, I’ll be one step ahead!”

The head of the royal family is like a dog in panic at the moment, and he doesn’t care about his cronies who have been knocked down. Words, they disappeared.

Ye Chen watched this scene in the air, and also sneered at the character of the head of the royal family.

This royal family chief is really afraid of death. In order to save his life, no one cares about it, but only runs for his own life.

Although the former patriarch of the Ouyang clan was weak, he was still using his life to buy time for the clan before he died.

But this guy is good. In order to escape, he abandoned the whole family. His humanity has been desperate to the extreme.

The royal family leader just flew into the air and was about to leave the Wang family’s old house, but was There was a sudden voice in the air, and he almost fell straight down in fright.

“You are the royal family chief? You run so fast, where are you going?”

Ye Chen stood in mid-air, watching the royal family chief who flees in a hurry. Evil way.

“You, you are”

Looking at Ye Chen in mid-air, the royal family chief trembled in his heart, and then asked.

At this moment, the only person in the world who can fly in the air is Ye Chen, but even so, the royal family leader still has illusions, hoping that the person flying in the sky is not Ye Chen, but someone else.

Otherwise, the Wang clan will probably be destroyed.

There is no way. Others can do something like this, and Ye Chen, the first player to play, will not be soft.

“Why? Can’t you even recognize me? You guys did not know me not long ago, but you just forgot about me so soon?”

Ye Chen’s eyes flickered cold and he was speaking. The tone is getting colder and colder.

“Are you Ye Chen?!”

The Wang Family Patriarch pointed to Ye Chen in midair in horror, and said tremblingly.

At this moment, his mood has fallen to the bottom. He didn’t expect that his movements were still a step slower, and he actually ran into Ye Chen here.

Although he was terribly scared, his survival instinct drove him to use his best efforts to survive the crisis.

“Ye Yechen, you heard me say that it was not my idea to secretly calculate you. It was Patriarch Ouyang who encouraged me. It has nothing to do with me. The person I sent out was just to remind you.”

Wang Patriarch’s legs trembled, and he squatted to excuse himself, saying that in the end, he couldn’t make it anymore.

“Hehe, make it! Continue to make it for me, I’ll see if you can make it. What story is coming!”

Ye Chen smiled, without a trace of anger on his face, waiting patiently for the Wang Family Patriarch to follow.

But the more he was like this, the more fearful the Wang Family Patriarch felt, and he fell directly on the roof and knelt down to Ye Chen.

Sincerely said: “Boss Ye, I know I was wrong, please let me go. From now on, I will be your dog.You let me bite whoever you bite, let me bite a few bites.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen immediately changed his expression and coldly scolded, “Want to be my dog? You are worthy of rubbish?”

“In that case, let’s all die together!”

The Wang Family Patriarch saw that there was no room for recovery, and immediately took out something that looked like a destructive weapon from the storage ring!

But he hasn’t waited for his next move. I was directly immobilized by Ye Chen’s divine sense!

After that, as soon as Ye Chen stretched out his hand, he saw the black object that looked like a destructive weapon and flew directly over and fell into Ye Chen’s hand. p76>


After seeing the introduction of the item, Ye Chen’s eyes narrowed fiercely.

Item name: Super Psionic Bomb

Explosion Radius: 500 kilometers.

Power: Within the effective killing range of the explosion radius, the second kill is a realm higher than its own level and all lives below it. Outside the effective killing range, depending on the distance of the explosion aftermath range, it causes varying degrees hurt.

Seeing this thing, Ye Chen only confirmed that why these families dare to plot against themselves, it turns out that all of them have desperate assassins!

If you want this guy to detonate this psionic bomb, you have to turn it into dust for a radius of 500 kilometers.

I wonder how many other bomb props this guy has?

Ye Chen’s heart moved, and immediately photographed the head of the Wang family in front of him.

“Soul search!”

The strength of these families made Ye Chen feel a little threatened, so he now wants to search for the soul to find the mastermind behind the scenes.

But what I didn’t expect was that Ye Chen’s soul search ability had just been activated, and the body of the Wang Family Patriarch unexpectedly exploded in the air!

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Chapter 1113: Behind the scenes – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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