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Chapter 1114: Burning City

Boom! ——

Ye Chen didn’t have time to react at all, and the Patriarch Wang’s body turned into countless pieces of meat in a loud noise, and it fell from the air with the wind, and even his soul disappeared without a trace.

“It actually blew itself up?”

Aware of this, Ye Chen was also shocked. An explosion of this magnitude would naturally not affect Ye Chen, but he blew himself up to the Wang Family Patriarch very much Accident.

Because Ye Chen is confident, it is impossible for the Patriarch of the Wang Family to have the ability to explode under his own confinement.

The only explanation is that this Wang Family Patriarch had been banned in the soul before, and this ban was specifically aimed at searching for souls.

Once someone uses the soul search technique on it, this prohibition will immediately explode!

Sure enough, this hidden force is very well prepared. In order not to reveal secrets, even this method is used.

At this time, Ye Chen found a storage ring among the scattered flesh and blood of the Wang Family Patriarch, so he immediately took it into his hands.

Getting the ring, Ye Chen quickly sank his consciousness into it, and began to investigate.

In addition to some low-level weapons and equipment in the storage ring, there are also a few spirit stones and low-level pill.

After skipping these, Ye Chen finally found nine super psionic bombs deep in the ring!

What’s so special, this guy is just a mobile powder keg, if I hadn’t come over in advance and was touched by this bastard near the city of reincarnation, even if Ye Lin killed it in time, the city of reincarnation would fall into it directly. The explosion range of the super psionic bomb

At that time, I will have suffered a heavy loss.

I don’t know if these bastards found it by themselves, or the power hidden behind them.

No matter what the situation is, the bigger power behind these big families must be found and then eradicated!

Ye Chen just thought of this. The members of the Wang clan who were awakened by the explosion in the air saw Ye Chen in the air. After a short daze, they screamed and fled.

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But how could they escape without preparation?

For a time, crying, screaming, and cursing sounded in pieces, which called a lively.

Looking at the panicked crowd below, Ye Chen showed no mercy.

As long as one of these people is left behind, it will become a disaster in the future, so he immediately snorted and flicked his ten fingers, and dozens of red lotus fires flew out instantly, surrounding the entire old house.

Some members of the royal family who had just rushed out of the old house were directly burned to death by the red lotus fire from Ye Chen.

At this moment, ten figures suddenly jumped up to the roof from the Wang family’s old mansion, and then looked at Ye Chen in the sky.

These ten people are the ten elders of the Wang family!

“Ye Chen! My royal family has no grievances and no grudges against you, why do you devil want to kill you?”

An old man with a sword rushed into his crown and questioned Ye Chen.

“Huh! No grievances and no grudges? You old scumbags can really pretend to be confused!”

“If you dare to plot against me, you must have the consciousness of death!”

A cold light flashed in Ye Chen’s eyes, and ten fireballs flew out of his fingertips instantly and attacked the ten elders of the kings!

When the ten old men saw the red lotus industry fire, their expressions changed drastically, and they fled around.

But where can they escape the red lotus industry fire?

The ten people had not waited to escape from the Wang family’s old house, they were already caught up by the extremely fast flying flames, and they turned into one after another in the middle of the road!

Wow! Ah ah ah ah ah

The ten elders of the Wang family suddenly screamed like a pig, struggling and screaming

“Ye Chen! You murderous devil, You must die!”

“Wow! Ye Chen, someone will avenge me one day!”

“Ye Chen evil thief, one day, one day, you will definitely go to hell , You can never live beyond life!”

The screams of the elders and the screams before death have already attracted the attention of the players living in Sanshan City. However, nothing One dare to move forward.

“Fuck! What’s wrong with this? Who the hell did the Wang family provoke? He was abused so badly”

“This Wang family, but the largest family in Sanshan City, look at it today In this way, I’m afraid I won’t be able to escape the catastrophe.”

“Who is that person in the sky? Why do you look so familiar? Did the Wang family offend him?”

“The burned king’s parents always shouted what Ye Chen said. Could he be the Ye You king in the prehistoric game, Ye Chen???”

“”You can have such terrifying power at a young age, relying on your own power to destroy one Big family, I am afraid that in the East, apart from Ye Chen, there is no second person who can do it, right?”

“Boss Ye is really awesome. If he doesn’t agree, he will destroy the whole clan. Everyone should pay attention in the future, who You can provoke them, but don’t provoke Ye Chen.”

“This king’s family really doesn’t have eyesight. It’s not good to provoke anyone. He wants to provoke Ye Chen? Don’t you know Ye Chen’s temper? He deserves it.”

“Who said no, but that’s okay. This Wang family relied on being the first family of Sanshan City on weekdays. How many people have suffered from them in the domineering and rampant village? Now they are killed by Ye Chen. Drop, it can be regarded as a scourge for us Sanshan City”

“That is, support Ye Chen to punish the traitors and eliminate the evil!”

The red lotus industry fire spread very quickly, and it didn’t take long for the Wang Family’s old house to become a sea of ​​flames!

The Wang family’s old house covers a huge area, and there are hundreds of thousands of family children living in them. Now they are all struggling in the sea of ​​fire. So many people are burned by the fire at the same time, making miserable howls. The sound came out directly several miles away.

The entire Sanshan City is full of this tragic, infiltrating howl, making the entire city panicked.

As the sound spreads further and further, the players who come to watch are more and more gathered. many.

Those who have witnessed the tragic sight of the royal family being swallowed by the fire, one by one, their legs trembled with fright, and their bodies were sweating. This will be a terrifying nightmare that they will never forget in their entire lives.

The children were scared to tears, and some timid people were frightened and fainted.

It’s too miserable.

As long as you see these hundreds of thousands of people being burned by fire at the same time, even the most powerful people will not be indifferent.

At this time, in the crowd of onlookers, an idea came to mind at the same time.

That is, even if you die in the future, don’t mess with Ye Chen!

No matter how terrible death is, there is no terrible Ye Chen’s revenge.

This is the consensus that everyone has at this moment.

Ye Chen looked at the sea of ​​fire below from high in the sky, and smiled coldly.

If I dare to calculate, I must be conscious of death!

The power of the red lotus industry fire is super powerful, and the entire Wang family’s old house has been reduced to a pile of ashes in just a few minutes.

Hundreds of thousands of people from the Wang family were also buried in the flames.

After destroying the Wang family, Ye Chen kept flying straight towards the Zhang family.


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