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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 1115: Pursuing and Killing the Zhang Clan Read Novel

Chapter 1115: Pursuing and Killing the Zhang Clan – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1115: Pursuing and Killing the Zhang Clan

In a certain mountain in the east, in the magnificent underground palace, there is a tense atmosphere at this moment.

“Leader of the alliance, bad news that just came, the Wang family was also annihilated by Ye Chen”


An old man with a refined temperament, Hearing the news from the waiter, his face suddenly sank.

He had previously ordered the following to inform the Wang and Zhang family to evacuate immediately, but unexpectedly, within a few minutes, the Wang family was completely destroyed.

That is a big family with hundreds of thousands of people! And so far away from Ye Chen!

But in this case, the Wang clan was still destroyed.

Such a result completely exceeded his imagination!

“Why did it come so fast?”

Ye Chen is the tribulation period, the old man knows, but how strong is the tribulation period? The old man did not have an accurate judgment in his heart.

Even if the old man knows the existence of the Tribulation Period, it is the same.

Because at this moment, there is only one tribulation period on the earth, and that is Ye Chen.

While shocking Ye Chen’s tyrannical abilities, the old man also understood that it is estimated that the Zhang Family will be more ill-fortuned in the future.

Thinking of this, the old man immediately ordered the waiter: “Send the black knight to rescue the Zhang family’s military assets!”

“Yes, the lord!”

The Zhang family is located in Linhai City in the north, and is a famous local family.

When Ye Chen rushed to Linhai City, he found that it had become a mess.

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On the Zhang Family’s old house, which covers an area of ​​more than ten kilometers, there are only those lowly capable members who are packing their bags, obviously planning to escape.

Seeing the following situation, Ye Chen still doesn’t know where, and the Zhang family also got the news of “evacuation”.

If you get the news, you can get it. If you want to run, it is impossible.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen immediately selected a few members of the Zhang family, and then directly used the soul search technique!

At this moment, the memories of several people entered Ye Chen’s mind at the same time, and then they were received by Ye Chen!

After a brief period of combing, Ye Chen finally got a little idea!

The Zhang Family Patriarch and dozens of elders in the clan followed ten powerful men in black and fled to the southeast!

And it hasn’t been a few minutes since I left!

Having received this information, Ye Chen didn’t want to delay either. He raised his right hand and turned towards the tens of thousands of Zhang family members below, and the void was a shot.

Boom bang bang

After the incomparably dense explosions, the children of the Zhang family below were instantly blasted by the violent power!

At this moment, countless pieces of flesh and blood exploded directly, and then they were splashed everywhere.

The huge Zhang family’s old house instantly turned into a terrible Shura Field

After doing this, Ye Chen chased him in the direction of the Zhang family’s escape at the fastest speed.

A few minutes later, Ye Chen finally found that a group of people was rushing in the air in front of him.

In addition to dozens of elders in this group, there are also ten men in black who have reached the Saint-level Dzogchen!

It is consistent with the information obtained from the soul search among the Zhang family’s children.

These people should be the gang of Clan Chief Zhang!

Unexpectedly, the Zhang clan still has so many masters who have reached Saint-level Dzogchen?

After guessing their identities, Ye Chen immediately accelerated, passing directly over their heads and blocking them.

“Are you from the Zhang family?”

After stopping in mid-air, Ye Chen asked them coldly with a gloomy face.

When everyone in the Zhang family saw someone blocking the way, they hurriedly stopped. After seeing Ye Chen’s face clearly, their expressions changed drastically.

They believed that they had come out of the Zhang family and were already trying their best to escape, but they didn’t expect that even so, they were still caught up by Ye Chen.

“Ye Chen! Don’t push people too much! Where did our Zhang family offend you? What does it mean to keep chasing you?”

The leader of the team is a deer-headed rat. The old man pretended to be confused on the spot, trying to get through.

Ye Chen laughed on the spot when he heard this.

sneered at the old man: “The old man is immortal, he didn’t do anything wrong, and he’s not afraid of ghosts calling the door. Since you didn’t offend me, why are you running?”

Chen was speechless, and had to squabble to defend himself: “I have something to do with us. What does it have to do with running away?”

Ye Chen’s expression turned cold when he heard the words. Asked in a cold voice:

“Huh! Your important matter, I am afraid it is to escape my pursuit, right?”

“Hahaha, Ye Chen, you are really kidding me, I Why do you want to escape your chase?”

The old man was told by Ye Chen, but he didn’t dare to admit it. He still pretended to be calm sophistry.

Ye Chen didn’t want to talk nonsense with him anymore, the next second, the Gunslinger was still floating beside him.

“Old stuff, why did I come? You know that since you are going to plot me, you have to pay the price of death!”

The old man with the scorpion head saw the gunshot, His face changed immediately.

hurriedly shouted to the people around him: “Quick, let’s run separately!”

The rest of the people heard his words and immediately fled in all directions!

When Ye Chen saw this, he curled his lips in disdain.

I want to run, I think too much.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s mind moved, and his consciousness was released instantly, and then the dozens of people were set in place!

The headed elder of the scorpion head, the elders of a group of families, and ten men in black, seeing that they have completely lost the ability to move, their faces suddenly turned pale.

They knew that Ye Chen was powerful, domineering, and unbeatable, but they didn’t want to die, so they wanted to run, and they flee separately.

Otherwise, if caught, they won’t have good fruit to eat.

However, they were still caught, and they were caught at the same time.

“Don’t, don’t kill me!”

“I surrender!”

One after another, members of the Zhang clan shouted, Screaming, struggling.

But no matter how they shouted, begged for mercy, struggled, wanted to get freedom from Ye Chen’s control, and then continue to escape, it was useless.

Ye Chen, who has already come here, can’t give them the slightest chance.

Seeing that these people have been restrained by himself, Ye Chen who originally wanted to kill them directly, suddenly changed his mind.

Although, using the soul search for these people, the results may still be the same.

But if you don’t try it, it’s always a bit bad.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen immediately launched them. The collective soul search!

But as a result, it was the same as the previous soul-searching king’s patriarch, Ye Chen’s soul-searching technique had just been used, and the sudden change when he touched the souls of these people!

“Boom boom boom boom boom”

The bodies of the Zhang family and the ten Saint-level Dzogchen masters who were set in place immediately exploded one after another!

The huge roar sounded one after another, and the people in front of them exploded into the sky full of flesh and blood, floating down in the air.

At this moment, there seemed to be a rain of blood in mid-air, and the scene was extremely horrifying!

“Is it, it really doesn’t work”

The forces hidden behind these three families do everything without any leaks. All the souls of those who know the forces behind have been banned, otherwise they won’t. Appeared, and immediately blew himself up as soon as he searched for his soul.

Who is behind this dog day? Not to mention the control of the three hidden forces, but there is also this kind of soul control method, and it is specifically aimed at searching for the soul.

Do they already know that I have a soul search technique?

Or, they got a way to control the soul inadvertently.

No matter what, the people behind this dog day can’t let go.

However, for now, In other words, the clue has been broken.

For the time being, Yanhu Yelin and the others can only patrol every day, and the range is within a thousand miles of Samsara City. Touching the vicinity of the city of reincarnation, throwing some powerful props out, the city of reincarnation is dangerous

Thinking of this, Ye Chen squinted his eyes, then lifted his right hand, and the void was a shot.

Whoosh whoosh

After several bursts of sound, dozens of intact storage rings flew into Ye Chen’s hands instantly.

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Chapter 1115: Pursuing and Killing the Zhang Clan – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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