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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 1118: Trigger the invasion mission Read Novel

Chapter 1118: Trigger the invasion mission – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1118: Trigger the invasion mission

As soon as Ye Chen thought of this, a terrible howling sounded suddenly.


Although the Ten Thousand Head Monster is extremely resistant to lightning, it does not mean that it can ignore lightning.

To be more precise, the Ten Thousand Head Monster was obviously severely injured, otherwise it would be impossible for him to make such a terrible cry.

Of course, there was strong anger amidst its miserable howling.

In the next second, the Ten Thousand Head Monster, who was caught in a rage, rose directly into the air, and all the heads directed towards Ye Chen again, spraying out a dark, stinky poisonous mist.

At the same time, the countless tentacles on the Ten Thousand Monsters drew towards Ye Chen without hesitation.

For a time, poisonous fog filled the sky, and the world suddenly fell into darkness!

The Ten Thousand Head Monster was already floating in the air at this time, his countless huge tentacles shrouded in all directions, and nearly ten thousand ugly giant skulls locked Ye Chen at the same time.

It hates Ye Chen so much, and it is determined to put Ye Chen to death!

Looking at the movements of the Ten Thousand Head Monster, Ye Chen curled his lips in disdain.

“You are so capable! I dare to fight against me!”

After Ye Chen finished speaking, the cold light in his eyes flashed instantly, and at the same time, he killed the gun with his right hand. It’s a throw at the Ten Thousand Monsters.

There was a “buzz” sound, and the black and thick Gunkiller instantly turned into a black light, and it disappeared in a flash.

In the next second, the sound of the body being pierced suddenly sounded extremely densely.

“Puff, puff, puff”

I saw the giant head of the monster, but in the blink of an eye, it was pierced by thousands.

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“Boom Boom Boom”

After a series of explosions, thousands of giant heads of the Ten Thousand Monsters exploded directly, and then splashed with pieces of blood and flesh.

For a time, the smelly anger filled the sky, mixed with flesh and blood, and it fell to the ground overwhelmingly.

At the same time, Ye Chen slapped his left hand in the void, and a violent hurricane appeared instantly, and then once again directly blew away the dark poisonous fog that the Ten Thousand Heads had just released.

“Ohhhhh Ye Chen’s shot followed with a flurry of dance.

With a short scream, the tentacle of the Ten Thousand Monster drew towards Ye Chen again, this time faster and stronger.

When Ye Chen saw this, he smiled coldly, and when he lifted his left hand, the void was a little bit.

There was a “buzz” sound. A pure white fireball appeared in an instant, and then rose in the wind, but in the blink of an eye it became a giant of ten thousand meters.

At this moment, the tentacle of the Ten Thousand Head Monster that drew towards Ye Chen came to Ye Chen and directly met the pure white fireball that Ye Chen had just released.

At this moment, an extremely dense annihilation sounded instantly.

“Puff Puff Puff”

I saw the tentacle of the Ten Thousand Monsters that came into contact with the pure white flame, without exception, advanced, burned into nothingness by the pure white flame.

The real fire of the sun is just reaching the sun, and it is ranked in the top ten. It is a monster with a curly head. I also want to resist the real fire of the sun with its thick skin.

Ye Chen just thought about it. Here, an even more tragic howl sounded directly from the mouth of the monster.


Yes, it’s fear.

Because it had never expected that the pure white flames that Ye Chen emitted were so powerful that it made him desperate.

Just one face, its tentacles are burned into nothingness. What is this concept?

It’s very simple, it will die, it will burn to death!

With a brief scream of miserable roar, the monster, without hesitation, sprayed black venom toward the real fire of the sun that quickly burned its body.

It wants to put out the real fire of the sun, however, it thinks too much.

The sun is really hot to the sun, and even the power of the prehistoric world is unwilling to touch this thing. How can the ten thousand monsters of the Ququdu catastrophe have destroyed the ten great powers? One of the flames of the sun is really fire.

“Boom boom boom”

After a series of violent explosions, the black sap sprayed by the monster was instantly burned into nothingness by the real fire of the sun.


The ten thousand-headed monster that could not put out the real fire of the sun made a terrible cry again, and then saw the ten thousand-headed monster, headed to the ground.

After the “bang”, the monster directly smashed the ground out of a big hole.

When Ye Chen saw this, he curled his mouth in disdain, and then took a blank shot with his left hand.

The huge real fire ball of the sun, which has expanded to a diameter of 10,000 meters, instantly smashed into the monster, but in the blink of an eye, it blasted on the body of the monster.

There was a sound of “bang”, and the real fire ball of the sun exploded directly, and then the body of the ten thousand head monster was completely wrapped.


A horrible howl with a bitter and desperate sound, instantly sounded, and then I saw the ten thousand head monster, constantly rolling and shaking in the huge pit on the ground.

However, no matter how the Ten Thousand Head Monster howls, screams, trembles, or rolls, the sun is still burning its body ruthlessly.

The size of the Ten Thousand Head Monster is extremely huge, and under its continuous rolling and shaking, the earth trembles constantly.

The army of players from the East had already arrived here and saw the miserable Ten Thousand Head Monsters in the giant pit. At this moment, one by one suddenly widened their eyes.

“Nima! What level of monster is this? This one is too big, right?”

“I don’t know, but it’s not difficult to see this guy based on its size alone. Very strong.”

“Hey, King Ye You is awesome, such a terrifying monster can be easily handled.”

“Nonsense, don’t forget, King Ye You is the man who swallowed a hand of the God of Light!”

“That is, but then again, after killing this monster, it should explode good things, right?”

“Cut, no matter what good stuff you explode, it has nothing to do with you, honestly pick up the corpse!”

Oriental players, you are talking and talking, but the ten thousand head monsters under the burning of the sun’s real fire, the miserable howling is getting smaller and smaller , And then completely lost his breath.

A Ye Chen watching the Ten Thousand Head Monster, when he saw this, he lifted his left hand, and then took a photo in the void.

Two “swishes” It came.

Two objects flew out from under the burnt stump of the ten thousand head monster, and then they were caught in the hands of Ye Chen.

Glancing at the two objects in his hand, Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The ten thousand head monsters are in the catastrophe period. I know that there will be a demon pill after death, but I did not expect that this bastard unexpectedly broke a good one. Things

Raffle dice: Special props.

Description: One-time consumption of props, after use, you can immediately draw rewards that match the current realm.

The explanation information is simple though Rude, but Ye Chen read out very exciting information in it.

That is, when using this lottery dice, the higher the level, the better the prizes you can draw!

So the essence of the lottery is something worth cherishing, and as Ye Chen’s realm rises, its value will soar.

This thing is good, first put it

Thinking of this, Ye Chen thought of this, and instantly received the demon pill and the lottery dice into the small world.

And at this moment, the world announcement suddenly sounded.

“Ding! Player Ye Chen kills monsters during the catastrophe period, and rewards X5000 innate attribute points!”

“Ding! Player Ye Chen kills the monsters during the catastrophe period in this world!” Monsters, special rewards are X100000 points of luck from heaven and earth! X10,000 top-grade spirit stones! X1,000,000 points of innate merit!”

The world announcement three times in a row, instantly detonated the entire world channel.

“I’m going, King Ye You is King Ye You, just kill the monsters that cross the Tribulation Period at will”

“That’s it, don’t look at who Ye Chen’s boss is, special Yes, I will serve Boss Ye in my entire life!”

“People are more popular than others, and you can shop around. We don’t want to catch up with King Ye You in our life.”

“Cut, you still want to catch up with King Ye You, dream about it!”

Just as the players were discussing enthusiastically because of the world announcement, a loud shout suddenly came from the sky. The eardrums of everyone present hummed!

“Damn it! Who is so bold to kill my pet?!”

Ye Chen frowned when he heard this.

There is another one from Malgobi, and my spiritual sense hasn’t found it yet.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen followed his reputation and saw a very ugly human figure. Creatures flew quickly from a distance.

Humanoids have blue-faced fangs and a dark complexion. When they arrived in front of Ye Chen, they asked:

“Did you kill my pet?”

“Yes, where are you staying?” Ye Chen heard this, glanced at the humanoid creature, and then asked.

“Wow, yeah”

When the ugly humanoid heard this, his eyes suddenly became scarlet.

In a second, the humanoid roared angrily:

“Boy! Dare to kill my Overlord Demon’s pet, don’t you hurry up and self-destruct and apologize?!”



Ye Chen sneered, and said disdainfully: “You are also a demon god? Are you brain-dead?”

“Ah Ah, ah, ah”

The Demon God of Tyrant Body has been angered to the extreme at this moment. He is a god in a remote area of ​​the Southeastern Continent Empire. Enjoy the endless incense.

But today there is a teenager who spoke such disrespectful words to him. This is undoubtedly challenging his supreme authority!

“Damn despicable man, I must kill you today!”

“Kill me? You deserve it too?”

Ye Chen’s face turned cold. Just about to make a move, at this moment, the world announcement suddenly sounded!

“Ding! Player Ye Chen triggers a special plot mission, God Invasion! Killing an extraterritorial god who invades this world can get corresponding rewards, and the specific rewards will depend on the level and level of the gods killed.”

As soon as the world announcement came out, the world was in an uproar.

“Fuck, King Ye You has triggered the plot task again!”

“Exterior god, don’t know what strength it is?””

“It must be awesome, otherwise, how could it be called a god, but now I just want to know where is the location?” I’m going to have a look!”

“In the Southeast Continent Empire, Ye Youwang killed a super huge monster just now, and as a result, he brought out a very ugly nigger. He said he was the overlord demon god”

“Overlord? what is this?”

“It seems to be an evil god in the Southeastern Continent Empire, Boss Ye is so awesome, even the evil god was drawn out by him.”

“Look there, there is a teleportation array there. Let’s go over and see what this overlord demon god looks like”

The shock of players all over the world Among them, a huge teleportation formation appeared in all the city centers in the game, which can directly lead to the battlefield where Ye Chen is now.

For a time, players from all over the world passed through the teleportation formation and reached the southeast. Empire.

As soon as they walked out of the teleportation array, they saw Ye Chen confronting an ugly nigger in mid-air.

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Chapter 1118: Trigger the invasion mission – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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