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Chapter 113: 8 All Gods

The world channel was raging, constantly refreshing the screen, and the players of the Southeast Continent Empire collectively fell into a state of sluggishness.

I can’t help but they are not sluggish. Nimana is their southeast empire, high above, an omnipotent god, just as easy as Nima, by the Han Empire’s You King Ye Chen, three times five divided by two. Killed a lot.

Is this a joke or nonsense?

They are very reluctant to believe this result, but the truth is so cruel, they can’t accept it or not.

I have been arrogantly clamoring just now, and now I am “cracking” in the face by Ye Chen. The suffocation caused by this contrast makes the players of the entire Southeast Continent empire shut up collectively, and no one will stand up again. Or explain something.

If there is a crack in the ground, they wish they could get in right away.

There is no way, this result is too shameful for Nima, and it is the kind of loss.

The players of the Southeast Continent Empire are like this, and there is no exception to the hopeful Marshal Zagusos just now.

To be more precise, the Marshal Zagusos at this moment has once again fallen from heaven to hell!

It can be said that he never expected that the three gods of the Southeastern empire he had high hopes would be solved by Ye Chen so easily!

Nima, that’s a god, not a Chinese cabbage. You can cut it any way you want.

What’s the result? It’s really like this. The three gods of the dignified Southeast Continent Empire, like Nima and Chinese cabbage, were cut by the You King Ye Chen of the Han Empire, and they were simple and rude. The cut into nothingness, there is no scum left.

After a brief period of confusion, Marshal Zagusos” eyes were suddenly filled with madness.

In the next second, Marshal Zagusos headed towards the sky and shouted frantically:

“Ah why? Why is this? Who can tell me why this is!”

Marshal Zagusos is a loyal minister of the Southeast Continent Empire, he does not want to see the Southeast Continent Empire collapse.

However, no matter how he didn’t think about it, a feeling called “The Empire of Southeastern Continent is about to die” appeared in his heart very hard, and it took root directly in his soul.

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No way, the You King Ye Chen of the Han Empire is too powerful and perverted.

Nima, simply and rudely killed three gods, are they still human?

It’s impossible!

Since it is not a human being, there is only one answer, and that is, You King Ye Chen of the Han Empire is also a god, and is far beyond the gods of the Southeast Continent Empire.

Otherwise, how could Ye Chen kill the gods of the three Southeastern empires so easily.

And this result is undoubtedly a dose of “super refrigerant” for Marshal Zagusos, instantly freezing his heart and even his soul.

His heart and even his soul are not warming up anymore.

To be more precise, he couldn’t see his future, let alone the future of the Southeast Continent Empire.

There are players in the East and foreign players. Because of Ye Chen’s simple and rude battle, and you talk with me, the players of the Southeast Continent are silent collectively, and the natives are full. When his face was dull and even desperate, the eight figures suddenly flew from a distance.

Among these eight people, there are men and women, old and young, and they are murderous. When they see Ye Chen, they immediately surround him in eight directions!

Looking at their uncomfortable posture, you don’t need to think about it. These eight people must also be the gods summoned by the Southeast Continent Empire.

Just after the players of the Southeast Continent Empire saw these eight people, one by one suddenly recovered from the sluggish silence, and then turned from sadness to joy, laughed again and provoked to the east.

“Hahaha look! Look! Look, it is the Eight Great Gods! It turned out to be the Eight Great Gods! This time the Southeast Continent Empire is saved!”

“Great! Great! Great Eight The main gods come out, Ye Chen will definitely not survive today, hahaha”

“**Pigs, look at the sky, our eight main gods are all here, and the pretending Ye Chen will be broken in a while Ten thousand corpses, bones and ashes! Fear, ** pigs! Shake, ** pigs!”

“Hahaha I said that the Southeastern Empire will not easily perish! There are eight main gods, Any bird king will kneel”

“**Pigs, come and kneel in front of Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu will give you a slave quota, hurry up, the quota will be gone when you arrive late”

“Wow, hahaha, the eight great gods appear domineering, the ** pigs are all destroyed! Hahaha”

Players of the Southeast Continent Empire don’t know how many emperors of the Southeast Continent have summoned The gods, otherwise, they would definitely not be silent collectively because of the demise of the three Southeastern empire gods.

And now, the appearance of the so-called eight main gods of the Southeast Continent Empire directly gave them a shot.

Nima, the eight great gods, are all here, Ye Chen is so awesome, what can he do, he will definitely be killed in the end.

This is what the players of the Southeast Continent Empire think in their hearts, and it is also the source of their rapid rampant arrogance.

Unfortunately, what the players of the Southeast Continent Empire didn’t know was that the eight main gods of the Southeast Continent Empire they thought were nothing but Mao God, and there was still a huge gap between them and the true main god.

And these so-called eight main gods, if placed in the prehistoric world, will be like garbage bugs, and they can crush their existence, countless.

Unfortunately, the players in the Southeast Continent Empire didn’t know this fact. If they knew it, they would immediately react to one thing. Ye Chen, the world’s number one player, is not the so-called eight main gods at all. It’s contending.

Even if Ye Chen has not yet crossed the Tribulation and became immortal, this is the same.

The players of the Southeast Continent Empire were so excited because of the appearance of the “Eight Lord Gods”, the commander-in-chief of the army, Zagusos, was not at all happy.

The players of the Southeast Continent Empire, although they firmly believe that the “eight main gods” are awesome, Zagusos, who perceives the unusualness of Ye Chen, doesn’t think so.

Because Ye Chen just violently killed the three gods of the Southeast Continent Empire, it was too fast, and the process was too simple and too rough.

Even if Ye Chen like this is besieged by the Eight Great Gods, he would never be injured, let alone be killed.

As for Zagusos, he thinks so because of his belief in the eight main gods, Schnudsen, Nukira, Abizanha, Choyaruka, Guangdingwala, Qiu The Gods of Vonaya, Gusaulua and Sabiga are very familiar.

To be more precise, Zagusos knew that these eight main gods were not much stronger than the three gods who were destroyed by Ye Chen before.

It is precisely for this reason that even if he saw the emergence of the eight main gods, Zagusos did not become as excited as the players in the Southeast Continent Empire.

Of course, even so, Zagusos doesn’t have any hope for the eight main gods. Deep down in his heart, he still expects a “miracle” to appear.

After all, if a miracle occurs, the Southeast Continent Empire will be able to keep it. If there is no miracle, then the Southeast Continent Empire will face only one result.

That is, destroy the country!

Looking at the eight main gods of the Southeastern Empire, Zagusos, floating in the sky, praying incessantly

“Eight main gods, please kill Ye Chen”

“Don’t fail”

“God bless”

The sky, watching the eight great empires of the Southeastern Continent that suddenly came flying straight to envelop themselves Lord God, Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

I wiped it, there are still eight, and this time the harvest will soar again.

If you put it in Ye Chen to get the Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda, there will also be a twelfth-grade black lotus Before, Ye Chen might also be cautious about the “special people” who have reached the realm of immortals in various countries, or the “gods” summoned from the lower realms.

But now, Ye Chen doesn’t have to worry about this.

Because of Ye Chen’s innate merit and golden body, it is enough to ensure that Ye Chen’s physical body is immortal. If you add the Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda and the twelfth-grade black lotus, Ye Chen’s defense is in the novice zone. No one can break, even if it is against the “god” summoned.

This is Ye Chen’s confidence, and it is also the source of Ye Chen’s immediate excitement after hearing the special plot task “Invasion of the Gods.”

Nima, others can’t participate in such a task, but Ye Chen can.

Others can’t deal with the “invading” gods, Ye Chen can.

As long as there are enough “invading” gods, the benefits Ye Chen can obtain will also skyrocket.

How could Ye Chen dislike such a vain benefit.

For Ye Chen, the “Eight Lord Gods”, or “Eight Hair Gods” of the Southeast Continent Empire, were the ones who came here to give benefits, and they were stupid.

For such an existence, how could Ye Chen dislike it.

Ye Chen just thought of this. Among the eight furry gods, Schnudsen, who was short and squat, looked straight at Ye Chen, and then shouted:

“Boy, you can’t run away anymore, now Surrender, we can spare you not to die!”

For his idiotic clamor, Ye Chen immediately sneered indifferently, as if looking at a group of dead people.

In the next second, Ye Chen asked faintly:

“Let’s talk, how do you want to die?”

Ye Chen’s words, although plain and unremarkable, are Contains infinite and tyrannical killing intent, as well as powerful and ruthless ridicule.

“Damn! You shamelessly give you a face, today I will let you taste how life is better than death!”

Schnoussen was so humiliated by Ye Chen, he became angry on the spot and shot immediately !

I saw a huge mountain suddenly appeared in the sky, and then with a heavy aura, it ran into Ye Chen!

At the same time, Schnudsen sternly shouted:

“Damn ants, this is the end of your offending God!”

Ye Chen heard this, disdain He curled his lips, and then his mind moved, and the space in front of him suddenly twisted.

At this moment, a huge mountain came directly, and then rushed straight into the distorted space, disappearing without a trace.

“Why is this like this??”

Seeing the giant mountain disappear without any warning, Schnudsen was stunned, his mouth wide open and he could squeeze a ball into it.

The next second, Schnudsen suddenly thought of something, and then he saw his eyes shrank sharply.

“No, he has the space ability. Let’s take action together, and we must not let him run away!”

The reactionary Schnudsen immediately organized eight people to attack together, with the best Kill Ye Chen quickly!

The other seven people heard his reminder and immediately launched a siege on Ye Chen!

Nujira, who has spatial ability, instantly used his magical power to block the space, and laughed and sarcastically said: “Damn mortal, this time I see how you use the spatial ability!”

“Block time and space!”

As soon as her magical powers were used, Ye Chen immediately sensed that the surrounding space was imprisoned, and all space spells could not be used!

Seeing that her supernatural powers worked, Nujila immediately showed a complacency, and once again launched the strongest attack method on Ye Chen!

“Space Fission Wave!”

In an instant, I saw a space-distorting attack, tearing through the surrounding void, and flying towards Ye Chen at speed, leaving a terrifying space wherever he passed. dent!

And Qiu Yaluka wielded a huge machete that flashed with rolling thunder, and burst out the domineering thunderous destructive power continuously, sending out the strongest blow to Ye Chen!

Boom! ——

The violent thunder roars more and more, and the sky and the earth in thousands of miles are constantly shaking and shaking!

“Boy! Take it to death!”

“The violent thunder day punishment!”

This blow brings together all his power, countless shining thunders, in mid-air Converging into a photoelectric spear in the middle, the overbearing thunder and lightning continued to spill out around the spear, making all the surrounding void shattered!

Click! Crackling

The next moment, the photoelectric spear kept bursting, and instantly traversed the sky, attacking Ye Chen’s vitals at an incredible speed!

Its terrifying power is chilling!

Seeing that his attack is about to succeed, Qiu Yaluka’s leopard eyes flashed with a sly light!


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