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Chapter 1132: Generous Reward

In the sky, Ye Chen looked at the “Eight Lord Gods” of the Southeast Continent Empire, which was ruthlessly burned by the real fire of the sun, without the slightest fluctuation in his heart.

No matter who it is, who dares to stand in the way and dare to do the right thing, Ye Chen will only choose one way to deal with it, that is, killing without mercy!

There are no exceptions even if there is a “god” in the way.

The location of the Eastern Players Army.

Seeing that Ye Chen was unscathed and shocked, and seeing Ye Chen’s simple and rude means, the “Eight Lord Gods” cried and shouted and directly persecuted the Eastern players. “The miserable howl, he returned to his senses, and then he was in an uproar.

“Fuck! Fuck! I knew that King Ye You is invincible in the world, how about it, now you believe it!”

“I wipe, I have to say, just now I was really shocked by the attacking scenes of the eight Mao Gods of the Southeast Continent Empire.”

“Hey, I can only see the waste Mao Gods, there are Maos who are afraid of them.”

> “Yes, the Southeast Continent Empire is just a country composed of a group of barbarians, no matter how strong their gods are, how strong can they be.”

“Cut, that means you are not firm, look at Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu From beginning to end, I never thought that Ye Chen would lose.”

“When I thought of Boss Ye Chen and swallowed the right hand of God of Light, I firmly believed that this bullshit god of the Southeast Continent, in front of Boss Ye Chen, is a group of ants. It can be simple and easy. You see, it turns out to be this. The combined force of the eight Mao Gods is useless!”

The location of the player army of the Southeast Continent Empire.

“Why is this, why is it like this? Those are the eight main gods of our Southeast Continent Empire, how can this be!”

“Damn, Ye Chen is cheating, he must be cheating, otherwise, how could he kill the gods!” And it was the eight main gods who killed!”

“That’s right! Ye Chen cheated, and only cheating can explain why Ye Chen could kill the gods.”

“Shameless, cheating pig!”

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The players of the Southeastern Empire cursed and clamored frantically.

They didn’t want to believe in such a result. Unfortunately, the result was this, Ye Chen Simple and rudely beheaded the so-called “eight main gods” of the Southeast Continent Empire.

The location of the foreign player army, the endless foreign players, one by one stared at the sky, standing in the wind, Ye Chen with long hair. And then one by one exclaimed in disbelief.

“God, who can tell me if this is true, Ye Chen from the East, not only was he unscathed, but also faced with him, he wiped out the eight gods of the Southeast Continent Empire?”

“Ye Chen was able to destroy the gods of the three Southeast Continent empires at once. It should be related to the black lotus at his feet. But just now, Ye Chen didn’t use the black lotus, but used the spell, why Ye Chen The magical power of the magic is so powerful? Who can tell me?”

“The Light God Fire! That is the Light God’s Holy Fire!”

“Impossible! Light God Fire can only be used by Light God It’s impossible for others to grasp. Ye Chen is neither a Westerner, nor a believer of the God of Light. He can’t use it!”

“However, I have seen Luojiao people use the God of Light. Is also a pure white flame”

“God, what is the situation, did Ye Chen gain the inheritance of the god of light.”

“This is impossible, not that it was before the god of light He lowered his clone and wanted to kill Ye Chen. Didn’t he succeed in the end?”

“I don’t know, anyway, I feel that Ye Chen is not easy. He has a very good chance to get some amazing treasure, and then Have the Guangming Shenhuo of Guangming God.”

“This is very likely, otherwise, why would the God of Light specifically target Ye Chen and want to kill Ye Chen?”

Players from various countries, because of Ye Chen’s overbearing and perverted methods, when you talked about it, the Southeast Continent was burned by the sun’s real fire. The “eight main gods” of the empire turned into ashes directly after the last scream and desperate scream, and then disappeared without a trace in the wind.

At this moment, a bunch of glittering sparkles flashed all kinds of things. The shining object fell straight down from the air.

When Ye Chen saw this, he lifted his left hand, and then took a photo in the sky.

“Swish swish”

It was extremely dense. The sound of breaking through the air was heard instantly, and then I saw the objects exploded after the death of the eight main gods of the Southeast Continent Empire, and flew straight to Ye Chen, but in the blink of an eye, he came to Ye Chen.

After taking a look at the dozens of objects floating in front of him, Ye Chen couldn’t help but curl up his mouth.

What a good harvest this time, except for the shit-like storage equipment of the eight main gods. There are still 64 lottery dice

As soon as Ye Chen thought of this, the world announcement suddenly sounded.

“Ding! Player Ye Chen kills eight deities outside the fairyland, and he will be rewarded with X8000000 innate attribute points! X** points of heaven and earth luck! X** top-grade spirit stones! Innate merit X* *0 o”clock!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the player Ye Chen for completing the extraterritorial gods invasion mission alone and destroying all 18 invading gods. A mysterious gift pack will be awarded!”

The world announcement was repeated three times, which instantly detonated the entire world channel.

“Where are those idiot monkeys in Southeastern? Were you still clamoring just now? Get out and keep screaming! Where are your eight main gods, come out, let us see”

“Yes, didn’t the idiots just said that the eight main gods are on the stage, and the king Ye You must die? Why don’t you continue to fart? Get out of the way quickly”

“What are the eight main gods? Me? It seems that the eight weak chickens are about the same. Eight people are not enough. King Ye You is like a mob with one finger. It is weak.”

“Hey, what can you expect from this group of Southeast Asian monkeys to summon? Characters? These eight weak chickens were probably summoned by the power of the nine cows and two tigers, right? They were simply a gift to King Ye You.”

“Why is King Ye You really awesome? It seems that the highest level of BOSS has been refreshed again!”

“Fuck, it’s a fairyland! It is estimated that we will be out of play in this life”

“This time the reward is really rich! I don’t know. What is in that mysterious gift package?”

“Yes, there are 8 million innate attribute points alone, if you give it to me, I will fly directly into the sky”

“Extremely good With 800 million Lingshi, King Ye You can open a bank.”

“The most powerful thing is the 8 trillion innate merit points, 8 trillion, yeah, yes, what are the innate merits used for”

“Oh, we will always do I can’t keep up with Ye Youwang’s footsteps.”

“The video of the battle between Ye Chen and Tianxian just now sold for 500 million Dongfang coins. Here comes another black-hearted profiteer.”

“Poor, don’t force it if you can’t afford it!”

The world channel was raging, Ye Chen took a look. Looked straight at the black package that suddenly appeared in front of him.

Mysterious gift bag, what a special thing, this thing has never appeared in a previous life

But I want to come, and what treasure chest, lottery, etc., are similar.

Think of this, Ye Chen grabbed the whole black package in his hand.

“Ding, do you open the mysterious gift package?”

As soon as the system prompt ended, Ye Chen made a choice without hesitation.


The mystery gift package is not a lottery dice, let alone a lottery, and Ye Chen would naturally not save it.

Ye Chen made a decision, and the system prompt sounded again.

“Ding, the mysterious gift package opened successfully.”

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen, who won X100 billion Xianshi (Medium Grade) and X100,000 lucky draw dice.”

As soon as the system’s prompt sound ended, Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly opened.

Fuck! Fuck! It turned out to be a 100 billion middle-grade fairy stone, and there are 100,000 lucky draws. Dice

Ye Chen thought about what the mysterious gift package would offer, but no matter how Ye Chen thought, he never thought that this thing would expel 100 billion middle-grade celestial stones and 100,000 lottery dice.

What the lottery dice is, it is undoubtedly a super treasure box, and as Ye Chen’s realm continues to improve, the super treasure box that continues to “become stronger” will eventually allow Ye Chen to obtain the “Chaos Treasure” Super props.

And how many dice are drawn in the mystery gift package?


What does this mean?

It’s very simple, Ye Chen won directly, 100,000 chances to get the “Chaos Treasure.”

One hundred thousand draws, even if you can’t draw the Chaos Treasure, it’s nothing, because Ye Chen can’t lose it at all.

Be aware that the lottery dice are all items or props related to the user’s current realm, or other things.

So, its value is great, and it is beyond The imagination is big.

After all, the higher Ye Chen’s realm, the less and less things suitable for Ye Chen, and the less and less suitable equipment and the like that Ye Chen can get.

Under such circumstances, one hundred thousand lottery dice is completely equivalent to a super treasure, and even the mighty powers of the prehistoric world will be jealous and jealous, and even try to grab a super treasure by any means.

Be aware that the Primordial World has been in short supply since the acquired Lingbao, and when it reaches the level of Xiantian Lingbao, the quantity is even more pitiful.

If Ye Chen could obtain one hundred thousand innate spiritual treasures, or even higher-level items or things, the power of the prehistoric world, how could he not be envious, how could he not be jealous.

Nima, others don’t have any innate spiritual treasures in their hands. Ye Chen is so good, it’s 100,000 pieces. I’m sorry if you don’t grab it.

Of course, Ye Chen’s spot is not on the Congenital Lingbao, but on the topmost Chaos Treasure.

Unfortunately, the number of Chaos Treasures is even rarer. Whether they can be drawn, even Ye Chen cannot confirm.

However, in general, the lottery dice is Ye Chen’s chance to obtain the Chaos Supreme Treasure, and Ye Chen cannot treat it casually.

It can be said that the value of 100,000 lottery dice is extremely large.

This is the value of the lottery dice. If you put it on the 100 billion middle-grade immortal stone, the value is relatively small, but it is also relatively speaking.

In fact, the value of one hundred billion middle-grade celestial stones is also not low.

You must know that immortal stones are things used by immortals in their cultivation. Just as ordinary monks use spirit stones to speed up their cultivation speed, immortals can also speed up their cultivation.

Among these, the low-grade is the inferior, the medium-grade is slightly higher, the top-grade is the best, and the top-grade is the strongest.

One hundred billion middle-grade immortal stones can fully support hundreds of millions of immortals and quickly cultivate to the realm of heavenly immortals.

For Ye Chen himself at this moment, there is no attraction.

Because Ye Chen’s current harvest is enough to support Ye Chen’s ascent to the precipice, and he exploded directly to the level of a fairy or even a golden fairy.

At first glance, since the hundred billion middle-grade immortal stone is of little use to Ye Chen, there is no need to take it that seriously.

But the fact is, it’s not the case at all.

Don’t forget, Ye Chen took the route of imperial power and luck. It is impossible for him to improve himself, regardless of his or her soldiers.

As for how to train soldiers and train their subordinates, the method is very simple. Give them practice exercises, let them continue to fight, and then provide enough resources for them to practice.

Treasures of heaven, material and earth belong to cultivation resources, as are the fairy stones.

The former, in the prehistoric world, is too much to say.

The latter, in the prehistoric world, is also a lot, but this requires mining, and it takes a lot of manpower and time.

You must know that although the fairy stone is the same as the spirit stone, it is also a mineral deposit, but its mining difficulty is tens of thousands of times that of the spirit stone.

If you want to mine immortal stones, you need not only the realm of immortals, but also a great effort to dig. The amount of immortal stones that you can get every day is thirty or five yuan, and the maximum is only twenty or thirty yuan.

If you want to increase the mining speed, it is not impossible, but this requires the golden fairy to take action, otherwise, the maximum amount of mining is dozens of blocks per day.

Then Ye Chen is willing to spend such a large amount of manpower to mine the fairy stone, is there still time?

How is it possible!

What’s more, if time is wasted on this, how would Ye Chen fight the world, how would he seize the fortune of heaven and earth in the prehistoric world.

Therefore, it is impossible for Ye Chen to waste time and manpower for the immortal stone.

It is precisely for this reason that Ye Chen valued the hundreds of billions of immortal stones issued by the mysterious gift package so much.

After all, Ye Chen got hundreds of billions of immortal stones at once, and it was a middle-grade immortal stone.

With these middle-grade immortal stones, Ye Chen didn’t have to worry about the training resources that his subordinates needed to advance to the realm of heavenly immortals.

Of course, it is impossible for Ye Chen to only let his subordinates use medium-grade immortal stones for cultivation. He must also let his subordinates use “drug-like” heavenly materials, such as “immortal medicine” and “magic medicine” The existence of the class.

After all, the fairy stone does not conflict with the heavenly materials and treasures of the “immortal medicine” and “magic medicine”.

In order to achieve this effect, Ye Chen set out a plan to search for cultivation resources such as heaven, material and earth treasures in the prehistoric world in advance.

To be more precise, Ye Chen will be the first player to search for resources in the prehistoric world.

Because Ye Chen knows very well that although there are countless geniuses and treasures in the prehistoric world, there are very precious existences among the heaven, material and earth treasures, and the number is not so large, and the formation of any heaven, material and earth treasure is always It takes thousands, tens of thousands, or even tens of millions of years to appear.

If you don’t do this, no matter how rich the world is, it will end up in a day, and this time will not be long.

Because the current prehistoric world is not the legendary prehistoric world.

Here, there is an additional factor of instability, the player.

There are players, no matter how many treasures in the prehistoric world, they will also be searched by players like locusts.

In this way, the cultivation resources of the prehistoric world will change from abundance to poverty.

Ye Chen is the player, and he came across, knowing the players” urination.

Therefore, Ye Chen made a plan early in the morning to search for the heaven, material and earth treasures of the prehistoric world, and to cultivate resources, and then all the “medicine” heaven, material and earth treasures were received by the small world, and then used As the “mother” of the “Spirit Planting Base”, it continuously produces

“drugs” of heaven, material and earth.

It is precisely for this reason that after conquering the Skyhound, Ye Chen did not hesitate to order the Skyhound to return to the prehistoric world and directly search for all the masterless heaven and earth treasures, as well as training resources.

Of course, it’s not important. What’s important is that Tiancai Dibao always has a day to use, and if Ye Chen wants his subordinates and the army to maintain the speed of training, in addition to providing something that can be consumed In addition to training resources, we must also provide energy support.

And Xianshi is “Energetic Support.”

What’s the matter, I can get so many good things this time, it is probably related to the outbreak of my “son of luck”

Otherwise, it is impossible to get so many good things all at once.

Although this harvest is a bit perverted, I like it!

Thinking of this, the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth couldn’t help but he looked straight at the storage equipment of the eight main gods of the Southeast Continent Empire.

I don’t know what’s in it.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s mind moved, and the huge divine consciousness was released instantly, and then he went straight into the storage equipment of the “Eight Lord Gods” of the Southeast Continent Empire.

In the next second, Ye Chen curled his mouth in disdain.

Are you still the “eight main gods”, just a few things

The total of the eight main gods of the Southeast Continent Empire is three million top-grade spirit stones, and various elixirs. There are a lot of heavenly materials and earth treasures, plus a dozen magic weapons and two immortal swords.

If you put it before, Ye Chen would definitely be excited, but now, Ye Chen doesn’t feel anything anymore.

Because of Ye Chen’s harvest, it is really abnormal.

Massive superb spiritual stones, massive innate merits, massive fairy stones, massive lottery dice and massive heaven and earth luck.

Of course, even if Ye Chen wouldn’t be excited about the collection of the so-called “Eight Great Gods”, he couldn’t deny the value of these things.

To be more precise, there are small gains, not bad.

Southeast Continent Empire Yancheng, Sangguqiu City, inside the palace hall.

At this moment, Emperor Tessos and a group of civil servants and generals standing in the palace hall, all of them pale and outrageous.

If anyone enters the palace hall, they will immediately discover the fact that the emperor and officials of the Southeast Continent Empire have been completely enveloped in panic and despair.

“How could this happen! How could that Ye Chen become so strong?? He killed all the twelve gods?”

The Great Tessos just got the battle report from the front line. Not only did the vanguard collapse across the board, even the twelve gods sent out to rescue were also picked up by Ye Chen!

The news came, and the ruling and the opposition shook.

In the civil and military dynasties, none of them were pale and trembling all over.

“What should I do? What should I do?????”

The Six Gods Without Lord Tessos the Great is now a bit incoherent.

Before, he also thought that the gods could easily kill the You King Ye Chen of the Han Empire. The Southeast Continent Empire could not only relieve the crisis of the country’s destruction this time, but also counterattack the Han Empire.

But the cruel reality clearly told him one thing, the god he relied on, Nima was a bunch of trash, this was just summoned, not long after, he was killed by the You King Ye Chen of the Han Empire , Slaughtered a clean.

As soon as the words of the Great Tessos came to the ground, the civil and military men of the Manchu Dynasty looked at me one by one, I looked at you, and didn’t know how to answer the conversation at all.

They also want to know what to do, but they can’t figure it out.

Because even the Great Han Youwang who destroyed the Four Kingdoms was so abnormal that even the gods were killed, and it was so simple and crude.

In the face of such an existence, how can they think of a way?

Seeing that the civil servants and generals in the main hall did not speak or speak, the anger that appeared in the heart of the Great Tessos directly exploded out of fear.

In the next second, the Great Tessos roared angrily:

: “You are talking! What should we do now?! What should we do now!?”

“Weichen suggested, let’s surrender to King Ye You.” A civil servant gritted his teeth when he heard this, and then went out and said in a nonchalant manner.

“No! Never surrender! Ye Chen has never left alive the country. You have seen it in the previous battles. Is there one who comes back alive? If you don’t surrender, there is still a chance to live, but surrender is One hundred percent dead end!”

A military commander hurriedly stood up to stop this decision to seek death.

“You can’t fight, and you can’t drop. How do you deal with it?”

The Great Tessos asked the courtiers with a cry, but at this moment, No one can give him a satisfactory answer.

After a long time, an veteran came forward and said:

“For the present, there is only one way to go, even if it is Death, let us die with dignity.”

When the Great Emperor Tessos heard this, he suddenly reached the dragon chair in despair.

In fact, the Great Tessos at this moment knew that he had no choice but he still wanted to struggle.

Because he really doesn’t want to die.

Unfortunately, the result was not as good as his wishes.

After a moment of silence, the Great Emperor Tesuo desperately issued an order to resist desperately.

At the same time, Emperor Tessos also had a coffin prepared for him.

He wants to die with dignity, but he doesn’t want to be useless.

The battlefield.

After Ye Chen received all the items in the small world, he immediately ordered the army of Samsara Xiancheng to continue the attack.

At this moment, the remaining five million Southeast Continent empire players on the battlefield have lost their fighting spirit and completely lost their previous arrogant appearance.

After discovering that the reincarnation fairy city army had acted again, the players of the Southeast Continent empire, one by one, fled towards the distance without hesitation.

At that time, they imagined that they had been so brave to berate Ye Chen for cheating on the World Channel before. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do it. All they could do was escape, fleeing with their lives. Otherwise, they would be 100%. Samsara Xiancheng army mercilessly beheaded.

The old general Zagusos sighed after seeing the players of the Southeastern Empire starting to flee, and then chose to self-destruct and die for the country on the spot.

The remaining indigenous soldiers, seeing this, hurriedly followed the players to escape.

No one wants to die, no one wants to die, whether it’s a native or a player.

Unfortunately, the natives or players who can escape from the army of the reincarnation fairy city do not currently exist.

After chasing all the way, the Samsara Xiancheng army wiped out all the fled southeast empire players and natives, and then went to the city of Sangguqiu.


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