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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 1166: Desperate 1 Throw He Queen Read Novel

Chapter 1166: Desperate 1 Throw He Queen – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1166: Desperate 1 Throw He Queen

Ye Chen just thought of this. Empress He, who was wearing light silk gauze and looming in the key place, came to Ye Chen.

Looking at the looming, seductive look of Queen He, the gaze in Ye Chen’s eyes gradually became cold.

This is Longchi, where Liu Hong and his concubines usually take a bath and play. The Queen He is here. At first glance, it seems reasonable.

But Queen He is the mother of a dignified country, the Queen of Han. It is impossible to come to Longchi in this way at ordinary times. Otherwise, what Empress He did will be marked by the historian.

After that, Empress He will definitely be ruthless by Liu Hong. It’s not impossible that Liu Hong’s punishment, even being “Queen” directly abolished by Liu Hong

So, this lady did not come here by accident, but wanted to continue to calculate me

Before, Queen He, or the real Queen He’s sister, He Lian, in order to prevent Ye Chen from looking for the missing second prince Liu Xie, and also to relieve the difference of “confuse Liu Hong and make Liu Hong mistaken for being in the same room” The backlash brought about by the technique, I deliberately sought out Ye Chen, and wanted to “hand over” the virgin body to Ye Chen.

At that time, Ye Chen directly refused to say nothing, and showed He Lian the ability beyond mortals. With a single thought, the entire pond was frozen, and then he frightened He Lian, and finally made He Lian give up.” Calculate” Ye Chen’s plan.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that Ye Chen originally thought He Lian, who didn’t dare to continue to count herself, counted herself again.

It was precisely because of this confirmation that Ye Chen’s eyes became cold.

Don’t blame Ye Chen for thinking like this. You know, He Lian came here wearing such a dress, and no one saw it. It’s good to say that if someone saw Ye Chen, even if there were 10,000 reasons It’s useless.

As for the reason, it is very simple. Ye Chen saw Queen He’s body. This is a proper crime of disrespect.

After that, Liu Hong, who knew this, would get angry 100%, and then he would eliminate Ye Chen’s official position and title without hesitation, and finally defined Ye Chen as a chaotic courtier.

In this way, even if Ye Chen can sweep the world and dominate the big man, he will not get all the luck of the Han Empire.

This is a limitation of the system, even if Ye Chen is so powerful, there is no way to solve it.

Ye Chen just thought of this. Empress He, He Lian, suddenly turned to Ye Chen and solemnly bowed and said:

“Ban concubine, He Lian, see Lord You Wang!”

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After Ye Chen heard Queen He’s “humble and respectful” words, he gave He Lian a cold look, and then said:

“He Lian, you are challenging this king’s patience!”

“Master You, the concubine is also forced to be helpless. Please also ask Master You to forgive me.” He Lian shivered abruptly after hearing Ye Chen’s extremely cold words, and then hurriedly faced Ye Chen. Bow down in prayer.

When Ye Chen heard this, he narrowed his eyes, and then said:

“This king has warned you before, don’t test this king’s patience, this king wants you to die, Even if you are blessed by the gods and Buddhas, you can’t escape death!”

“Your lord, the backlash power of the strange concubine practiced by the concubine is getting stronger and stronger. The concubine does not want to be innocent, cheap After Liu Hong, I don’t want to become a man of the best, so I implore Lord Youwang to pity his concubine.” He Lian knelt on the ground with a “bang”, and then faced Ye Chen with misery. Incomparably bowed his head and worshiped.

Ye Chen’s face suddenly sank when he heard this.

He Lian is not bad in appearance, and because of the practice of different arts, she has always maintained a virgin body, but the problem is that Ye Chen is not hungry, even He Jin’s sister, the slave Liu Xie My aunt is going to the point.

Of course, this is not the key. The most important thing is that He Lian has an impure mind. If you fall in love with her, or accept her, it’s entirely for her to suffer.

To put it simply, if Ye Chen harvested Helian, then Ye Chen’s backyard would not be peaceful.

This slut thought that at this knot, dressed like this would force Lao Tzu to submit, I thought too much

Thinking of this, Ye Chen made a move with his right hand, a cross-shaped prop , Appeared on the right hand instantly.

Glancing at the cross in his right hand, Ye Chen lifted his left hand, and then Void grabbed it.

In the next second, a drop of bright red blood flew from He Lian’s body instantly, and then flew straight to the cross on Ye Chen’s right hand.

As soon as the blood on Helian’s body touched the cross, the original silver cross suddenly became full of blood, and then recovered as before.

At the same time, He Lian, who was still kneeling on the ground, suddenly stiffened, and then she saw her eyes and suddenly lost their luster.

Glancing at He Lian, who was completely in a state of dementia, Ye Chen curled his lips in disdain.

If it weren’t for Dong Zhuo’s rebellion, He Lian would be needed, I would squeeze this bitch to death directly

But then again, the Luo Sect’s puppet cross, although not very powerful, can deal with He Lian , But it’s more than enough.

Ye Chen just thought of this, and the crisp sound of footsteps came from far and near.

Hearing Ye Chen here, with a wave of his right hand, he would receive Helian into the small world. At this moment, the system prompt sounded suddenly.

“Ding, Queen He is a special character and cannot be collected in a special space.”

“Ding, Queen He is a special character and is immune to player control.”

As soon as the system’s prompt sound ended, Ye Chen’s face suddenly sank.

Malgobi, how could this be?

Second Olympics!

He Lian, it’s related to Dong Zhuo’s chaos. Ye Chen can’t kill casually. He can only scare him. Otherwise, Ye Chen had done it before. How could He Lian live to the present.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that He Lian, which Ye Chen thought can be controlled casually and easily solved, is not only unable to receive the small world, but also immune to the player’s control.

What does this mean? It’s very simple.

He Lian was not controlled at all. Ye Chen was also in trouble.

To be more precise, as long as Ye Chen is not going to destroy He Lian, then He Lian will be 100% discovered by the upcoming court lady.

After that, the fact that Ye Chen and He Lian, who were almost undressed, were in Longchi would be discovered by the court ladies and then passed on.

Control the court lady? To prevent the message from being transmitted, if it is normal, Ye Chen can naturally do it.

The problem is that before taking control of the court ladies, Ye Chen will directly become the “Red Wanted Criminal” of the Han Empire.

At first glance, this result is a bit daunting. After all, Ye Chen didn’t rebel, so why did he become a “red wanted criminal”?

Actually, this one is not complicated.

Because Ye Chen is a player, as long as the player acts “hostile” against Liu Hong, he will directly become an enemy of the Han Empire.

At this moment, as long as Ye Chen is discovered by the ladies of the palace, and the matter of staying with Queen He in Longchi, then Ye Chen, the strongest player, will directly become the “enemy” of the Han Empire. Then belong to the people of the Han Empire.

After that, all the official positions, titles, territories, and military power that Ye Chen currently possesses will be taken away by Liu Hong.

In this way, although Ye Chen’s imperial way can continue to go, the result is very different from what Ye Chen planned before.

For this reason, Ye Chen almost cursed the system as shameless.

Ye Chen didn’t know that Queen He still has such “rule protection”.


After a secret curse, Ye Chen grabbed He Lian’s neck with his right hand, and then took He Lian directly into the Dragon Pond.

Before He Lian exclaimed, Ye Chen pushed He Lian into the water.

At this moment, ten court ladies came to Longchi one after another.

Seeing that Ye Chen didn’t take off his clothes, he went straight into Longchi, and the ten beautiful palace ladies were taken aback.

Ye Chen glanced at the ten court ladies, and then said:

“You can wait for you to go out, this king will do it yourself”

Ye Chen said this. His face suddenly sank, and then he grabbed the right hand of Empress He He Lian, squeezed it lightly, and instantly squeezed the empress He in the pool and fainted.

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Chapter 1166: Desperate 1 Throw He Queen – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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