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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 1175: Send troops to clear up Read Novel

Chapter 1175: Send troops to clear up – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1175: Send troops to clear up

As soon as Zhou Cang’s words landed, the lieutenant sneered a few times, and then nodded seriously.

“What the general said is extremely true, the last general knows that he was wrong.”

The backyard of the City Lord’s Mansion, talk to Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen, Huang Yueying, Yanhu Yelin, who was chatting with Emperor Ruthless and the women, was taken aback for a moment, and then said with great surprise:

“Brother is back!”

Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen, Huang Yueying, the five sisters of Zhen Mi, Huang Wudie, and Little Loli, the ruthless emperor, were stunned when they heard this, and then they saw their faces with joyful smiles.

The women knew that Ye Chen could not come to the real world when he went abroad to fight.

And now, when Ye Chen returns, he has naturally finished the battle, otherwise, it would be impossible to go offline.

Just as the girls got excited, one by one, they wanted to go to the front yard hall to find Ye Chen, Yanhu Ye Lin was taken aback, and then said:

“Brother’s The generals also followed, as well as the brother’s reincarnation legion.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, he also reached the Purple Mansion realm, but Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, and Cai Yan did not release their spiritual knowledge. Mi Zhen, waiting for the girl, all froze for a moment, and then directly released their spiritual consciousness one by one.

The next second, the women glanced at each other, and then sat down again one by one.

At this moment, I especially wanted to see Ye Chen’s little Lolita, Emperor Ruthless. She glanced at the girls, and then asked in confusion:

“Sisters, husbands are all I’m back, why don’t you meet your husband?”

When Zhao Yu heard the enquiry from Emperor Ruthless, he smiled slightly, then hugged Emperor Ruthless and gave him a kiss.

“Although the husband is back, he still has important things to take care of. Let’s not disturb him for the time being. Just wait for him here, okay?”

“Hmm.” Little Hearing this, Emperor Loli Ruthless nodded without hesitation, and then spoke.

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Reincarnation City, the hall of the City Lord’s Mansion.

Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, and other generals, as soon as they appeared, they bowed and said loudly to Ye Chen who had come out of the diamond game warehouse:

“See you lord!”

Hearing this, Ye Chen nodded, and then said:

“Later, I will open the space channel, and you will wait for one person to take charge of one. Everyone who sees, regardless of men and women, will be killed!”

“Yes! Lord!” Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, Li Yuanba and other generals heard this with all expressions. Suddenly, then all bowed and bowed loudly.

Ye Chen is their lord, and Ye Chen’s orders are everything. Whether it’s Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and other generals, there will be no hesitation or doubt.

There is only one thing they have to do, complete Ye Chen’s order, even if they want to kill all the people in the world, they won’t have the slightest softness.

This has nothing to do with human nature, and it has nothing to do with humanity, because they are Ye Chen’s subordinates, Ye Chen’s loyal subordinates, even if Ye Chen’s decision is wrong, they will unswervingly implement it.

Besides, Ye Chen’s decision was not wrong!

To blame, the hidden forces discovered by Ye Chen are all accumulating strength and conspiring to calculate Ye Chen.

Some have already been put into action, and some have not yet started. Regardless of that, the calculation is the calculation. Ye Chen wouldn’t let them go just because they didn’t act.

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction after hearing the words of his subordinates, then waved his right hand, and a dozen twisted spaces appeared in the hall instantly.

Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, Li Yuanba, and other generals saw this place, then bowed to Ye Chen, then turned around and entered the twisted space, disappearing.

Glancing at the place where he disappeared, Ye Chen smiled slightly, and then left the hall straight away, out of the mansion gate, and onto the street.

“Farewell to the lord!”

The soldiers of the fifty-one million reincarnation legion, seeing Ye Chen appear, all knelt down on one knee and said loudly.

Ye Chen nodded when he heard this. Then, with a wave of his right hand, one hundred and two twisted spaces appeared on the street in an instant.

Glancing at the twisted space on the street, Ye Chen looked straight at the soldiers of the Samsara Legion, and shouted:

“Five thousand people are one army, each chooses a passage to enter, after passing , Flatten the city you see, and kill all the people in the city!”

“Yes! Lord!” The soldiers of the Samsara Legion heard this, their faces were all serious, and then they shouted in unison.

In the next second, the soldiers of the Samsara Legion stood up, and then quickly divided into one hundred and two defense organizations, rushing toward the one hundred and two twisted spaces.

As soon as the tea time passed, the soldiers of the Samsara Legion disappeared on the streets of Samsara City.

When Ye Chen saw this, he took a deep breath, and then exhaled it for a long time.

It’s time to find the man behind the scenes, Yun is getting old

When Ye Chen thought of this, the space in front of him was instantly distorted.

Glancing at the distorted space, Ye Chen stepped in, then disappeared.

Wolong Mountain, after the meteor fell, the mountain that appeared after the topography changed. Originally unknown, it was named after someone gave it a name.

In the hall on the top of the Wolong Mountain, the old Yun Lao, who used to be calm and light, his face changed drastically after listening to the report of a man in black, and then he sternly shouted:

“Why not earlier Tell me!”

The man in black who was scolded by Mr. Yun shivered abruptly, and then hurriedly lowered his head and said:

“Old Yunyun, you live alone on the top of the mountain, we want to When the news comes, I have to climb the mountain, and time is wasted on it.”

The white-haired Yun always froze when he heard this, then he involuntarily “staggered” for a while, and then sat down. On the chair.

After a brief regret, Mr. Yun hurriedly looked at the man in black and said:

“Go back quickly and tell them to use the teleportation array immediately and get out of here!”

“Yes! Old Yun!” Hearing this, the man in black was relieved immediately, and then hurriedly bowed in prayer. After speaking, he hurriedly left the summit hall.

Lao Yun glanced at the man in black who had left, and then whispered:

“What a Ye Chen, what a King Ye You, he controlled silently. There are three families, but I haven’t lost yet!”

Speaking of this, Mr. Yun glanced at the sky outside the main hall, and then murmured:

“Don’t blame me for being cruel, The Yun family can’t live without me.”

When Mr. Yun said this, his body suddenly became black, and then he saw the gray-haired Mr. Yun, who was more than fifty years younger and became a twenty-year-old man. Many-year-old youth.

At the same time, the aura of two people with the former Yun Lao appeared directly from him.

Looking at the changed body, the young man nodded in satisfaction.

“It’s time to leave”

As soon as the young man’s words fell, an extremely cold question was heard instantly.

“Where do you want to go?”

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Chapter 1175: Send troops to clear up – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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