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Chapter 1245: Xu Shu

When Ye Chen heard this, he smiled and nodded. When Xu Huang saw it, he bowed again, and then walked towards the distorted space.

In the next second, Xu Huang disappeared.

Glancing at the place where Xu Huang disappeared, Ye Chen immediately looked at Guo Jia and Dian Wei, and said:

“Go, let’s go to the next place.”

“Yes! Lord!” Guo Jia, Dian Wei, hearing this, bowed in prayer.

As soon as the two of them landed, Ye Chen waved his right hand, and the space on the side twisted instantly.

Glancing at the distorted space, Ye Chen stepped in and then disappeared. Guo Jia and Dian Wei followed close behind.

Luoyang, Grand General’s Mansion.

“The general, now that the young emperor is young, the eunuchs have the power, the people are miserable, Shao, I implore the general to order the eunuchs such as Zhang Rang to be killed, and the eunuchs are righteous.” Lieutenant Lieutenant Yuan Shao took a sip. After tea, he looked straight at He Jin who was sitting in the main seat and spoke.

General He Jin, when he heard this, he glanced at Yuan Shao, and then asked:

“In the beginning, do you know who is behind Zhang Rang?”

“The person behind Zhang Rang?” Yuan Shao was slightly taken aback when he heard this, and then asked:

“General Zhang Rang had previously troubled the dynasty. He deceived the first emperor. So, where does Zhang Rang come from behind?”

“In the beginning, did you forget King You?” He Jin heard this, was silent for a moment, and then spoke.

When Yuan Shao heard this, he was taken aback again, but he never expected He Jin to say that.

After regaining his senses, Yuan Shao said without hesitation:

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“Impossible, this thing is absolutely impossible. Youwang is famous in the world, and it is impossible to have any contact with Zhang Rang.”

“In the beginning, there is nothing impossible in this world. Have you forgotten that every time someone sued King You, Zhang Rang took the lead to defend it?” General He Jin heard this and looked. Yuan Shao glanced at it, and then spoke.

Yuan Shao fell silent after hearing He Jin’s words.

As soon as the time for the cup of tea was over, Yuan Shao looked up at He Jin, and then said:

“General, Youwang has been recalled to the division gate, and the city of Reincarnation was destroyed by the “immortals”. In Shao’s opinion, Youwang will never be able to go out of the mountain. Otherwise, when the first emperor passes away, Youwang will definitely show up. However, Youwang did not appear!”

“At first, I will think about it again. He Jin heard this, was silent for a moment, and then spoke.

When Yuan Shao heard this, he hurriedly got up, bowed and said:

“General, you must not miss the opportunity and come again. If you don’t pull out the castrated party as soon as possible, wait for the castrated party again. Bewitched the young emperor, this big man, there is no peaceful day left.”

When General He Jin heard this, his face suddenly changed, but he immediately recovered his calm.

“The general! The benevolence of a woman is not acceptable, kill when you kill! Besides, if you let Zhang Rang wait for the castrate to bewitched, the uncle and nephew will be distracted, afraid to be big Misfortune is imminent!” Yuan Shao saw that He Jin was silent, and bowed again.

When He Jin heard this, his brows suddenly wrinkled, Yuan Shao saw this, and bowed again and said:


“Good! That’s it! That’s it!” He Jin heard this, took a deep breath, and after a long spit out, stood up suddenly, and then shouted.

“Yes! General!” Yuan Shao heard this, his eyes lit up, and then he hurriedly bowed in prayer.

Outside the door, a maid standing at the door waiting for dispatch at any time, glanced at the hall secretly, and then quietly left here.

Luoyang, the mansion of Zhang Rang.

“You said, He Jin Lao Er wants the life of the miscellaneous family?” After listening to the maid of He House, Zhang Rang stood up suddenly, and then asked with ferocious eyes.

When the maid heard this, her body trembled involuntarily, and then hurriedly bowed and said:

“Yes, Master Chang, these are all the servants heard.”

“Come here, prepare the car, and the miscellaneous family must enter the palace!” Zhang Rang heard this, looked straight out of the door, shouted, and after speaking, he looked at the maid and said:

“You have done a good job, and the miscellaneous family will not treat you badly. From now on, you will work in the miscellaneous family’s mansion, monthly salary, ten gold!”

“Thank you, Master Chang, thank you, Master Chang!” The maid listened. When I got here, I was overjoyed, and then hurriedly bowed in prayer.

Zhang Rang nodded when he heard this, and then went straight out.

Luoyang, the imperial palace, in a remote palace, after listening to Zhang Rang’s narration, the expressions of several elders all changed.

“Damn He Jin, damn Yuan Shao, want to kill us!”

“These thieves have long harmed our heart, we must not sit and wait!”

“Yes, in my opinion, I will start to kill He Jin tonight!”

Luoyang is surging, but Ye Chen brought Guo Jia and Dian Wei to When I arrived at Changshe County, Yingchuan, I was drinking tea quietly in a teahouse outside a private house entirely made of adobe and thatch.

“Master, why don’t you just come in?” Guo Jia took a sip of tea, took a look at the house opposite, then looked at Ye Chen and asked.

When Ye Chen heard this, he couldn’t help but smile, and then said:

“Naturally not, Xu mother is training son, we are going over, don’t we want to disturb Xu mother.”

“But, just let Mother Xu fight down like this, Xu Yuanzhi is afraid that he will be in bed for more than a month.” Guo Jia couldn’t help but twitched the corner of his mouth when he heard this, and then bowed in prayer.

When Ye Chen heard this, he smiled and shook his head, and then said:

“This Xu mother’s technique is very rare. Seeing that it is full of strength, it actually lifts the weight lightly. Properly, not in the way.”

“Master, why did Xu Yuanzhi get beaten? Why can’t I understand? “Dian Wei on the side heard this, touched his head, and then asked.

As soon as Dian Wei’s words fell, Ye Chen suddenly smiled, and Guo Jia on the side twitched the corners of his mouth. Asked:

“General Dian, have you visited the Flower House?”

“I haven’t been to such a place before, so don’t talk nonsense. “When Dianwei heard this, he stayed for a while, and then hurriedly said.

When Guo Jia heard this, he glanced at Ye Chen who was smiling and silent, then looked at Dianwei and said:

“This Xu Shu, Xu Yuanzhi, looks unremarkable, even a little dull, but this person has a major characteristic, that is, he likes to inquire about all kinds of news.

And this flower building is a land of fireworks, with complicated personnel and a lot of news. Therefore, Xu Yuanzhi often goes to the flower building. I don’t need to talk about the rest.”

“It’s no wonder that Xu’s mother would smoke him. If my old lady knew that I was going to such a place, she would have discounted my legs. “Dianwei suddenly realized this, and then said.

Ye Chen laughed when he heard this, then put down his teacup, got up and said:

“It’s over, we should get on the door.”

Dian Wei, Guo Jia, when he heard this, Qi Qi got up, and then followed Ye Chen towards Xu Shu’s house.

When he came to the door, Ye Chen looked towards Dian. Wei, said:

“Knock on the door, remember to say goodbye too hard.”


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