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Chapter 1264: The Power of Ye Chen’s Name – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1264: The Power of Ye Chen’s Name

As soon as Dong Zhuo’s words fell, Li Ru shook his head, then bowed and said:

“Father-in-law, don’t worry, according to Confucianism, as long as it is not a special change, Ye You will not Return to the big man again.”

“What’s the solution?” Dong Zhuo frowned when he heard this, then looked at Li Ru and asked.

Li Ru smiled slightly when he heard this, and then said:

“Father-in-law, the city of Reincarnation was smashed by the palm of an immortal. It must be You King who violated some taboo, even Tian Tiao. It attracted the punishment, so King You hurriedly left the big man and returned to the division for refuge.”

When Li Ru said this, he glanced at Dong Zhuo, and then said:

“Of course.” With this one alone, it is impossible to determine whether Youwang will reappear. However, if the first emperor passed away, and Youwang as the emperor’s son-in-law never appeared, it would be easy to make a judgment.”

“You mean, if King Ye You is not stimulated, he will continue to hide in the teacher’s door and stop going through the world?” Dong Zhuo suddenly opened his eyes when he heard this, and then asked.

When Li Ru heard this, he smiled slightly, and then nodded in response:

“That’s right, father-in-law, although Ye You Wang is unparalleled in the world, he is not unlimited. God is Ye You Wang. As long as his father-in-law doesn’t do anything to irritate King Ye You, King Ye You will definitely not leave the division.”

When Dong Zhuo heard this, he fell silent. After a few breaths, Dong Zhuo looked straight at Li. Ru, asked:

“Li Ru, do you think King Ye You is dead?”

“Father-in-law, King Ye You is not dead. If King Ye You is dead, The Yellow Turban descendant who was subdued by King Ye You in the realm of Youzhou cannot still be farming steadily without any chaos.” Li Ru was taken aback when he heard this, then hurriedly looked at Dong Zhuo and bowed in prayer.

When Dong Zhuo heard this, his face suddenly changed, but he immediately recovered his calm.

“Since King You is not dead, why should I give him this face”

“Father-in-law is wise!” Li Ru heard this, he was relieved, and then he bowed to Dong Zhuo. Worship.

When Dong Zhuo heard this, he sighed for a long time, and then said:

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“It’s a pity, it’s a pity”

Li Ru heard this and looked at Dong Zhuo. And then bowed and said:

“Father-in-law, the overall situation is undecided, and we still need to grasp the trilogy as soon as possible.”

“You are right, but this matter, wait for tomorrow to talk about it, go, let me go to your majesty’s palace, we will meet our little queen for a while. “Dong Zhuo nodded when he heard this, and then spoke. After speaking, he headed towards Liu Bian’s palace happily.

Li Ru saw this, opened his mouth, but said nothing. I can’t come out.

Of course, Li Ru doesn’t dare to say it.

Dong Zhuo, who is in Xingtou, doesn’t like to listen to the opposition. Li Ru, who knows this well, will naturally not go. Touching Dong Zhuo’s brow.

In the hall where Empress He lives.

When Dong Zhuo and his entourage were leaving, Empress He’s body maid was immediately relieved, and then she trembled constantly. Beside Empress He, she whispered:

“Queen Empress”

When Empress He heard this, she took a deep breath and exhaled it for a long time. Until then, He The queen calmed down.

In the next second, Empress He looked at the maid next to her, and said:

“Call the Queen Mother, the first emperor has gone, and Bian”er has taken the throne, I This aunt should also change her name.”

“Queen dowager, Dong Zhuo has gone to your majesty’s palace, and I’m afraid it’s necessary.” Queen He’s personal maid, hearing this, nodded, and then spoke.

When Queen He heard this, she grabbed the arm of the chair with her right hand and slammed tight, but immediately, she leaned weakly on the chair.

“Dong Zhuo is a man with wolf ambition, this palace can’t wait to eat his flesh and chew his bones, but there is no army stationed in Luoyang, what can I do in this palace”

“The queen mother, the general still There are many parts, it’s better to say “The close maid hesitated when she heard this.”

When Queen He heard this, she shook her head feebly, and then said:

“It’s useless, the eldest brother’s trilogy is very prejudiced to the palace, even if the palace comes out in person, They will obey the orders of this palace even if they don’t see it. What’s more, at the moment the palace is surrounded by Dong Zhuo’s army, how can we get out?”

“Queen dowager, slave and maid, go and try.” Empress He’s personal maid heard this. Bit his lip, and then spoke.

When Queen He heard this, she shook her head, and then said:

“Don’t go, my palace has accepted your fate, not to mention, if you are found, you will anger Dong Zhuo. At that time, Bian”er will be in danger.”

“But, Queen Mother” Empress He’s close maid, she was anxious when she heard this, but she was interrupted by Empress He before she finished speaking.

“Luluo, I know you are loyal, but I can’t help but consider the safety of Bian”er.”

“Yes, the Queen Mother” Lu Luo, Empress He’s personal maid, her eyes turned red when she heard this, and then she lowered her head to reply.

When Empress He saw this, she sighed long. He sighed, then stood up, came to the window, and looked at the night sky outside the window.

“You Wang, I am still a virgin, why, you can’t accept me”

He Queen just one After speaking, a red suddenly appeared on her face. At this moment, Queen He’s eyes were suddenly blurred.

The close-knit maid beside her, Lu Luo, saw this, her face suddenly changed. Then he hurriedly came to Queen He’s side, closed the window, and helped Queen He who started to touch her carelessly, got on the bed and lay down.

Not long after, Queen He made a strange sound.

At this moment, I was ordered by Li Ru to monitor the arrival of Queen He’s two soldiers, and then heard an abnormal sound coming out of the hall.

The two soldiers looked at each other After a glance, Qi Qi showed a confused look.

They didn’t understand, how could Empress He make such a sound if there is no man in the residence of Empress He.

After a brief period of bewilderment, a soldier swallowed hard, and then said:

“Go tell the lord”

“Why don’t you go?” When the other soldier heard this, his face suddenly sank, and then he shouted in a low voice.

“Fool, do you want to die? Did you forget, how did the military commander tell us?”

The soldier who was scolded by “I” was taken aback for a moment, and then suddenly beaten Shivering.

“Gudong” came, and the soldier who was berated, nodded hurriedly.

“Thank you, I will tell the lord now”

“Boom Kaka”

The thunder that shook the world suddenly sounded, and then I saw a lightning bolt descending from the sky , Smashed straight to the soldier who spoke first.

There was a “bang”, and the soldier who spoke first was killed on the spot.

The soldier who had just taken a step saw this, his body suddenly stiffened, and then his eyes shrank sharply.

In the next second, this soldier did not hesitate to face Queen He’s hall, kneeling down and worshiping:

“Master You Wang, please forgive me!”

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Chapter 1264: The Power of Ye Chen’s Name – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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