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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 1266: He Lian Who Was Back Eaten By Another Technique Read Novel

Chapter 1266: He Lian Who Was Back Eaten By Another Technique – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1266: He Lian Who Was Back Eaten By Another Technique

Ye Chen still stays in the Three Kingdoms novice area until now, just to obtain all the heaven and earth fortune of the Han Empire, and then the whole country soars into the prehistoric world.

In order to complete this plan and prevent deviations from the plan, Ye Chen deliberately made arrangements after the end of the world war, so that all the natives of the Han Empire, except the reincarnation city, believed that Ye Chen, the great Han Youwang, really returned to his teacher’s gate, and he really provoked punishment from the immortals, so that the city of Samsara was destroyed.

In this way, whether it is Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao, or Cao Cao and other princes, they will rekindle their “ambitions”, and will no longer continue to shrink because they are afraid of Ye Chen, the Han Youwang, and dare not “rebel”.

Under Ye Chen’s calculations, whether it is Dong Zhuo’s rebellion, the princes begging for Dong, or the princes” struggle for hegemony, they will all develop in accordance with the established trajectory.

After all, Ye Chen did not kill key figures such as Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao, Yuan Shao, Liu Bian, Liu Xie, and Empress He.

But now, there has been a deviation in the originally established historical process. Nima and Liu Bian have not been forced to abdicate, so they have been burned to death by the fire.

If this continues, even Ye Chen could not predict how many changes will take place in the history of the Han Empire.

If the vassal battle is still open, that’s nothing, because this will not affect Ye Chen’s plan to directly send troops to sweep the world after the vassal battle is opened.

If the “Princes” Fight for Hegemony” changes due to the current “deviation” and cannot be opened, wouldn’t the special Ye Chen plan be cut in half?

Ye Chen didn’t want to see this kind of situation. Otherwise, Ye Chen wouldn’t come directly to Luoyang Palace after realizing this, let alone get angry because of this.

Glancing at the corpses of Liu Bian and the little empress who were constantly being burned in the fire, Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness moved and instantly covered the entire palace.

In the next second, Ye Chen’s face suddenly sank, and then he looked straight at the location of Queen He’s hall.

Is it true that within a year of He Lian, if she does not have sex with others, she will be backlashed by a different technique and lose her mind, and she will become a madman who can do her best. Mao wants to call my name.

Queen He is the real Queen He’s sister. What is her name, Lian, and she has a special magic technique that can confuse others and make people fall into the illusion that she thinks is real.

It is precisely because He Lian possesses this kind of strange technique that she has been able to save her virgin body to this day.

Of course, these are what Empress He Lian told Ye Chen personally in order to seek Ye Chen’s help.

Otherwise, Ye Chen still doesn’t know this “secret”.

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However, this is not important. The important thing is that He Lian, who is in a backlash, whispers Ye Chen’s name. This makes Ye Chen a little bit painful when she is with her.

When I was caught by someone, I called my name. If it was another man, I might be a little proud, but Ye Chen wouldn’t.

Even if this person is under one person, the same is true of Queen He who is above ten thousand people.

As for the reason, it’s very simple. Ye Chen doesn’t lack women, and he doesn’t see Empress He in his eyes.

Otherwise, when Queen He visited late at night and wanted to dedicate herself to Ye Chen, Ye Chen would have taken He Lian directly. How could she wait until now.

This is not to say that Queen He is unattractive. To be a queen, her appearance is naturally impossible.

The problem is that Queen He, a woman, is too good at calculating, and the city is extremely deep.

Ye Chen doesn’t want to be that kind of person, who just cares about enjoyment and provokes a sorrow for nothing.

For Ye Chen, a beautiful woman with a good figure can consider receiving it in the backyard, but the premise is that this woman is worth receiving and will not cause unnecessary trouble after receiving it, for example, A fire broke out in the backyard.

And Queen He, He Lian, is the kind of woman who will set fire in the backyard after it is collected.

Ye Chen is not interested in accepting such a woman.

Just when Ye Chen, with a gloomy face, was about to explore other places to find the reason for the deviation in the historical process of the big man, Dong Zhuo, who was fat, suddenly changed his direction, and then went straight to the hall where Empress He lived. Go.

Ye Chen, whose divine sense detected this, frowned suddenly, and at this moment, Li Ru’s voice suddenly sounded.

“Father-in-law, to be on the safe side, let others find the way to avoid making mistakes.”

Dong Zhuo, who was striding forward, stopped when he heard this, and then turned around. Looking at Li Ru, he asked in a deep voice:

“Li Ru, didn’t you say that King Ye You is not in the palace?”

After hearing Dong Zhuo’s scolding, Li Ru hurriedly bowed in prayer. :

“Father-in-law, Confucianism, confirmed that King Ye You is not in the palace, but since someone can sneak into the palace under the siege of Xiliang cavalry, and enter Queen He’s palace blatantly, they must be armed with super martial arts. People, if the father-in-law enters rashly, I am afraid it will be a little dangerous.”

“Well, you two go first, check it out, and remember, you are not allowed to look at Queen He. Who dares to peek? I’ll pick it up. His skin!” Dong Zhuo nodded when he heard this, then looked at the two accompanying generals and said.

“Yes! Lord!” The two homes visited by Dong Zhuo would hear this and hurriedly bowed and worshiped. After speaking, they walked towards Queen He’s hall.

In the sky, Ye Chen, whose divine sense was released, his face suddenly sank when he saw this.

Malle Gobi, it’s not because of the bitch He Lian that this kind of deviation appeared.

Ciao, it must be her. If I’m not mistaken, this Girl, I must have mentioned my name, and then scared Dong Zhuo, the fat man, so that Dong Zhuo, the fat man, was so embarrassed that he ran to Liu Bian to take revenge, and he missed Liu Bian and the little queen.

Yes, count it, just miss this point.

Can’t let He Lian stay here, otherwise, this girl doesn’t know what happened.

Think of this. Ye Chen glanced angrily, still touching his empress He Lian in the hall, then lifted his right hand, and the void was a shot.

With a sound of “bang”, Queen He locked the roof of the hall and flew to the sky in an instant, and then saw how many clothes on her body, Queen He flew out, but in a blink of an eye , Came to Ye Chen’s side.

If you are a normal person, suddenly caught in the air by a mysterious power, you will definitely yell, but Queen He doesn’t, because she has lost her mind because of her being caught in a backlash.

The moment when Emperor He arrived in front of Ye Chen and saw Ye Chen, the eyes of Empress He blazed fiercely.

“Ye Chen, love me, love me”

As soon as the hot scream landed, Queen He, He Lian, threw directly into Ye Chen’s arms, and then faced Ye Chen casually kissed.

Ye Chen, who had been attacked several times by Empress He, his face suddenly sank when he saw this.

Is it, I was actually taken advantage of. What’s so special is a little lady who doesn’t have much cultivation.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen immediately locked He Lian in place when he thought.

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Chapter 1266: He Lian Who Was Back Eaten By Another Technique – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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