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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 1273: Touched by the inexplicable He Lian Read Novel

Chapter 1273: Touched by the inexplicable He Lian – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1273: Touched by the inexplicable He Lian

The World Channel was constantly refreshing, and after a glance, Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

This time the world announcement is good. It did not indicate the identity of He Lian as the “Queen He”. Otherwise, the players would not know how to say Lao Tzu in private.

Don’t blame Ye Chen for this. Thinking, after all, Queen He is the “mother” of Qiao, and the players have long known it.

Although the players also know that this so-called “mother-daughter” relationship is not true, they can’t stand the players, and use malicious hearts to discuss Ye Chen privately.

For example, what mother and daughter spend, what four people fight, and so on.

Although Ye Chen doesn’t care about this very much, if he wants to choose, Ye Chen is still more inclined to keep the players in the dark.

Ye Chen just thought of this. He Lian, who was excited in Ye Chen’s arms for a while, suddenly left Ye Chen, and then started to untie Ye Chen’s clothes.

Perceiving this, Ye Chen immediately returned to his senses, and then grabbed He Lin’s white hands.

“This is not suitable, go to the City Lord’s Mansion.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, He Lian was taken aback, and then asked:

“Husband, isn’t the city of Reincarnation destroyed by the immortals?””

“The city is nothing but a building that I purposely built to fool Liu Hong and hide my traces. The real city of reincarnation has now become a city of reincarnation. “Ye Chen couldn’t help but smiled when he heard this, and then he said.

He Lian was in a daze when he heard this, then she thought of something.

The next second, He Lian. He looked straight at Ye Chen, and then asked in shock and inexplicable:

“Husband, are you a fairy?”

“Not yet, but soon. “Ye Chen heard this, smiled slightly, and then said.

He Lian heard this and stayed again. After returning to the gods, He Lian rushed into Ye Chen’s arms frantically, and then kissed fiercely. I took Ye Chen’s mouth.

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“My husband, my concubine is so happy, so happy”

“If you practice hard in the future, you will also become immortal, but you must remember that you must not be capricious. Let alone any careful thinking. “Ye Chen couldn’t help smiling after hearing He Lian’s inexplicable excitement, and then said.

At this moment, He Lian is in a state of excitement. Ye Chen said this, obviously a little bit uncomfortable. Appropriate, but Ye Chen still said it.

Because Ye Chen wants He Lian to remember this sentence forever, and don’t really play any tricks of Gongdou.

Such a situation is not what Ye Chen wanted to see.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, He Lian nodded without hesitation, and then said:

“My husband, don’t worry, my concubine swears to the sky and will never do anything my husband doesn’t like. Forever loyal to your husband, if you violate this oath, the heaven will die.”

As soon as He Lian’s words fell, the thunder that shook the heaven and the earth instantly sounded.


Ye Chen was slightly taken aback when he heard this, and then reacted. This is Tiandi’s response to He Lian’s oath.

After regaining consciousness, Ye Chen couldn’t help but warm up, and then bowed his head and kissed He Lian.

“Let’s go, let’s return to Xiancheng.”

“Yeah” He Lian’s face turned red when she heard this, and then she nodded softly in response.

When Ye Chen heard this, he smiled, and then he hugged He Lian.

In the next second, Ye Chen thought, and the space in front of him instantly twisted.

Glancing at the distorted space, Ye Chen stepped in, then disappeared.

Reincarnation Xiancheng, City Lord’s Mansion, Back House, a house that has not yet been inhabited, the space is suddenly distorted, and then Ye Chen, who is holding Helian, appears straight here.

At this moment, He Lian, who was held by Ye Chen, opened her eyes wide.

“Heavenly husband, the reincarnation fairy city is in the sky”

When He Lian was shocked and inexplicable, Ye Chen suddenly smiled, and then said:

“It is indeed there. Heaven, after feeding you, you can watch around. If you see Zhao Yun, Dianwei, Guo Jia, Guan Yu and others, you don’t have to hide it, just tell your identity.”

He Lian listens At this point, my heart was suddenly occupied by warm currents one after another.

After full of emotion, He Lian looked at Ye Chen affectionately, and then nodded in response:


He Lian is the Queen of the Han, although This identity is false, but the outside world does not know it.

It is precisely because of this that after He Lian confirmed that she could follow Ye Chen and be Ye Chen’s woman, she was worried that she could only hold herself back in her heart and couldn’t speak bluntly.

To be more precise, He Lian was worried that she would become a canary kept in a cage by Ye Chen. Without freedom, she could not go out.

Although He Lian can accept this matter, in the final analysis, He Lian is still eager to face the outside world as a formal Ye Chen concubine.

This has nothing to do with selfishness, and it has nothing to do with showing off. It’s just pure, wanting to get Ye Chen’s approval.

Otherwise, after hearing what Ye Chen said, He Lian would not be moved all of a sudden.

Looking at He Lian’s move, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile, then touched He Lian’s hair, and said earnestly:

“This will be your home from now on. Don’t think about it.”

What kind of mental state He Lian is now? How could Ye Chen, who had probed He Lian’s soul, couldn’t tell.

It is precisely because Ye Chen knows exactly what He Lian is worried about, so he can say it so simply and straightforwardly.

Ye Chen didn’t want to think that He Lian was depressed because of this.

What’s more, Ye Chen didn’t even think of Helian as a canary, so how could he do that.

Furthermore, Ye Chen said this not only to relieve He Lian, but also to avoid some misunderstandings.

No way, He Lian is the Queen of Han Dynasty. She ran to the reincarnation city of Xiancheng and became Ye Chen’s woman. Whether it was Zhao Yun, Guo Jia, or Dian Wei and others, you can feel confident difficult.

It is precisely for this reason that Ye Chen told He Lian so that she didn’t have to hide anything, and just said straightforwardly.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, He Lian’s heart warmed again, and then she looked at Ye Chen and said softly:

“Husband, take me into the house”

Ye Chen Hearing this, he couldn’t help but smile, and then nodded and said:


After Ye Chen finished speaking, he hugged He Lian and walked towards the house. Not long after, one of the top ten famous artifacts Bafang Chunyu once again exerted its extraordinary power.

The process was extremely enjoyable. Of course, if it weren’t for Ye Chen’s body, he might not last long.

An hour later, when He Lian screamed for the eighteenth time, Ye Chen was completely relieved, and He Lian, as if drowning, desperately wanted to grab the life-saving straw, hugged tightly. Ye Chen.

After a long time, Ye Chen wanted to get up, ready to go to the bathroom to wash.

He Lian, who sensed this, suddenly showed a pleading look.


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Chapter 1273: Touched by the inexplicable He Lian – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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