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Chapter 1299: Attack on Xuchang

After the generals expressed their determination, Cao Cao also came to the battlements to observe the battlefield situation.

When he saw the invincible front of the reincarnation fairy city army, all his previous illusions were thrown out of the sky in an instant.

Is this also a human defense organization?

How can this be forced? ? ?

A series of emotions such as inner shock, unwillingness, regret, etc., at the same time hit his heart. At this moment, Cao Cao’s heart is full of mixed flavors. This is really the end of a hero. I did not expect that he would have today.

It is hard for him to imagine how long his own troops would last if such a defense organization attacked the city wall?

One day? Two days?

Or one hour, two hours?


Why is this? ? ?

I have worked hard for most of my life, and what I have gained is not as good as Ye Chen, a stinky, yellow-mouthed child who was crushed by a little finger?

Holy thief!

How unfair you are! ?

Cao Cao, who realized that the general situation had passed, was forced to the extreme in his heart, but he did not show it at all on the surface.

After coming down from the city wall, he immediately ordered his cronies to pack up and prepare to run away at any time.

Cao Cao has always done everything by no means, and now is the moment of life and death, and he naturally doesn’t care about the lives of his men.

As long as you can escape and ascend to heaven, even if you fold all these defenders here, it’s worth it.

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Outside the city, the army of Samsara Xiancheng quickly arrived under the city.

Guan Yu and Zhao Yun were the first to bear the brunt. There was no nonsense. Once they reached the city gate, they directly blasted the wall with a big move.

During the whole process, there was no call for war, no persuasion to surrender, no strategy, no intimidation.

Because there is no need for

The Samsara Xiancheng army has absolutely powerful strength. What they have to do is to directly crush the past and crush all the enemies they see.

At the next moment, I saw two strong shock waves from Guan Yu and Zhao Yun’s weapons, instantly crossing a distance of 100 meters and directly blasting on the city wall!

Boom! boom!

Two extremely powerful attacks directly blasted the tall city wall into two huge gaps in an instant!

“Siege! Kill!”

Guan Yu and Zhao Yun gave orders, and the 200,000 reincarnation fairy city army, like a flash flood, roared and rushed into Xuchang city one after another.

Bows and arrows, strong crossbows, and rolling woods and stones, facing the invincible front of the reincarnation fairy city army, have no effect at all.

The Xuchang guards on the city wall were already frightened by the desperate scene before them. Now even the determined general Xia Houchun has begun to retreat.

But it was too late. Guan Yu and Zhao Yun had already spotted them, and flew up the city wall in one vertical leap. Without a word, they began to slaughter these generals without any suspense.

Xia Houchun was originally a military commander at the same level as Zhao Yun. Although he knew that Zhao Yun was no longer what he used to be, he still wanted to make gestures with him.

“Zhao Yun! I will meet you!”

Xia Houchun just said this, before he had time to set his posture, suddenly he saw a white light flashing in front of him, and then he looked like a statue. The statue is just like, standing still on the spot.

After a while, standing Xia Houchun’s body suddenly split in half from the middle, and blood and internal organs instantly spilled over the ground.

The famous general Xia Houchun, just like this, was hit by Zhao Yun to dismember his body. He didn’t understand how Zhao Yun did it.

After Guan Yu was on the wall, he became even more tiger. Into the flock, chase the generals who guard the city and kill them.

For a time, a bloody storm blew up on the city wall, and countless people fell to the ground every time Guan Yu took a knife.

Li Dian couldn’t run after being chased by him, so he knelt on the ground and kept begging him for mercy.

“General Guan, I couldn’t help myself before, please bypass me”

“You should die!”

Guan Yu was indifferent to his begging for mercy , With a single knife, he cut Li Dian in the waist


Countless infiltrating howls filled the city wall, which had already turned into a bloody hell.

At this time, the 200,000 reincarnation Xiancheng army had already entered the city. Cao Cao’s hundreds of thousands of soldiers defending the city did not have the slightest power to fight back in the face of their brutal attacks.

The earth was red with blood, and the bodies of the soldiers from the city guard covered the streets and alleys in the city.

It’s miserable!

No matter how Cao Cao’s soldiers beg for mercy, the soldiers of Samsara Xiancheng are like the killing gods from hell, without any sympathy.

Whether you are resisting or not, whether you are threatened or not, whether you are running away or not, you will be crushed by your horse.

The enemy was hacked to death, the enemy was shot to death, and the spear was smashed to death.

The extremely miserable screams and crying sounds constantly echoed in the sky above Xuchang City, like hell. The sight is unbearable to look directly at

Cao Cao took a group of his trusted bodyguards, dressed as ordinary soldiers, mixed in the rout, and wanted to get out of the city.

But after dozens of tossing back and forth, I found that there were soldiers from the reincarnation city in all directions. The whole city of Xuchang was surrounded by iron barrels, even if it was winged, it could not fly out.

How can this be good?

Following the defeated soldiers to flee everywhere, Cao Cao’s heart became more and more desperate.

The encirclement of the army of the reincarnation fairy city became smaller and smaller, and the place for hiding in the city became more and more difficult to find.

Is Cao Cao really dying here today?

Is it true that I am going to die? ? ?

When they had just been driven out of a small alley, they happened to meet Guan Yu passing by here.

“Protect the prime minister to retreat!”

Hundreds of soldiers saw this, struggling to break through on both sides, trying to make a way for Cao Cao.

But their attacks are nothing to do with the soldiers of the reincarnation fairy city. Both in terms of equipment and personal strength, they are far worse.

But even so, these Qin soldiers would rather die than retreat, step forward to launch an assault, and constantly use their flesh and blood to prove the sharpness of the weapons in the hands of the soldiers of the reincarnation fairy city.

And the change here also attracted Guan Yu’s attention. He rode his horse closer and saw that among the hundreds of Cao Jun, who was the one being protected, who was not Cao Cao?

Although Cao Cao is now dressed as an ordinary soldier, how can he hide Guan Yu’s golden eyes?

Immediately slapped down the horse, and directly rushed into the enemy group.

“Cao Cao, evil thief, want to run? You have no chance!”

When Cao Cao saw that Guan Yu was killing himself, he was immediately scared that one Buddha ascended to heaven and two Buddhas were born.

In order to survive, he desperately fled backwards, but how could he escape the pursuit of Shuyu?

“Thief Cao, die!”


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Chapter 1299: Attack on Xuchang – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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