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Chapter 1317: Complete Annihilation – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1317: Complete Annihilation

Ye Chen was suspended in the air, and the huge mental power enveloped the entire battlefield. Whenever a female player of the Beauty League fell into the wind or was in danger of life, he would gently With a flick of his finger, a transparent energy flashed across, and the whole head of the wolf demon opposite the female player burst suddenly.

The female player escaped from the dead, smiled sweetly, turned her head and said softly: “Thank you, Master.”

Then turned around to re-enter the wolves, and reminded the sisters around: “Sisters, even if they let go, let the master protect us from the sky.”

Then these female players of the Beauty League became even more crazy. They just gave up completely since they felt that Ye Chen was protecting them. In order to defend, instead of using 12 points of vigor to attack.

This is simply a group of lawless female lunatics, this kind of desperate energy even these wolves are frightened.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but shook his head speechlessly, Li Mengyao and the others were so self-willed, they knew they weren’t here, they were just arrogant!

So the heads of the wolf demons burst out inexplicably and died.

Some wolves were confused, and roared angrily: “This is not fair, you cheated, there is an honest one-on-one battle.”

Hu Xiaoyue suddenly sneered, and said mockingly: “You beasts have a pit in their brains, you 100,000 wolves are going to beat our 10,000 sisters, and you still have the face to say it’s unfair, let’s say it again, It’s our husband who is protecting us. If you have the ability, you should also go to your husband!”

“We are the public.”

Under the declining momentum, these wolves were killed and fled in embarrassment. Some wolves even turned around and fleeed desperately!

If Ye Chen wanted to, these wolves No one can go, but Ye Chen didn’t stop him, allowing these wolf monsters to escape into the depths of the grassland, but after escaping dozens of wolf monsters, Ye Chen took action!

All the fangs that were about to escape were killed by his finger, and Ye Chen’s mouth showed a cold smile: “It’s enough to send a letter, and the rest is to obediently become the nourishment for these women!”

The remaining wolf demon began to desperately desperately desperately. Under their temporary counterattack, if the players in the Ordinary Beauty League would be killed or injured, but at this time, Ye Chen was sitting on these wolves. The demon was just in vain!

After half an hour, there was no more wolf demon alive at the scene. Nearly 100,000 wolf demon lay in the wilderness, with blood flowing into a river.

On the 10,000 Meiren League players, except for a few minor injuries, the rest were almost completely undamaged!

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It’s just that after the women of the Beauty League have been slaughtered, each of them is covered with blood, and their bright eyes are full of amazing murderous aura!

However, after the women of the Beauty League were killed, they did not immediately rest to recover their strength, nor did they go to clean the battlefield to count the harvest, but quickly took out a set from the space at the first time. The clothes were clean, the whole body was renewed with a flash of light, spotlessly clean.

Ye Chen shook his head: “It’s really a woman’s nature to love beauty.”

He let go of his mental power to investigate, these wolves in the wild world can Much more powerful than the monsters of the Three Kingdoms World, and they will have more experience points.

In the previous battle, Li Mengyao, who killed the most monsters, Hu Xiaoyue, Wang Mengmeng and others, gained the most experience points and made the most progress. They have vaguely touched the edge of the Purple Mansion, and it will not take long to break through. Arrived in the Purple Mansion Realm!

Although others have not improved so quickly, it is also very obvious.

These wolves are very poor. They don’t have a few decent spiritual equipment. These women on the battlefield pouted disdainfully, but they were better than nothing. They quickly scoured the scattered equipment, even if they took them. It’s also good to go back and recycle materials.

After cleaning the battlefield, Ye Chen used his sleeves and brought all the players of the Beauty League to blow a gust of wind, and disappeared in place.

Only one corpse and blood stains left telling the miserable battle that just happened.

In the next instant, Ye Chen led them to appear in the saint city of reincarnation.

Originally, Ye Chen arranged them in the palace, but then he dispelled the idea, not because Zhao Yu and other women would be jealous and have opinions.

It’s that these women from the Beauty League are players and the aborigines such as Zhao Yu, it is still difficult to integrate into one place.

Besides, these women from the Beauty League are also very good fighters besides Ye Chen’s women.

It would be inappropriate to put it in the palace like this, so Ye Chen simply opened up a new city in the Holy City of Reincarnation as the resident of the Beauty League.

The name of the new city is Beauty City. Under Ye Chen’s control, two giant spirit gathering formations were placed under Beauty City.

The concentration of aura in Beauty City is more than three times richer than that outside the city, and more than ten times richer than in the Three Kingdoms World. It is comparable to a holy land for cultivation.

Li Mengyao, Hu Xiaoyue and Wang Mengmeng are naturally extremely satisfied with their new home.

“Master, my sisters miss you so much, stay here tonight, right?”

Hu Xiaoyue’s big eyes looked at Ye Chen eagerly, and other women waited for Ye eagerly. Chen’s answer.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand and tapped on Hu Xiaoyue’s little head gently, and said gently, “I want to stay too, but after all, we’ve just arrived, and we haven’t gotten a foothold in Honghuang. There are a lot of things. The matter is waiting for me to deal with it. After I have been busy for a while, I will be with you. You should rest first, you should be busy soon.”

Then, Ye Chen’s figure flashed. Appeared on the Golden Luang Temple.

He stalked like a tiger, sitting on a dragon chair, and his majestic voice resounded through the holy city of reincarnation: “All love, come to the court.”

After that, the civil and military officials did not dare to neglect, and they all rushed to each side.

After everyone arrived, Xu Shu stepped out, bowed and asked, “Your Majesty, summon me to wait. I don’t know any instructions.”

Ye Chen looked at the people, the corners of his mouth lifted, and a cold smile appeared: “Everyone, I’m afraid we can’t continue to relax, we have something to do.””

Among the generals, Zhang Fei stared at a pair of eyes, rubbed his hands in excitement, and stood up and shouted like a Hongzhong:

“Your Majesty, is it going to fight?” That’s great, haha, I’m almost free! Let me talk about it first, none of you should grab the position of vanguard with me!”


Xu Chu gave a violent shout, and stood up and roared: “Everyone is itchy in their idle bones. Why are you a black charcoal head going to be a pioneer?” Because of your blackness?”

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Chapter 1317: Complete Annihilation – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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