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Chapter 326: Golden Scarf Warrior

Huang Chang’s face suddenly sank when he heard this.

The Golden Turban Warriors are the guards of the great sage and mentor Zhang Jiao. They are the trump cards among the Golden Turban soldiers. They are even stronger than the elite soldiers of the Han Army.

Originally, Huang Long intended to take away the golden turban warriors and develop elsewhere, and soon he could pull up an army of tens of millions of golden turbans.

In this way, he will not worry about being blamed by too much horn.

But what Deng Mao said was not a lie. Without a golden scarf to stop Ye Chen’s army of reincarnation, he could not run away.

Thinking of this, Huang Chang glanced at Deng Mao, and then said in a deep voice:

“Okay! I’ll give you five thousand golden turban soldiers! Remember, no matter what, you must remove Ye Bring me the head of Chen’s head!”

“Also please don’t worry, Qu Shuai! The final general is willing to use the head of the project to guarantee that he will definitely take the head of the general Hussein Ye Chen!” At this point, he bowed and said without hesitation.

“Okay!” Hearing this, Huang Chang glanced at Deng Mao, then shouted, after speaking, he took out half of the jade charm and handed it to Deng Mao.

When Deng Mao saw the half jade talisman, his eyes suddenly lit up, he hurriedly took the half jade talisman, and then bowed and said:

“I will kill Ye Chen in the end. !”

After Deng Mao finished speaking, he brought half of the jade talisman to the side of the golden towel history, lifted his right hand, and half of the jade talisman lit up instantly.

The five thousand expressionless golden turban warriors instantly shocked, and then looked at Deng Mao.

Deng Mao raised his eyebrows at this time, and then he shouted: “Follow me!”

“Here!” Five thousand shirtless gold-scarved men bowed and responded. Follow Deng Mao towards the army of the reincarnation city.

Huang Chang glanced at Deng Mao, snorted coldly, and then ran away without hesitation with five thousand golden turban warriors and the personal guards.

As Huang Chang ran away, Deng Mao also changed directions and ran away.

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Thousand horses galloped, and the earthquake trembled.

Ye Chen led the army of the reincarnation city, constantly charging and then charging, wanton the lives of the Reaper’s Golden Turban soldiers.

Just when Ye Chen killed six Golden Turban soldiers with a single shot, he was taken aback for a moment, and then looked to the front left.

There, a group of big men with golden scarves, shirtless, and extremely strong physiques are running wildly.

It’s just a direction, but it’s outside the battlefield.

Ye Chen’s eyes lit up when he saw the shirtless soldiers in the golden scarf.

Fuck! A Golden Scarf Warrior who specializes in exploding good things

In your previous life, Youzhou has never seen a Golden Scarf warrior, but now there is actually a

Is Zhang Jiao really his lower cost?

Thinking of this, Ye Chen said without looking back:

“Yun Zheng, Dian Xiong, Zhao Meng, Gao Shun, kill all the soldiers of the Golden Turban, and the Samsara Legion will follow me!”

“Yes! Lord!” Zhao Yunzheng, Dianxiong, Gao Shun, Zhao Meng, when they heard this, Qi Qi was taken aback, and then responded loudly.

Although they didn’t understand why Ye Chen issued such an order suddenly, they would not question Ye Chen’s order.

“Yes! Lord!” At this time, the Samsara Legion shouted in unison, and then followed Ye Chen directly to change directions and rushed to the golden turban warrior.

The sudden change of direction during the charge is a taboo for ordinary cavalry.

But for the Samsara Legion, that is not a problem at all.


Thousands of cattle are rushing, and the earth is roaring.

Ye Chen led the reincarnation army to once again cut the golden turban army and chased the golden turban warrior.

Others don’t know the benefits of the Golden Scarf, how could Ye Chen not know.

Any one of the golden towel warriors is a super experienced baby. After killing, they have a lot of experience, and the explosive items are even more diverse, and they are all high-quality goods.

Now that Ye Chen has seen the Golden Turban Warriors, how could he let them go.

You must know that Ye Chen has a profound blessing attribute. Once the Golden Turban Warrior is killed, the level of the exploded item will definitely be higher than the original.

It is precisely because of this that Ye Chen will not let the golden turban warrior leave.

Furthermore, the point is that the total number of Golden Turban warriors is no more than one million.

I missed this time, who knows where these golden scarves will go and who will kill them.

Of course, the Golden Turban Lux explodes good things, but the strength is also leveraged.

Ordinary generals really can’t deal with the golden towel warriors, especially after Zhang Jiao applied various BUG-like auxiliary attributes to the golden warriors.

At that time, the golden turban warrior could take out any one, and he could fight against the influential historical generals for hundreds of rounds.

Although they will eventually be killed, this is enough to explain the abnormalities of these golden turban warriors.

Deng Mao, who is running away, is dreaming about the future with excitement.

Because he controls five thousand golden squad men, with these five thousand golden squad men, he can continue to develop his men.

Millions, tens of millions, tens of millions, it’s not a problem, because he has a foundation.

As long as he has enough subordinates, he will be able to attack the city and grab the land, and Zhang Jiao will naturally not blame him for escaping.

When he thought that he would become the leader of the party soon, Deng Mao was suddenly excited.

At this moment, the dull roar of the earth was getting closer and louder, and instantly awakened the fantasy Deng Mao.

Have you come after? No way

Thinking of this, Deng Mao turned his head to look.

In the next second, Deng Mao shivered involuntarily.

Fuck! I really caught up!

So many people don’t want to kill, they come and chase me for something!

Damn it! Damn it!

Deng Mao finished thinking with great irritation, and immediately shouted: “The past thousand people! Kill me the general hussar riding the golden pegasus!”

A Thousand Golden Scarf Without thinking about it, Li Shi directly stopped, turned and rushed towards Ye Chen.

The Golden Turban Warrior is very powerful, and Deng Mao clearly understands it, but he has no idea.

Because the wild rhinos riding by the Samsara Legion are so cruel, they are simply not something that humans can contend with.

Although he ran away under the guise of a pass, he still saw the wild rhino charging.

Moreover, he also learned the origins of those wild rhinos from Huang Chang’s mouth.

It was precisely because he knew the horror of the wild rhinoceros that he completely gave up his plan to use the Golden Turban Warrior to fight Ye Chen.

Everyone is not afraid of death, but it’s useless. In front of the wild rhino, the golden soldier is the dish, how to kill the reincarnation legion.

As soon as the cup of tea was over, Ye Chen brought the reincarnation legion and collided head-on with the golden turban warrior.

Looking at Hao Bu dodges the Golden Scarf Warrior, Ye Chen curled his lips in disdain.

These people were stupid by Zhang Jiao. Loyalty means loyalty, and bravery means bravery. Unfortunately, I have no brains.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen waved a sharp spear with his right hand, and then exploded. He shouted: “Kill!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The scream of killing sounded instantly.

The reincarnation army slantly extracted 100-refined steel and spears, and then aimed at the golden turban warrior.


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Chapter 326: Golden Scarf Warrior – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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