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Chapter 327: Decapitated

“The sky is dead, and the yellow sky will stand! The age is in Jiazi, the world is prosperous!”

The thousand golden turban warriors saw Ye Chen rushing towards him and the reincarnation legion. Qi Qi stopped, and then pulled three sheets of talisman paper from his waist, and put them on his body.

A piece of yellow light instantly lit up, and the thousand golden turban warriors who used to be shirtless turned into golden light in an instant.

Strong Talisman, Thick Earth Talisman, Diamond Talisman

Ye Chen recognized the origin of the talisman when the golden towel master took out the talisman paper.

These will greatly enhance the strength and defense of the Golden Turban warrior, and will give birth to a protective cover on the body, so-called “impenetrable”.

Looking at the shining golden turban warrior, Ye Chen couldn’t help but curl up.

Yes, yes, it’s the best to use, so the items that burst out are of higher grade.

As soon as Ye Chen finished thinking about it, he came to the front of the Golden Scarf Warrior, killing the gun with his right hand The sway.

“Bah, baah, baah”

Several sounds came.

The heads of five golden turban warriors flew up instantly.

The golden light of the protective body they were so proud of, and the incomparable defense, didn’t give them even a second of time.

“Boom bang bang”

Five sounds of body cracking sounded instantly.

The Reincarnation Legion was killed, and the hands of 100-refined steel and spears all shocked.

“Hum, hum”

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The sky-shaking hum sounded instantly.

The steel and guns in the hands of the soldiers of the Samsara Legion instantly lit up with white lights, and then they stabbed the golden-turbaned strongman.

“Puff, puff, puff”

There were countless sounds.

The golden turban warrior was instantly stabbed by the soldiers of the Hua Samsara Legion, and then lifted up and flew.


The reincarnation army rushed past, and a thousand golden turban warriors were all beheaded on the spot without exception.

Far away.

Deng Mao ran wildly with four thousand golden scarves, while observing the results behind him.

In his opinion, although a thousand golden turban warriors can’t kill Ye Chen, and can’t cause much damage to the Samsara Legion, they can hold on for a while.

He had seen the power of the three talisman papers with his own eyes. Although he didn’t have Zhang Jiao to cast the spell himself, the abnormality that came was also the existence of the sword.

As long as the three pieces of talisman paper are used, unless you are a king-level general, don’t even think about breaking the defense of the golden turban warrior.

Therefore, the Samsara Legion wants to kill the Golden Turban Warriors, it can’t be that simple.

In this way, he will have enough time to escape.

However, in the next second, Deng Mao suddenly dropped his jaw.

In his eyes, the extremely powerful golden turban warrior, just like a piece of paper, was easily beheaded on the spot.

“What kind of strength is this Hussar General Ye Chen? Is he an emperor general or a holy general?” Deng Mao shouted in horror.

In the next second, Deng Mao’s eyes instantly stared at the boss, and then he shouted in horror:

“Wang Wang-level general! How could he be? Why is Ye Chen’s soldier? They are all king-level generals!”

Even if Ye Chen is strong, this has already scared Deng Mao.

What Deng Mao did not expect was that the Samsara Legion not only had abnormal mounts, but also themselves.

Each is actually a king-level general.

Otherwise, it is impossible to stab the Golden Turban warrior to death so easily.

“Damn it!” Deng Mao roared in horror. Without even thinking about it, he directly urged the horses madly.

He wants to escape immediately, as far as possible.

He is only a royal-level general. Facing a group of reincarnation legions that are all king-level generals, he has no chance of winning at all, let alone a powerful Ye Chen who makes him desperate.

Ye Chen is not only powerful, but also extremely cruel and domineering.

Even if the person killed by Ye Chen pierced his body, his body would explode to pieces, and there would be no corpse.

Just thinking about it, Deng Mao shuddered.


Thousands of cattle rushed, and the earthquake trembled.

Ye Chen led the reincarnation army to chase Deng Mao quickly.

Whether it is Tianma Xiaojin or a wild rhino, the speed is extremely fast.

Deng Mao sitting on the horse is just a fine horse, not the famous Ma Liangju, how could it be possible to run past Ye Chen and the Samsara Legion.

Deng Mao couldn’t even run, let alone the golden turban figure behind him.

After a few breaths, Ye Chen led the Samsara Legion to catch up with the Golden Turban Warriors, and then mercilessly beheaded the four thousand Golden Warriors on the spot.

When Deng Mao saw a few breaths, he was killed by a golden turban strongman, and he was frightened.

He urged the horse desperately, however, it was useless.

Not long after he ran, a golden light flashed.

“Ye Yechen, I vote for me” Deng Mao shrank when he saw Ye Chen who was next to him, his pupils shrank and shrank again.

However, before he could finish his words, Ye Chen cut off his neck with a shot, and his round head flew up instantly.

“Ziz, ziz.”

Blood began to squirt wildly, and it continued to splash down on the ground with the continuously running horses.

After a breath, a “bang” came.

Deng Mao’s body It exploded to pieces, blood viscera, and splashed everywhere.

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen for killing the third-rate historical general, Deng Mao.”

Hearing the system prompt, Ye Chen froze for a moment, and then smiled.

I didn’t expect it to be Deng Mao

Although it was also a rubbish, it was a military exploit. There should be quite a few

As soon as Ye Chen finished thinking about it, the world announcement sounded instantly because Ye Chen quit the attack state.

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen, the first historical general to kill the third-rate Golden Turban. Cheng Yuanzhi, specially rewards the player Ye Chenzhan with 1 million.”

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen, Deng Mao, the second historical general who killed the third-rate Golden Turban, rewards the player Ye Chen for 1 million battle exploits.”

The world announcement, three times in a row, instantly detonated the World Channel.

“Fuck! Fuck! Ye Chen again, Nima, it’s not over? Just got Cheng Pu, Tian Chou, how long did this Nima take to kill Cheng Yuanzhi and Deng Mao?”

“It doesn’t matter who kills, but Nima has given so much military merit to Mao, I rely on! Ye Chen’s military merit is now soaring. It has reached astronomical numbers. One million combat exploits, I have only more than 1,000 combat exploits.”

“Hahaha, the boss Ye Chen is awesome. If you don’t accept it, you have to persuade it. Boss Ye Chen, younger brother, are willing to go to Youzhou with Ye Chen. Boss, Boss Ye Chen, don’t refuse. I play the Golden Scarf and Monster Race by myself. It’s too difficult. It’s safer to follow Boss Ye Chen, but I swear that I will never steal anything from Boss Ye Chen. I won’t disturb the boss of Ye Chen’s military exploits and merits, the younger brother just wants to be stable and mobs.”

“Boss Ye Chen, me too! I beg Ye Chen for permission!”

“Same Please!”

The World Channel is very lively. Ye Chen glanced at it and chose to ignore it, and then looked into the distance.

There are also a group of shirtless golden turban men.


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