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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 345: The Treacherous and Insidious Big Eared Thief Read Novel

Chapter 345: The Treacherous and Insidious Big Eared Thief – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 345: The Treacherous and Insidious Big Eared Thief

Ye Chen can naturally see the gaze of the players, and he also knows what the players are thinking.

Besides fear, they also have unwilling and suppressed anger.

No matter what they thought, Ye Chen ignored them all.

For Ye Chen, this mission is determined to be won, and it is impossible to give away the benefits.

Although Ye Chen doesn’t know what the specific reward is, Ye Chen is very sure that if he succeeds, the reward is beyond imagination.

Central Taoyuan.

Liu Huangshu looked at the crowds of players with a look of confusion.

He didn’t know why he bowed to Yan Liangwen, which attracted so many people to watch.

He doesn’t even know why many of these people have killing intent, and some have good intentions.

Although he is puzzled, Liu Huangshu’s face is always the same, and there has never been the slightest fluctuation.

“Big brother, many of these people are malicious, why don’t I go and drive them away?” Liang Chen glanced at the onlookers, then looked at Uncle Liu, and asked.

“Second brother, no need to do this, this place is Zhuo County, and there is a general Hussar here, presumably ordinary people don’t dare to make trouble, we can just bow down.” Liu Huangshu heard this and smiled slightly. Then he said.

“But these people are too hateful. They want to release murderous intent to the three of our brothers. If I don’t kill them, I really can’t swallow this bad breath!” Wen Wen shouted with anger at this time.

“The third brother, they may have some misunderstanding with us, don’t be reckless.” When Liu Huangshu heard this, his face changed slightly, and he hurriedly said.

In the eyes of Uncle Liu Huang, many of the players are malicious towards the three of them, and he also feels it.

Although he is unhappy, he can’t say it so bluntly. If he speaks it out, isn’t it the same as making enemies directly.

At this moment, Uncle Liu Huang, because of Liangchen Wenwen and two people, has just raised his ambition, but he doesn’t want to come up and get enemies everywhere.

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“Yes! Big brother!” Wenwen bowed unwillingly when he heard this.

Liu Huangshu glanced at Wenwen, then smiled and nodded.

Just then, a loud shout came.

“Uncle Liu Huang, you have to be careful, General Huqi Ye Chen, I want to kill you!”

Uncle Liu Huang suddenly changed his face when he heard this.

How could Uncle Liu Huang not know who the General Huqi is? Not only did Uncle Liu know, he was also going to visit Ye Chen.

And now suddenly someone said that if Ye Chen wanted to kill him, how could Uncle Liu Huang be calm.

“What!” Liang Chen Wenwen opened his eyes at this moment, then looked at the player who spoke, and shouted loudly.

Ye Chen looked at the player who had opened his mouth to remind Uncle Liu, his eyes squinted, and the cold light flashed away.

This player obviously chose to help Liu Huangshu complete the Taoyuan Three Knots.

He didn’t want Uncle Liu Huang to be killed by Ye Chen unsuspectingly.

The reminder is useless, Uncle Liu will definitely die!

Thinking of this, Ye Chen sneered coldly.

At this moment, the player who spoke before shouted again:

“Ye Chen is here. Seeing that the man in the black robe is there, he is in the north. It’s Ye Chen!”


Uncle Liu Huang, Liang Chen, Wen Wen heard this, looked towards the north, and quickly saw Ye Chen.

In the next second, Liu Huangshu spoke without hesitation: “Second brother, kill this man who framed General Hussar.”

“Yes! Brother!” Liang Chen listened. At this point, he immediately bowed and responded, moving directly to the player who had just spoken.

“Uncle Liu Huang! Do you want to kill me? I’m on your side!” The player who started to remind Uncle Liu was shocked and hurriedly shouted at Uncle Liu.

However, Liang Chen’s relentless punch was greeted him.

There was a “bang”.

The player’s head instantly turned into a popped watermelon, and then turned into white light and resurrected.

Liang Chen didn’t even look at the player, and went straight to Liu Huangshu’s side, and then said, “Big Brother, that thief has already been killed.”

Liu Huangchen nodded, and then looked towards Liang Chen Wenwen said earnestly: “Two virtuous brothers, let’s go and meet General Hussein. He is the god of war in our Great Han Empire.”

Liangchen Wenwen and the two looked at each other. Then he nodded with a heavy face.

Apparently, they are still doing what the player who was killed just now said.

The hussar general of the Han Empire, Ye Chen, wants to kill their eldest brother who is about to worship.

When Uncle Liu Huang saw this, he hurriedly winked at the two of them.

He wants to tell Liangchen Wenwen, don’t be so nervous.

Although Yan Liangwenwen is a military commander, he is not stupid. He immediately realized what Liu Huangshu meant, and then followed Liu Huangshu to Ye Chenxing.

A Ye Chen approached, and Liu Huangshu bowed respectfully and worshiped:

“Youzhou, Uncle Liu, Xuande Liu, pay homage to General Hussein.”

“Liang Chen (text), meet General Hussar! “Liangchen Wenwen followed and bowed in prayer at this time.

When Ye Chen saw this, his brows frowned.

What an uncle Liu, what a big-eared thief, really treacherous enough. Sure enough, it was insidious.

Liu Huangshu asked Liangchen to kill the player who reminded him. It was enough to prove Liu Huangshu’s insidiousness.

And now, Liu Huangshu knew that Ye Chen was going to kill him, so he ran over. A humble face of courtesy is enough to prove his treacherousness.

All this is to prove to Ye Chen that his uncle Liu does not believe that Ye Chen will kill him.

Of course, this is just him. One of his purposes.

His posture is extremely low, his face is respectful, he does not see panic, anger, and some are just respectful, humble, and worship.

He is telling Ye Chen, he is just a small person, and a small person who admires Ye Chen extremely.

He is not worthy of Ye Chen’s killing, and Ye Chen shouldn’t kill anyone who worships Ye Chen.

He wanted to dispel Ye Chen’s murderous intent.

To put it simply, the player reminded that Uncle Liu Huang determined the authenticity in an instant, and then made a countermeasure.

He also did this for everyone to see. His Uncle Liu Huang is not a big evil person and should not be killed.

If the Hussar General Ye Chen would kill him like Liu Huangshu, it would inevitably be stigmatized by people, which would have a great impact on reputation.

Of course, Liu Huangshu still has a little thought in his heart, that is Liangchen Wenwen, the two brothers he is about to marry are both first-class historical military commanders.

As for the overlord, no one does not want such a subordinate.

Ye Chen is obviously the overlord in the eyes of Uncle Liu.

As long as Ye Chen wants to collect Liangchen Wenwen, he has to consider letting him go, Liu Huangshu, otherwise how could Liangchen Wenwen choose to follow Ye Chen.

This is what Liu Huangshu thought in his heart.

Unfortunately, all of this was clearly seen by Ye Chen.

No matter how uncle Liu Huang played tricks, he couldn’t dispel Ye Chen’s idea of ​​killing Uncle Liu.

Seeing that Ye Chen didn’t answer, “Master Zhou Mu” Liu Huangshu couldn’t help but looked at Ye Chen cautiously, and bowed again.

When Ye Chen heard this, his eyebrows raised involuntarily, he glanced at Liangchen Wenwen, then looked at Uncle Liu, and asked:

“I heard that you claim to be Zhongshan Queen Jing?”

After seeing Ye Chen pay attention to Yan Liangwenwen, Uncle Liu was overjoyed. After hearing what Ye Chen said, he was even more ecstatic and hurriedly bowed in prayer:

“Enlighten General Huqi to be the Queen of Zhongshan Jing.”

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Chapter 345: The Treacherous and Insidious Big Eared Thief – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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