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Chapter 355: The Fearful Wang Xiaoming – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 355: The Fearful Wang Xiaoming

After Ye Chen finished speaking, he rushed towards the West Gate of Zhuo County, very fast.

Especially after Ye Chen left the crowd, the speed increased sharply, and a few ups and downs rushed out of the West City Gate.

Then rushed towards the northwest.

Because that direction is the direction from which Wang Xiaoming fled.

Wang Xiaoming has blood nerves and knows how to escape from blood. Ye Chen is born again, how could he not know this.

When Ye Chen locked Wang Xiaoming, his divine consciousness had been fully deployed, covering a radius of ninety miles.

Although Wang Xiaoming suddenly ran ten miles away, he was still within Ye Chen’s perception.

So, Ye Chen didn’t care when he saw Wang Xiaoming escape with blood escape.

Because, no matter how Wang Xiaoming escapes, don’t even want to escape Ye Chen’s perception.

As for Ye Chen, Wang Xiaoming must be killed for a simple reason.

He is a blood demon who specializes in hunting humans and cultivating blood nerves.

In his previous life, Wang Xiaoming set off a boundless sea of ​​blood in order to become stronger. In reality, as many as 30 million humans died in his hands.

Whether it is for the Human Race or Ye Chen himself, Wang Xiaoming cannot stay.

If you don’t kill him, 100% of the human race in the real world will drop sharply, and this time will be less than one month.

As far as Ye Chen is concerned, there is nothing to worry about, because they are all in the novice zone.

However, if Wang Xiaoming is allowed to develop, then Ye Chen’s Samsara City will be attacked by Wang Xiaoming sooner or later.

Ye Chen is sure of this, because the city where Wang Xiaoming is located is not far from the city where Ye Chen is located.

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In the previous life, in the city where Ye Chen was located, half of the people were practiced to death by this Wang Xiaoming.

The blood is drained, the soul is plundered, and there is no way to survive forever.

At that time, if it were not for the sudden large-scale attack by the monsters, the city where Ye Chen was located, except for a handful of people, would have been beaten to death by Wang Xiaoming, and no one would want to live.

At this moment, the city of Reincarnation in reality is not guarded by soldiers, so there is no need to worry about Wang Xiaoming. Wang Xiaoming will be killed by Ye Chen when he comes, and even Yanhu who becomes a fairy beast can be Easily abused Wang Xiaoming.

But, this is now.

When the players of the human race and the monster race start to soar into the wilderness, Ye Chen will definitely send troops to guard the city of reincarnation.

Because at that time, the fighting between the human race and the demon race was not the way it is now. When you come and go, people give the demon a shot, and the demon gives people a claw attack.

At that time, the way of fighting has become, spells bombardment, fairy weapons, magical weapons indiscriminately shooting, and even acquired spirit treasures, congenital spirit treasures smashing indiscriminately, a variety of attack methods, and the power compared to the present It is even more earth-shaking changes.

So, in the real world, Ye Chen will definitely send troops to guard.

In the real world, once soldiers guarded the city of Reincarnation, Wang Xiaoming, who had figured out Ye Chen’s thoughts early in the morning, would find a chance to attack the city of Reincarnation in reality 100% after his strength became stronger.

If Ye Chen happens to be in the real world, it’s okay. If Ye Chen is in the game world and fails to come out in time, the soldiers of Reincarnation City who stay in the real world will definitely suffer heavy casualties.

Ye Chen is very clear about the power of the blood nerve, and he has seen it with his own eyes, it is impossible for ordinary soldiers to be Wang Xiaoming’s opponent.

Therefore, if Ye Chen wants to kill Wang Xiaoming 100%, it is absolutely impossible for him to continue to develop.

It is ten miles northwest of Zhuo County.

“Cough cough, cough cough” Wang Xiaoming clutched his heart, coughing violently, and his mouthfuls of blood were sprayed out by him.

At this moment, Wang Xiaoming’s face is pale, with cold sweats, but what is strange is that there is no blood flowing outside on the left leg where he disappeared.

In fact, this is the characteristic of blood nerves, manipulating blood.

Wang Xiaoming glanced at the attribute panel. When he saw that his level had become 86 and his force value had become 86, a blood-red surface instantly appeared on his pale face, and then he looked at Zhuojun’s man with all his eyes. Direction, roared angrily:

“Ye Chen! I want you to die! I will definitely want you to die! I will snatch everything you have, and I will kill all of your subordinates, and leave no one behind. !”

Wang Xiaoming hated him very much at this moment. If it weren’t for Ye Chen, he wouldn’t have to escape at all, and he was forced to use the blood escape technique to escape.

For this, he paid the price of losing level five and having a left leg.

But he had to run, he didn’t dare to be prodded by the Gunslinger.

Because the people who were stabbed to death by the Gunslinger may die in reality.

He didn’t dare to bet on that elusive hope, so he used the technique of blood escape.

Otherwise, he may completely hang up, regardless of the game or reality.

However, for Wang Xiaoming, the cost of the blood escape technique is actually higher than normal death because he lost his left leg.

Going to fight monsters to upgrade later, the difficulty will naturally become a lot more.

He has blood nerves, but he can’t use many of the blood nerves” abilities now, because the realm has not been reached.

Unless he commits suicide and then resurrects, his left leg will grow back.

However, in that case, he will drop ten levels again.

It is for these reasons that Wang Xiaoming hates Ye Chen so much.

It was Ye Chen who turned him into a weak again. It was Ye Chen who made him feel embarrassed. It was Ye Chen who disrupted his overall plan.

He hated Ye Chen, to the extreme.

Glancing bitterly at Zhuojun’s direction, Wang Xiaoming was about to turn his head. Just then, his pupils shrank suddenly, and then he shouted in disbelief and horror:

“How is it possible! How could he know where I am! So fast!”

I saw Wang Xiaoming’s most hated Ye Chen, suddenly jumped from the top of a big tree, and then went straight to him Jumped over.

Here, it is ten miles away from Zhuojun.

Wang Xiaoming only delayed his work for a while, but at that moment, Ye Chen not only found Wang Xiaoming with great accuracy, but also directly chased him here.

All this completely exceeded Wang Xiaoming’s expectations.

He couldn’t figure out how Ye Chen discovered his location, and at that speed, Nima was about to become abnormal.

In fact, when in Taoyuan, if Ye Chen didn’t want to harm players casually, Wang Xiaoming couldn’t even get out of the gate of Zhuojun.

Because Ye Chen’s body at this moment is extremely abnormal, and his strength is so powerful that it is invincible in the world.

If Ye Chen pursues with all his strength, those who are stepped on by Ye Chen will die 100%.

Wang Xiaoming glanced at Ye Chen who was still in mid-air with full of horror. Without thinking about it, he turned his head and ran.

To be precise, he used his only right leg to jump into the distance.

After jumping twice, Wang Xiaoming suddenly returned to his senses and hurriedly used the technique of blood escape.

In the next second, blood flashed.

There was a “bang”.

Wang Xiaoming’s left arm instantly exploded into blood mist, and then enveloped him.

There was a loud “bang”.

Ye Chen landed, and at this moment, Wang Xiaoming turned into a bloody light and disappeared.

Ye Chen glanced to the southeast, smiled coldly, and ran after him.

Southeast, five miles away.

Blood suddenly appeared, and Wang Xiaoming, who was missing an arm and a leg, suddenly appeared here.

His face was as pale as a ghost, and his whole body was shaking.

However, he did not dare to continue to delay, he didn’t even look at it, and he jumped into the distance with his only right leg.

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Chapter 355: The Fearful Wang Xiaoming – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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