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Chapter 357: Despair

Wang Xiaoming roared sharply, and did not hesitate to use the technique of blood escape.

At this moment, Wang Xiaoming has lost his limbs, and if he uses the technique of blood escape, he will definitely die.

For Wang Xiaoming, he would rather commit suicide than be shot to death by Ye Chen.

With a sound of “bang”, Wang Xiaoming’s mutilated body instantly exploded into blood mist.

Then it turned into a ball of white light, disappearing without a trace.

The shaking arrow also descended at this moment, and then stood still.

In the next second, the sky shaking arrow turned directly, then turned into a meteor, and passed away in a flash.

The direction that the shaking arrow flies is Zhuojun.

Zhuojun, the resurrection point.

Two sky-shaking arrows are suspended in the air. Without exception, the arrows are all aimed at the resurrection point.

The players in the distance looked at the sky-shaking arrows floating in the air, all stunned.

“What is this? How can it be suspended in the air without falling down?”

“It’s so magical, isn’t it a magic weapon? Otherwise, how can it be? Suspended there.”

“A magic weapon, these are the two arrows of the bow and arrow that Ye Chen’s newly obtained. No one knows what they are called, but they must be fairy artifacts, or even artifacts.”

“Fuck, this is the bow and arrow that those idiots said on the World Channel? This Nima, there are such awesome equipment in the game?”

“There must be, this is not in front of your eyes. What’s so special, Ye Chen is so awesome, he can get such a perverted equipment, and no one would dare to provoke Ye Chen now. Up.”

“There is no one else here, so why not take it away?”

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“Grab a fart. Someone had the idea of ​​hitting these two arrows. As soon as they hit one of the arrows, their hands were blown up. They just resurrected the tenth level. It’s unlucky enough to blow up.”

“That’s what it deserves. He is not greedy, and he won’t be like this.”

The players at the resurrection point looked at the two sky-shaking arrows floating in the sky. Discussing, at this moment, the resurrection point suddenly lit up.

“Hahaha, another unfortunately died.”

“I am inexplicably happy to see someone resurrected, Nima, finally some people are unlucky with them.”

The light of the resurrection dissipated. Wang Xiaoming opened his eyes and took a fierce look at the gloating players around him. Then he thought about it and he was ready to go offline.

He has decided. Okay, don’t run away, go directly off the line, and then go to the real world to kill and kill.

He wants to use real people to cultivate blood nerves.

Of course, it is also dangerous in reality. Once someone discovers his secret, he will inevitably be hunted down by everyone.

However, even if someone discovers his secret and is chased by someone, it is much safer than facing Ye Chen.

Because Ye Chen is too volatile, it is a bit outrageous.

Of course, Wang Xiaoming has fully affirmed Ye Chen’s strength at this moment, and he is 100% out of the world.

It’s not surprising that others don’t know the realm of cultivation in the game world.

At the beginning of the game, how could people who have watched Pangu Kaitian and obtained innate skills not know.

Wang Xiaoming has watched Pangu Kaitian, his blood nerve is the innate technique, so he knows this, it is not surprising.

And this is where Wang Xiaoming is puzzled.

Ye Chen’s strength is clearly in the Transcendence Realm, but the World Announcement has not hinted at all.

Although Wang Xiaoming didn’t understand, Wang Xiaoming knew a little.

Ye Chen was not caused by him now, so he wanted to return to reality to practice.

As long as he is given a chance, once he becomes an imperial general, or even an emperor general, he does not need to be afraid of those who have also obtained innate skills in the safe city he is in.

He wants to use the blood and soul of people in reality, and work hard to cultivate blood nerves until he reaches the stage of Transcendence, and then goes online.

In that way, Ye Chen will send more soldiers, and don’t even want to catch him.

Because once he enters the Transcendence Realm, he can use many spells, except for Ye Chen, he doesn’t think anyone can resist his attack.

Unless Ye Chen is ruthless, staying at the resurrection point 24 hours a day.

But this situation is impossible at all, because Ye Chen will definitely fight for the world.

Once he enters the Transcendence Realm and is back online, he can continue to reap the benefits in the game, frantically.

Then the game is carried out simultaneously in reality, and the strength is increased crazily. As long as he is strong enough, he can find Ye Chen to avenge his hatred.

This is Wang Xiaoming’s plan. He thinks very well and is very decisive.

However, at the moment when Wang Xiaoming is about to go offline.

One of the two sky-shaking arrows floating outside the resurrection point suddenly flashed light and instantly appeared in front of Wang Xiaoming.

“Puff” came.

The shaking arrow passed through Wang Xiaoming’s head in an instant.

There was a “bang”.

Wang Xiaoming’s head instantly exploded into pieces in the sky.

Red, white, and splashing resurrection points are everywhere.

When Wang Xiaoming’s shaking arrow was shot to death, the light flashed, and then disappeared.

One second, two seconds, three seconds.

Wang Xiaoming, who was hung up in an instant, has not been resurrected yet, and his soul is staying in a special space with a dazed expression on his face.

Is he, am I offline? What’s the matter with him? Why did he die all of a sudden?

Someone seems to shoot me with a bow and arrow.

Ye Chen! It must be Ye Chen!

Ye Chen saw that I wanted to go offline.

Thinking of this, Wang Xiaoming’s soul trembled involuntarily.

He didn’t expect that Ye Chen not only saw his plan, but also made arrangements to prevent him from going offline. 7

At this moment, within the resurrection point, Wang Xiaoming’s body flashed white light, and then disappeared.

It’s time for Wang Xiaoming to die and he will be resurrected automatically.

One second later, the light of resurrection appeared again.

When the light dissipated, Wang Xiaoming didn’t even think about it, so he chose to go offline.

However, at this moment, the second sky-shaking arrow came in a flash.

“Puff” came.

Wang Xiaoming’s head was shot again by Shaking Arrow, and then he died.

At the moment when Wang Xiaoming died, the second sky-shaking arrow flashed with light, and then disappeared.

Outside Zhuojun city, the Shaking Arrow suddenly appeared next to Ye Chen who was rushing over.

When Ye Chen saw this, the corner of his mouth curled up, he drew a bow and an arrow, and then shot towards Zhuojun.


The shocking arrow instantly leaves the string, and then turns into a stream of light and flashes away.

In Zhuojun city, the resurrection point.

The light of resurrection appeared again. When the light dissipated, Wang Xiaoming hurriedly chose to go offline.

There was a sound of “hum”.

The third sky-shaking arrow came instantaneously, and then an arrow passed through Wang Xiaoming’s head.

Wang Xiaoming hangs up again.

In the next second, Wang Xiaoming in the resurrection point resurrected again, and then opened his eyes.

However, the anticipation in his eyes disappeared instantly, and then they opened sharply, and his pupils shrank and shrank again at this time.

Because he saw the Sky Shocking Arrow again, and it was there in no time.

Originally, he thought that there would be no more shaking arrows to attack him, because there were only three shaking arrows in total.

The result of Ke Te Ma was that he was resurrected for the fourth time, and the Sky Shocking Arrow arrived again.

Obviously, Zhentian Arrow returned directly to Ye Chen, and was shot by Ye Chen to Zhuo County.

“Ye Chen!” A terrible roar, instantly came from Wang Xiaoming’s mouth.

“Puff” came.

The shaking arrow shot through Wang Xiaoming’s head again. Wang Xiaoming died instantly, and his voice stopped abruptly.

Wang Xiaoming, in the state of soul, did not choose to resurrect, because he began to fear, and then despair, intense despair.

He hates Ye Chen, but he can’t hate it anymore, only fear and despair are left.

Ye Chen is too shrewd, and he has calculated his ideas accurately.

Ye Chen was too ruthless, and he didn’t leave him the slightest way to survive.


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