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Chapter 367: The Beauty League Arrives – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 367: The Beauty League Arrives

Glancing at the millions of recruits who were quiet down the stage, Ye Chen’s expression was solemn, and then he shouted:

“During the Golden Turban rebellion, the Great Han was invaded by the monster clan. Countless common people’s wives are scattered, their families are broken and people die.

The alive, lingering, precarious, fearful of fear.

The dead, there is no corpse, and the soul has become a wandering ghost. There will be no one to worship, no one to mourn.”

You and others are all Han people. Perhaps they have encountered misfortune, perhaps they will soon encounter misfortune!”

Ye Chen said here, his eyes opened sharply, and then he continued to shout:

“You and others are willing to continue to be ravaged by the golden towel, robbed of food, robbed of money, and even be trapped. Join the Golden Turban and kill the Han people?”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, the millions of reincarnation city recruits, with Ye Chen’s words, became heavier and heavier, and their depressed heart broke out in an instant.

“No willing! Not willing! Not willing!”

Millions of new recruits roared wildly, and the sound shook the sky.

No one wants their family members to be persecuted, no one wants everything to be robbed of the golden scarf, and no one wants Die.

When Ye Chen saw this, he opened his mouth again and shouted:

“Will you wait for his family to be killed and devoured by the monster clan. After death, even the corpse will not be able to keep a trace of it!”

“No! No! No! No!”

Millions of recruits, madly angry, roaring and shouting loudly.

No one wants to be swallowed by the demons, and even less willing to be swallowed by the demons.

Compared with the Golden Turban, the Yaozu is more angry and hateful.

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As a result of encountering the monster clan, there was basically only one, and it was devoured. After death, the corpse could not be retained even a trace.

Seeing this, Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, and then shouted:

“For the human race, for the family, you are willing to fight the golden towel, and the monster race!”

“Wish! Wish! Wish!”

Millions of recruits, fighting spirit wildly, shouted loudly.

Ye Chen saw this, his eyes opened sharply, and then he shouted:

“Very good, training day one day, tomorrow will be the day of the expedition, to level the world’s golden scarves, and kill all the demons in the world.”

“Yes! Lord!” Millions of recruits knelt on one knee together, and then shouted.

Ye Chen nodded, then looked at Guan Er, Zhang San, and Zhang Yun, and shouted:

“Yun Chang, Yi De, and Jun Yi, each select one hundred thousand soldiers and step up training. Don’t slack off!”

“Yes! Lord!” Guan Er, Zhang San, and Zhang Xi, his expressions suddenly sullen when he heard this, and then all bowed, clasped their fists, and shouted.

Ye Chen nodded, then looked at Zhao Yunzheng, Dianxiong, Gao Shun, and shouted:

“Yunzheng, Dianxiong, Gao Shun, the rest of the recruits will be trained by you.”

“Yes! Lord!” Zhao Yunzheng, Dianxiong, and Gao Shun, upon hearing this, nodded heavily, then bowed and clasped his fists and responded loudly.

Ye Chen glanced at some of his men, nodded, and then turned and left the school.

Guo Yi, Xun Qing, Chen Qun, followed closely behind and left the school.

Zhuojun, Main Street.

The players looked in the direction of the school field with shocked faces.

There, millions of people are uniform, and the roar that shakes the world and the earth is heard again and again.

What they didn’t expect was that the roar of millions of recruits contained endless anger and endless fighting spirit!

The thoughts shocked people’s hearts and pointed to the soul.

“How many people are shouting this? Their fighting spirit is so high”

“It should be a million people, I remember the boss Ye Chen got it in the mission of the three knots in Taoyuan Ten yuan-level recruiting order”

“This is the difference between Boss Ye Chen and others. Other soldiers do not have such a high fighting spirit, nor do they have such a high fighting spirit.”

“No wonder the boss Ye Chen is so strong. With such a pawn, what else can’t be won”

“You think too much, the boss Ye Chen is so strong, not just because of the pawn, but Ye Chen The boss himself was too awesome, and brought out a group of awesome soldiers”

“Fortunately, the boss of Ye Chen didn’t drive us away. I was so lucky to be able to follow the boss of Ye Chen.”

“That is, it is safe to follow Boss Ye Chen, and Boss Ye Chen will not snatch us from killing monsters at all. Unlike other lords who see things, they just act like hungry wolves.

“That’s for sure, otherwise why would I choose to follow Ye Chen’s boss.”

“Pay attention to him, when you start to kill the golden scarves and the monsters, look at the equipment and techniques on the ground, don’t be jealous, he, who dares to make bad ideas? The enemy of all of us!”

“Yes, that’s right! Who dares to make a bad idea, let’s kill him together!”

Players in Zhuo County, you are discussing with each other.

At this moment, many of the players know Ye Chen’s way of doing things.

As long as you don’t provoke Ye Chen, you can say anything. If you dare to provoke Ye Chen, you will kill it 100%.

It is precisely because of this that the players in Zhuo County start Pay attention to this.

However, even if they plan to mix with Ye Chen, no one can guarantee that no one is jealous, and no one starts to snatch Ye Chen’s exploded items.

Because they are also players, they also know the despicable human nature, and they have seen a lot of such situations.

Some good things have been revealed, and there will always be someone who will grab them directly.

So, they issued a warning, the purpose is to not make others anger Ye Chen.

Otherwise, no one would want to follow Ye Chen.

At this moment, a group of A team composed entirely of women appeared in Zhuo County.

They were led by an imperial sister and went straight to the city lord’s mansion. At a glance, the number of them was no less than 10,000.

Sister Yu was surrounded by a loli, a model, and a girl who looked like a school girl.

The appearance of this group of female players instantly attracted the players” attention.

“Fuck, what’s going on, how come there are so many women? It seems that they are still a power”

“The League of Beauty, it must be the League of Beauty, which is the building of Beauty Town Those women!”

“No, aren’t they in Yangzhou? How come to Youzhou?”

“Who knows this so-so, are they here to follow?”

“Ye Chen’s boss?”

“Really, these women are so scheming, they use beauties!”

“Hey, no way, they are women, this is Natural advantages”

“Rely, it’s irrational”

When the players discussed, Ye Chen brought Guo Yi, Xun Qing, Chen Qun, and the Samsara Legion towards the City Lord’s Mansion. Go.

Along the way, the players took the initiative to avoid, and when Ye Chen walked to the corner of the street where the City Lord’s Mansion was located, a clear cry came in an instant.

“Ye Chen”

Ye Chen was stunned when he heard the familiar but unfamiliar shouts.


The ten commanders of the Samsara Legion, all of them pulled out the long swords from their waists, and moved in front of Ye Chen, looking vigilantly from the opposite side. A group of women walking down the street.

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Chapter 367: The Beauty League Arrives – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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