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Chapter 368: Li Mengyao

The Samsara Legion is Ye Chen’s bodyguards. Any existence that is dangerous to Ye Chen will be cautious.

Even if the group of people who popped up suddenly were all women, no one had let their guard down.

With a faint killing intent and an extremely tyrannical aura, instantly rushed to the group of women walking across the street.

The killing intent is not strong because the group of women on the opposite side has not yet shown hostility, otherwise, the Samsara Legion will attack 100% directly.

At this moment, Ye Chen returned to his senses, and then looked at the crowd across the street.

Hu Xiaoyue’s familiar but unfamiliar face instantly entered Ye Chen’s eyes.

The moment he saw Hu Xiaoyue, Ye Chen sighed secretly.

Sure enough, it was her.

For this former classmate, Ye Chen didn’t have any waves in his heart.

Although she is very beautiful and has a great body, to Ye Chen, Hu Xiaoyue is just a passerby.

Before the meteor fell, Hu Xiaoyue was the son of heaven. Although his family was not prominent, it was not something that Ye Chen could reach.

Because Ye Chen is an orphan, no one can rely on. He can only rely on himself to live humble but proud.

At that time, the communication between Ye Chen and Hu Xiaoyue was almost zero.

To put it simply, Ye Chen and Hu Xiaoyue are people who live in two worlds.

After the meteor fell, Ye Chen and Hu Xiaoyue were still people in two worlds.

It’s just that the position has been reversed, and then the gap is getting bigger and bigger.

Because Ye Chen, after the meteor fell, relying on the memory of his previous life, led everywhere, and soon became the number one person in the human race. His power and strength quickly became stronger and stronger.

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By now, Ye Chen is strong enough that everyone needs to look up.

Whether it is financial, strength, or influence, Ye Chen is the top existence of the human race, and he is the only one.

But Hu Xiaoyue, after the meteor fell, was surrounded by dangers several times. If it hadn’t happened to meet Ye Chen, Hu Xiaoyue would have died in Huangquan a long time ago.

When it comes to the back, it is even more unknown and has no achievements.

However, even so, the exchanges between Ye Chen and Hu Xiaoyue are still the same as before, with no more than a few sentences before and after, and they have not even seen each other afterwards.

Even if Ye Chen knew that Hu Xiaoyue was in a safe zone in the same city, Ye Chen never thought of looking for Hu Xiaoyue.

As for the reason, it’s very simple. Ye Chen has no special feelings for Hu Xiaoyue. They didn’t have any before, and they don’t have it now.

It’s just that Hu Xiaoyue is a classmate of Ye Chen, which is a constant fact.

Glancing at Hu Xiaoyue, Ye Chen immediately looked at the women next to Hu Xiaoyue.

In the next second, Ye Chen frowned.

Because Ye Chen recognized the identity of the group of women across the street.

It is the beauty league in the same city as Ye Chen.

At this moment, at the time of the Golden Turban rebellion and the invasion of the monster clan, the Beauty League ran to Youzhou not far away and appeared in Zhuo County.

The fact is already obvious, they came with a certain purpose.

Before, the Beauty League always congratulated Ye Chen every time after Ye Chen made a world announcement, and invited Ye Chen to be a guest in Beauty Town.

After arriving, the Beauty League even plans to use Ye Chen’s momentum to develop the Beauty League.

Unfortunately, it was eventually broken by Ye Chen’s sentence “Do not form an alliance with anyone.”

It stands to reason that the Beauty League shouldn’t be here, nor will it specifically come to Ye Chen, because Ye Chen has already expressed his opinion.

But the fact is the opposite. They came, and they were tens of thousands of people.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen was silent for a moment, and then said: “Get out!”

“Yes! Lord!” The ten commanders turned around and bowed before hearing this. Dao, and then returned to the ranks of the Samsara Legion.

Across the street, Beauty League.

“I was scared to death. Are those people Ye Youzhou’s guards just now? Very powerful, stronger than Yaoyao’s aura.” Little Lolita saw that the commanders of the Samsara Legion returned to Samsara. After the legion, he breathed a sigh of relief, and then said in shock.

“Mengmeng, don’t talk too much for a while. Ye Chen is different from ordinary people. If you anger him, he will do it without hesitation. No matter who it is, he will not show mercy.” Beauty The leader of the alliance, Li Mengyao, heard this and hurriedly looked at Little Lolita, and whispered.

“Sister Yaoyao, I promise you won’t talk nonsense.” Little Lolita shuddered abruptly when she heard this, and then nodded heavily.

Li Mengyao nodded, then looked at Hu Xiaoyue, who looked complicated, and was silent for a moment before she said:

“Xiaoyue, I know you are embarrassed, but the beauty league has been We’re in desperation. If we don’t get his help, we will be robbed of everything in the game by others.

In that way, in reality, we will also lose everything. At that time, the sisters of the Beauty League, I am afraid that there will be no more people to live. If you simply die and become a hundred, you are afraid that then, the sisters will become other people’s sex slaves. Do you understand?” “Sister Yaoyao” Hu Xiaoyue’s expression suddenly changed when she heard this, and then she shouted.

“Xiaoyue, we are not here to pray for help. Just remember this.” Li Mengyao took a deep breath, and after a long spit, he said in a deep voice.

“Yeah” Hu Xiaoyue heard this and suddenly recovered a little calm, then nodded and said.

Meirenmeng is a street away from Ye Chen, but their conversation was still heard by Ye Chen.

Isn’t asking for help?

Is it going to make a deal with me?

I want to make a deal with me, but I even brought Hu Xiaoyue over. Do you want to increase your bargaining chips?

It’s interesting

Thinking of this, Ye Chen looked at Guo Yi, Xun Qing, and Chen Qun, and said, “You go back to the house first.”

Guo Yi, Xun Qing, and Chen Qun glanced at each other, and then all bowed and said, “Yes! Lord!”

Ye Chen nodded, and then turned to the beauty league. He beckoned and motioned for them to come.

When Li Mengyao saw this, a hint of helplessness flashed across her face, as well as a slight anger.

Because Ye Chen’s actions were very rude, he looked like he was treating the next person.

Although her heart was upset, Li Mengyao instantly hid the upset in her heart without a trace, and then walked towards Ye Chen with Hu Xiaoyue and Little Lolita.

Ye Chen has been observing Li Mengyao after beckoning his hand, far away, but Ye Chen is already in the Transcendence Realm. It is not too simple to see Li Mengyao’s expression clearly.

After seeing Li Mengyao’s fleeting helplessness and anger, Ye Chen couldn’t help but curl up.

Strong self-esteem, and at the same time knowing the time and situation.

Unfortunately, I can’t fully conceal my happiness and anger if I can’t practice at home.

A woman who has a scheming, a scheming, and an ambition.>

Unfortunately, without the heart of a strong one, you cannot become a strong one after all.

As for the overlord of one party, it is even more difficult to reach

Ye Chen thought of this, and then looked at Li Mengyao and Hu Xiaoyue who came to the front There was also little Lolita, who took a look at the three of them, and then put her eyes on Li Mengyao.

When Li Mengyao saw Ye Chen’s domineering and aggressive gaze, her heart suddenly beat.

Working hard to stabilize the beating heart, Li Mengyao followed the appearance of the ancients, and bowed to Ye Chen with a “respectful” look:

“Li Mengyao, see Master Zhou Mu !”

“Wang Mengmeng, Hu Xiaoyue, see Master Zhou Mu!” Hu Xiaoyue and Little Lolita also bowed and worshiped at this time.


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