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Chapter 37: Sanctuary

As soon as Ye Chen talked to the ground, Li Mengyao’s eyes lit up.

She didn’t expect at all that things would turn around now, Ye Chen not only agreed, but also didn’t want any reward.

Obviously, Hu Xiaoyue’s emotional card has worked.

But Hu Xiaoyue was taken aback.

In her opinion, Ye Chen is unlikely to agree to help the Beauty League, nor is it possible to change her mind because of her.

Even if she and Ye Chen are classmates, it is impossible.

Because Ye Chen’s attitude towards everyone in the outside world has always been like that, domineering and ruthless.

No matter who it is, Ye Chen will ignore it, and will not make changes because of anyone.

Just like when Regiment Leader Hu wanted to target Ye Chen, if it were not stopped halfway, Ye Chen would directly kill Regiment Hu 100%.

Hu Xiaoyue remembers this very clearly.

She helped Ye Chen, but Ye Chen also rescued her three times.

To say that she owes Ye Chen, not Ye Chen owes her.

So, in Hu Xiaoyue’s view, Ye Chen will not change anything because of her.

And now, Ye Chen really wanted to help the Beauty League without any compensation, which was beyond her expectation.

Could it be that

Hu Xiaoyue suddenly thought of something, her face blushed involuntarily.

When Ye Chen saw the strange appearance on Hu Xiaoyue’s face, Ye Chen frowned, and then said:

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“After this incident, the love of the Beauty League to you can be settled , To be precise, the Beauty League still owes you great kindness, and the relationship between my classmates and your classmates ends here.”

Hu Xiaoyue, who was in a state of guesswork, was taken aback when she heard this. Then his face suddenly turned pale with “huh”.

Ye Chen’s meaning is already obvious.

Ye Chen used this help to help her repay the life-saving grace of the Beauty League, and the price was that Ye Chen would no longer admit to her classmate relationship with her in the future.

Even if you meet her again, you will only treat her as a stranger.

So, don’t use any classmate relationship in the future, come to Ye Chen, because Ye Chen will not talk to her again.

At this moment, Hu Xiaoyue suddenly felt that something most precious was missing in her heart.

That feeling made her heartache so much that she couldn’t breathe.

In fact, Hu Xiaoyue herself did not know what she felt about Ye Chen.

However, it is undeniable that Hu Xiaoyue at this moment is heartbroken.

After “Ye Chen” Hu Xiaoyue recovered, she hurriedly shouted.

“Xiaoyue!” Li Mengyao hurriedly took Hu Xiaoyue’s arm at this time, beckoning her not to continue.

She didn’t want Hu Xiaoyue to change her mind, otherwise, Ye Chen would give up 100% of helping the Beauty League.

In that way, the beauty league is really over.

Especially in the real world, once the protective cover of a safe city is broken and the beauty league cannot develop quickly, they will inevitably die.

If you don’t want to die, you can only be swallowed up and become a sex slave to others.

You may be taken up, trampled, trampled, and trampled anytime and anywhere.

Li Mengyao didn’t want to live the kind of dim and sunless life, it was too painful for her.

Of course, she didn’t want to die either.

So, Li Mengyao did not hesitate to stop Hu Xiaoyue from continuing.

Hu Xiaoyue’s face was full of anxiety and embarrassment, and then she fell silent in the eyes of Li Mengyao’s begging.

Because the Beauty League is indeed kind to her, not the Beauty League, she had long been picked up by the Bullboy and died.

Ye Chen glanced at Hu Xiaoyue, then looked at Li Mengyao, and said:

“If you want to live, don’t want to be ruined, and use some tricks, there is nothing wrong with it. I understand that. It’s human nature.

However, this does not mean that your means, your scheming, can definitely help you achieve your goals.

In the real world, if you want to live, live well, The ultimate reliance is on himself.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, Li Mengyao’s expression suddenly changed.

Because Ye Chen’s words were very simple and rude, he told her directly that her scheming and her plan were all seen through by Ye Chen.

After regaining consciousness, Li Mengyao was silent for a moment, and then solemnly bowed to Ye Chen and said:

“Master Zhou Mu is willing to help the Beauty League, Mengyao regardless of the predecessors. Always remember, Mengyao swears that she will repay Master Zhou Mu’s kindness in the future, and the heavens can learn from it!”

Li Mengyao said sonorously and powerfully. After speaking, the temperament of the whole person changed in an instant.

Without coquettish and charming, there is more firmness, without weakness, and more unyielding.

Looking at Li Mengyao whose aura was completely changed, Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

This is her original temperament, right?

If it weren’t for the troubles of the Beauty League, I’m afraid she would not show a soft, charming and charming side.

Think of this. Ye Chen shook his head, and then said:

“No, you do your best to develop the beauty league, take those who follow you, and live well. This is what you have to do.”

When Li Mengyao heard this, a deep sense of loss suddenly flashed in her heart.

She didn’t expect that Ye Chen would not even want her to repay her.

She really wanted to repay Ye Chen, but Ye Chen just didn’t want her to repay, which made her feel a little unacceptable.

However, Li Mengyao felt weak when he thought that Ye Chen at this moment was so strong that all players needed to look up.

Ye Chen is No. 1 in the Human Race regardless of strength or power, and she is really not bad for her reward.

Thinking of this, Li Mengyao’s expression suddenly darkened, and then he bowed and said, “Yes! Master Zhou Mu!”

Ye Chen glanced at Li Mengyao, and then asked:

“Who is going to attack Beauty Town?”

For Ye Chen, helping Beauty Town is also easy.

After all, Ye Chen wants to brush all the golden scarves and monsters in the Han area, and Yangzhou will definitely go there.

Of course, Ye Chen is not a bad guy. Even if he helped the Beauty League, he would not accept any of them.

Because people in the real world are fickle, thank you today, and maybe you will be shot tomorrow.

As long as there are opportunities to take advantage of, as long as the benefits are shocking, all conspiracies and tricks may follow.

And Ye Chen, for all human players, is undoubtedly a huge golden mountain, and what is special is Zijin.

Killing Ye Chen and controlling Ye Chen can get huge benefits.

Therefore, Ye Chen never thought about changing the decision. In Reincarnation City, whether it is in reality or in games, 100% will not accept anyone.

Even the Beauty League is no exception, even if the beauty of the Beauty League is like a cloud, Ye Chen would not look down on it.

There are many beauties in the game world, and the super-first-class beauties are not comparable to the beauties of the Beauty League.

Therefore, the Beauty League is not attractive to Ye Chen at all.

Li Mengyao heard Ye Chen’s question, her face that was originally calm, suddenly became resentful, and then gritted her teeth and said:

“It’s the clutter of the sanctuary!”

Ye Chen was stunned when he heard this.

However, I didn’t expect that it was the temple forces that wanted to fight the beauty league.

The temple is indeed a huge group of forces, with more than one million players and hundreds of thousands of its territory.

Of course, the most powerful of these is Temple Town.

In the previous life, the power of the temple was officially launched after the Dong Da Rebellion started.

It was also at that time that the players knew the true foundation of the temple power.

It’s no wonder that there is such a big crisis in the Beauty League.

It seems that the players of the temple forces have chosen the Golden Scarf camp to exert their efforts.


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