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Chapter 373: Provocation

For Ye Chen, if the people are lazy, they can’t do it 100%. This is not the people Ye Chen wants.

Relief for work is also preventing trouble before it happens, so that the people have always been diligent and positive.

Instead, it’s lazy and depends on nature.

After hearing Ye Chen’s order, Xun Qing smiled suddenly, then bowed and said, “Yes! Lord!”

In addition to sincerity, there was a lot of excitement in his words.

Because Ye Chen, as Guo Yi said, is not an arbitrary person, not only he is not, but also good at accepting advice.

He explained the possible improprieties in Ye Chen’s policy. Not only was Ye Chen not angry, he also directly formulated a more complete policy.

This is undoubtedly what Xun Qing this “Wang Zuozhi” would like to see most.

If Ye Chen ignores his suggestions, no matter how great he is, he won’t want to show it.

“Ding, Xunqing’s loyalty +10, advanced to die loyal.”

“Ding, Chen Qun loyalty +10, advanced to die loyal.”

Two system prompts sounded instantly, and Ye Chen couldn’t help raising his eyebrows after listening.

Yes, yes, they are also two loyal subordinates

Thinking of this, the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth tilted slightly, then he looked at Xun Qing and said with a smile:

“Go get ready. After the notice is finished, send people to the major cities in Youzhou as soon as possible.”

“Yes! Lord! Leave the humble job!” Xun Qing said with a solemn expression before bowing. He prayed, and after speaking, he left the hall directly.

Ye Chen looked at Guo Yi and Chen Qun at this time, and said:

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“You two will take a rest first, and you will set out tomorrow. I am afraid that there will not be so much time to rest.”

Guo Yi, Chen Qun smiled when Chen Qun heard this, then bowed and said, “Yes! Lord!”

Ye Chen smiled and nodded, Guo Yi, Chen Qun bowed again to salute, and then left the hall.

At this moment, Ye Chen frowned suddenly, and then looked at World Channel.

“Ye Chen, I advise you not to be nosy. The Beauty League is not something you can protect. Don’t think that you are leading everywhere, and the world is invincible. The temple does not want to be an enemy with you, but neither It means that the temple will be afraid of you. If you dare to help the beauty league, then it is the enemy of the one million lord of my temple!”

A word that popped up on the world channel was from the new appointment of the temple. Leader, Mu Qingfeng.

His words are full of arrogance, and of course, there is also a strong threat.

Because he has this “confidence”.

In his opinion, a million lord, even if a lord sends a hundred soldiers, there are 100 million soldiers.

Adding his Wood Spirit Orb, it is completely possible to face Ye Chen tit-for-tat, and not to lose the wind.

Looking at Mu Qingfeng’s speech on the World Channel, Ye Chen narrowed his eyes.

A rubbish who only wants to absorb a woman’s yin and quickly improve his cultivation, but also dared to threaten Lao Tzu. The courage is really fat

I really thought there was a wooden spirit orb. The little brother of Million Lords is invincible

Thinking of this, Ye Chen smiled coldly.

One million lords, it looked like the number was huge, but to Ye Chen, it was just a group of ants.

Ye Chen has killed more than a million players.

Even if the million lords gathered all the soldiers, Ye Chen wouldn’t have the slightest worry.

No matter how many soldiers they have, even if they exceed 100 million, they are just a bunch of chickens, vulnerable to a single blow.

As for the Wood Spirit Orb, that was Ye Chen’s goal.

Don’t say that Mu Qingfeng can’t exert the power of Wood Spirit Orb at all. Even if he can exert twice or even ten times the power of the present, Ye Chen won’t have the slightest worry.

It’s too simple to kill Mu Qingfeng. He can’t hide away just by shaking the sky arrow, let alone falling treasure money, fire spirit beads, and killing the gun.

As long as Mu Qingfeng dares to use the Wood Spirit Orb, Ye Chen will use the Luobao Money 100% to snatch the Wood Spirit Orb directly.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen curled his lips in disdain.

At this moment, because of Mu Qingfeng’s speech, the World Channel, which had been quiet for a few seconds, began to refresh the screen in an instant.

“Fuck! The temple is so awesome? The Million Lord brother, Nima, how many soldiers do you have? At least hundreds of millions, right?”

“More than hundreds of millions, ordinary villages Up to now, there are still two to three hundred soldiers, and the better ones can reach five hundred to one thousand. This is so amazing, one million soldiers in this village add up, damn! Lots of soldiers”

“Wow, Kaka, I didn’t expect someone who can finally contend with Ye Chen, hahaha, Mu Qingfeng boss, will you still accept the younger brother? The younger brother is willing to join the church! Kill Ye Chen!”

“Hey, give a big praise to Mu Qingfeng, a praise to the temple, and kill Ye Chen! Tell him to always pretend!”

“Fool, beautiful thinking, knowing what Ye Chen’s soldiers are. Tell you, four hundred thousand innate realms! Do you know what the innate realms represent? A person who kills hundreds of acquired realms is like playing!”

“Boss Ye Chen’s soldiers are equipped with very advanced equipment, so what? Mu Qingfeng’s soldiers can’t even break the defenses, and they still want to fight against Boss Ye Chen, dreaming!”

“What are the ink marks with them? Mu Qingfeng, a fool, still wants to fight against Boss Ye Chen. The enemy, do not ask our Zhuojun tens of millions of players to agree or not.”

“Yes, kill these idiots who dare to fight against Ye Chen!”



“Malgobi, are you serious? Ye Chen really has 400,000 soldiers in the innate realm? Damn it! This is unscientific!”

“Cut, true or false, you will see it soon, sanctuary fools, wash your neck and wait!”

“Is it he, what benefits did Ye Chen give you? You help Ye Chen like this, a group of trash that tends to be inflamed!””

“Fool, you want to follow Ye Chen’s boss, but you still can’t get mixed up. Also, I can tell you one thing clearly, Ye Chen’s boss is cold and arrogant, but Ye Chen’s heart is not dark. There are principles and fairness in doing things.

Following the boss of Ye Chen, none of us worry about being robbed of equipment and exercises. Moreover, we are safe. We don’t have to worry about being killed by the monsters. We can continue to upgrade and explode equipment, hahaha”

The World Channel was buzzing, and the players from Zhuojun quickly joined in, helping Ye Chen to scold those who mock Ye Chen, and gloat for misfortune, hoping for Ye Chen’s bad luck.

Looking at the constantly refreshing World Channel, Ye Chen’s eyebrows raised involuntarily.

The players are now divided into two factions, one is looking forward to Ye Chen being killed, and the other is helping Ye Chen to speak.

Looking forward to Ye Chen being killed, it is natural that the despicable xinxing is at work. They can’t see that others are better than them and stronger than them.

The player who helped Ye Chen speak was because Ye Chen gave them the opportunity to follow behind and kill the escaped monster, the Golden Turban.

Otherwise, they would not be able to help Ye Chen speak.

To put it simply, profit dictates.

Because they could benefit from Ye Chen, they took the initiative to help Ye Chen speak.

Ye Chen could understand that, naturally, he would not be moved by this, or change his original intention, and accept any brother.

People in the real world are fickle, especially those who are still alive after a meteor falls.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen had a thought, and then used the prerogatives of state grazing.

“Ding, all players in Sanctuary Town in the real world are included in the Wanted List of Youzhou. Any player belonging to Santang Town enters Youzhou will be marked with red names.”


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