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Chapter 401: South China

“Yes, it’s okay to wait, everyone is gone, they are gone.” One hurriedly nodded and shouted.

“Yes, yes, they are scattered, they are scattered.”

The players at the gate of the city, all pretending to be okay, returned to the city of Zhongshan County.

Ye Chen smiled coldly at the players who left.

These players are obviously afraid of death, to be precise, they are afraid of death in the real world.

If there were no threats in this regard, these players would 100% not be afraid of Ye Chen.

Don’t say Ye Chen blocked the door, even though the army of Samsara City blocked the door, they dared to rush.

Because in that case, death is just a drop-off. Once you rush out, grab good exercises and good equipment, you will earn it.

Unfortunately, all of this is hypothetical and does not exist at all.

I was killed by Ye Chen. In reality, the chance of hanging up is extremely high. These players all know this, so no one wants to bet on this chance.

As soon as Ye Chen thought of this, there was a shout of killing behind him. The sound was obviously from the player, and many of them were women’s voices.

Hearing this, Ye Chen frowned, then turned to look.

In the next second, Ye Chen narrowed his eyes, and the cold light flashed.

I saw the Beauty League outside the battlefield, and I was fighting against a group of tens of thousands of players.

From their positions, it is not difficult to see that the Beauty League is obviously trying to prevent that group of players from entering the battlefield.

As for the purpose of stopping, it is nothing more than not letting the group of players take advantage of the chaos to grab the equipment and skills on the battlefield.

If you want to take advantage, you have enough courage!

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Thinking of this, Ye Chen sneered coldly, with a movement of thought, the Qiankun bow and the sky-shaking arrow appeared instantly, and then Ye Chen was caught in his hand.

In the next second, Ye Chen violently pulled the bowstring with his right hand, and then let go.


The three shaking arrows leave the string instantly, and then turn into meteors and disappear in a flash.

Outside the battlefield, the Beauty League retreats steadily.

At this moment, three white lights flashed, and then passed through the bodies of players who were fighting with the League of Beauty.

After two breaths, the battlefield instantly quieted down.

Just as the members of the Beauty League were puzzled one by one, a series of bursts of body sound sounded.

“Boom Boom Boom”

I saw the group of triumphant and brave players just now, without exception, all of them burst to death.

“What is going on here?” one person shouted in surprise.

“I just seemed to see white light just now” one person said uncertainly.

Li Mengyao, the leader of the Beauty League, looked back at the gate of Zhongshan County, and then said:

“It’s Ye Chen who made the move. Please cheer up, don’t let others Taking advantage of the loopholes, if we can’t do such a small thing, we don’t deserve his help.

As soon as Li Mengyao’s words landed, the members of the Beauty League stayed together, and then looked shocked. Xiang Ye Chen at the gate of Zhongshan County.

At this moment, they all had a thought in their hearts, “Ye Chen is really strong”.

They just heard that before, no one I’ve seen Ye Chen make a move.

Even in the real world, Ye Chen used to kill the Yanhuang League in the safe city where they are located. They only heard that no one saw Ye Chen make a move.

And now, they saw it. To be precise, they saw the result of Ye Chen’s move and instantly killed tens of thousands of players.

Such a powerful person is undoubtedly the most they want to rely on. Even if it’s a little relationship, it’s great.

As long as they can live under Ye Chen’s protection, in the real world, what are they to be afraid of.

Unfortunately, Ye Chen ignored them at all.

When I thought of this, the players of the Beauty League showed helpless expressions one by one.

“Don’t be stunned, hurry up and be on guard!” Li Mengyao sighed helplessly when he saw the “tangled, helpless” appearances of his subordinates, and then sighed.

“Yes! Sister Yaoyao.” When the members of the Beauty League heard this, they quickly threw their fantasy behind their heads, and then responded in unison.

Zhongshan County, at the gate of the city.

Ye Chen was about to take back the Qiankun bow and the arrow that shook the sky. At this moment, Ye Chen opened his eyes sharply, and then looked at the city wall of Zhongshan County.

I saw a middle-aged man with a fairy wind and bones, suddenly appeared on the city wall of Zhongshan County.

The moment when he saw this man, Ye Chen did not hesitate to draw a bow and arrow, and then shot and passed.


The shaking arrow left the string in an instant, and disappeared in a flash.

“Boy, you are so rude!” An exclamation suddenly sounded.

The next second, the man disappeared.

The sky-shaking arrow that came in an instant, hit the sky directly.

Seeing this, Ye Chen narrowed his eyes, then looked at Gao Lan, and Yue Yi, and shouted:

“You two will go back to the city first to maintain law and order in the city, no matter who it is , As long as you violate the law and discipline, no matter how big or small the guilt is, there will be no amnesty! In addition, send heavy troops to protect the Zhen family and prohibit anyone from approaching.”

Ye Chen’s decision was also to prevent the players in Zhongshan County from leaving the city. If it fails, it turns to Zhongshan County’s idea.

For example, robbing shops, robbing wealthy businessmen, big households in the city, or even directly attacking the Zhen family’s ideas.

After all, Zhen Juese has now lifted the seal and recognized the master Ye Chen, and suddenly turned sixteen years old.

If the players really want to mess things up, it is really possible to hit the Zhen clan’s idea.

To be precise, it was a brilliant idea. It can be snatched away, but if it can’t be snatched away, just kill it. Ye Chen has not yet entered the city anyway.

Gao Lan, Qu Yi and the two heard this, and they immediately recovered from shock, and then hurriedly bowed and said, “Master, that demon”

They are naturally worried about Ye Chen. Safety, because the man who just appeared suddenly is too strange.

Not to mention appearing on the city wall out of thin air, but also disappear out of thin air.

When Ye Chen heard this, he smiled slightly, and then said:

“It’s okay, it’s just some tricks, go to the city!”

“Please also the lord ten million Beware, you will enter the city at the end!” Gao Lan, Qu Yi struggled a bit when hearing this, and then bowed and worshiped together.

Ye Chen nodded, and then said: “Go.”

“Yes! Lord!” Gao Lan, Qu Yi heard this, bowed and responded, and then Lead the soldiers from Zhongshan County to the city.

At this moment, Ye Chen turned to look at a place five meters in front of him, and then asked: “Nanhua? Yu Ji? Or Zuo Ci?”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, Ye The space in front of Chen’s body was suddenly distorted, and a middle-aged man suddenly appeared.

The moment Ye Chen saw him, Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

This person’s cultivation reached the Transcendence Realm. However, he was not sealed by this world.

So the arrow that Ye Chen shot just now was avoided by his spell.

In fact, Ye Chen didn’t lock him with divine consciousness just now, otherwise, he would definitely die.

Qiankun bow is not a Chinese cabbage on the street, you can hide it if you want to.

Of course, there is a prerequisite for this. Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness is stronger than that of men, so he can target men.

The fact is already obvious, Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness is stronger, otherwise, it is impossible to find the middle-aged man in hiding.

The middle-aged man looked at Ye Chen with a cold sweat on his face, and then solemnly bowed and said:

“Nanhua, see General Huqi, thank you, Huqi Da The general is merciful.”


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