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Chapter 405: Zuo Ci

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s divine consciousness immediately released, instantly covering a three-hundred-mile radius of Zhongshan County.

In the next second, Ye Chen’s eyes opened sharply, and then he shouted: “What a big dog!”

With Ye Chen’s explosive drink, Ye Chen’s body was violent. The extremely murderous intent rushed out instantly.

In the next second, the winged Luobao Money appeared in front of Ye Chen instantly, then fluttered back, and disappeared in a flash.

“Law of Rebellion”

The neighing sound of thunderous horses rang out instantly.

The Tianma Xiaojin who ran for a stroll came to Ye Chen’s side instantly, and Ye Chen turned on his horse directly, and then pointed towards the west.

“Her Lü Lü”

Tianma Xiaojin turned his head directly, followed the direction of Ye Chen’s finger, and ran away, breathing, he was a kilometer away.

At this moment, Tianma Xiaojin completely let go of his speed, which is called a rushing switch.

On the battlefield, Guan Er, Zhang San, Zhang Yun, and the army of Reincarnation City heard Ye Chen’s burst of shouts, and their expressions suddenly changed.

“Shu, 唰, 唰”

Guan Er, Zhang San, Zhang Yun, and the army of Reincarnation City picked up their weapons in unison.

They are Ye Chen’s subordinates. They are loyal to Ye Chen. Now someone makes Ye Chen angry, they naturally want to catch up and kill the person who makes Ye Chen angry.

“Laoguan, Lao Zhang, hurry up! The lord is riding far!” The impatient Zhang San saw that Ye Chen’s breath disappeared. He jumped in a hurry, and then turned on his horse. Prepare to chase Ye Chen.

Guan Er nodded with a green face, and turned directly on his horse.

Zhang Yun on one side also turned on his horse at this time.

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The army of Reincarnation City, also at this moment, followed up on their horses.

The violent killing intent rose instantly.

At Guan Er, Zhang San, and Zhang Yun were about to give orders to follow Ye Chen, Guo Yi and Tian Feng ran over.

“Military Master!” Guan Er, Zhang San, and Zhang Yun hurriedly shouted when they saw Guo Yi running over.

“Hu” Guo Yi came to Guan Er, Zhang San, and Zhang Yun and exhaled a long breath, then looked at the three and shouted:

“Don’t panic! In this world, no one can hurt the lord!”

Guan Er, Zhang San, Zhang Xi heard this, Qi Qi was taken aback, and then thought of Ye Chen’s tyrannical place, each of the hanging hearts finally finally settled. Calm down a bit.

“But the military division, the lord left suddenly, in case,” Zhang San said irritably at this time.

Zhang Sanben had a bad temper, and now Ye Chen had a sudden encounter, so it was naturally difficult to calm down.

Guo Yi heard this, glanced at Zhang San, and then said:

“The lord is going to chase Zuo Ci. Let’s not say that we can’t catch up with the lord, even if we catch up. We can’t help either.”

“Zuo Ci?” Guan Er, Zhang San, and Zhang Xi were taken aback when they heard this, and then their expressions changed drastically.

Obviously, the three of them all know what Zuo Ci is, otherwise it would not be like this.

Guo Yi nodded, and then said:

“Zuo Ci possesses the Dunjia Heavenly Book, is proficient in the art of Dunjia, and robbed the Samsara Legion, so the lord only went to chase, and we would catch up. It’s useless, no one can deal with him, only the lord can.”

As soon as Guo Yi’s words landed, Guan Er, Zhang San, and Zhang Xi were all startled, and then shouted in unison, “How is it possible!””

The reincarnation legion is the trump card of the city of reincarnation, each of which is an emperor-level military commander, and is about to break through to a holy-level military commander.

Now, Guo Yi said that Zuo Ci had robbed the Samsara Legion, Guan Er, Zhang San, and Zhang Yun naturally did not believe it.

Even if they knew that Zuo Ci was not easy, they did not believe that Zuo Ci could rob the entire Samsara Legion.

After the three shouted, they all looked at the huge pit under the city wall of Zhongshan County.

Vaguely, they also heard shouts of killing, roars, the sound of weapons piercing their bodies, and the sound of golden turban warriors hanging up and exploding objects.

Guo Yi glanced at the three of them, sighed, and then said:

“That’s true, Zuo Ci’s methods are extraordinary, using a blinding technique that makes us mistakenly think The Samsara Legion is still in the huge pit. In fact, the Samsara Legion has been robbed by him using the Dunjia Heavenly Book.”

When Guo Yi said this, he glanced at Tian Feng, and then continued:

“If it weren’t for Brother Yuan Hao, who had just gone with the lord to the lord’s world, and had not been disturbed by the Zuo Ci, I am afraid that Jia is still in the dark.”

Guo Yi said Finish, make your right hand a little empty.

In the next second, an inexplicable wave appeared over the huge pit under the city wall of Zhongshan County.

“Boom” came.

Guan Er, Zhang San, and Zhang Yun just heard the sound from the giant pit, and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

In the next second, Guan Er, Zhang San, and Zhang Yun’s complexion suddenly became extremely ugly, and then burst out loudly and shouted: “Zuo Ci!”

The voice was full of killing intent.

Guo Yi glanced at the three of them, and then said:

“Don’t think about it. Although Zuo Ci is an outsider with extraordinary abilities, he can’t hurt the lord. To be precise, the lord’s killing him is like killing a chicken. We just wait to avoid Zuo Ci and his accomplices.”

When Guan Er, Zhang San, and Zhang Xi heard this, their expressions suddenly changed, and then he hurriedly watched. To the army of the reincarnation city, he shouted:

“All guard! Anyone who dares to approach within 500 meters, kill without mercy!”

“Yes! General!” The army of the reincarnation city unanimously He shouted, and then took out the bows and arrows all together, waiting for him.

On the battlefield, the players who picked up the garbage equipment that the army of Reincarnation didn’t want, all looked confused.

“What happened to Boss Ye Chen just now, why did he suddenly get angry?”

“I don’t know, there must be some stupid who provokes Boss Ye Chen, otherwise Ye Chen old meeting Angry?”

“Hey, I’m really looking for death, and I don’t want to think about how awesome Ye Chen’s boss is, and dare to trouble him.”

“Yes, that fool must be dead.” , Boss Ye Chen is never soft. No one who dares to provoke Boss Ye Chen can survive.”

In the west of the city, Zhongshan County, two hundred miles, on the edge of a huge lake.

A huge volume of books made of bamboo slips flew all the way here, and then flew towards the lake.

However, at this moment, a simple winged copper coin suddenly appeared, and instantly fell on the bamboo slips.

There was a sound of “hum”.

The bamboo slips landed instantly, and then shrunk to the size of ordinary bamboo slips.

With the change of bamboo slips, the Samsara Legion instantly appeared by the lake, one by one in a daze.

They were just collecting the items exploded by the golden towel warriors in the giant pit. Who knows, they suddenly fainted, and then they woke up here.

The ten commanders of the Samsara Legion glanced around, then their faces all changed.

In the next second, ten thousands of commanders shouted in unison: “Summon mounts, be on guard!”

The soldiers of the Samsara Legion heard this and made a move with their right hands.

“Boom bang bang”

A series of dull landing sounds sounded, and ten thousand wild rhinos instantly appeared by the lake.

In the next second, the soldiers of the Samsara Legion unanimously rode up, then took out their weapons and stood on guard.

Just then, a long sigh came.



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