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Chapter 414: The Shy Chosen

When Ye Chen heard this, he smiled and nodded, and then said:

“Go to Reincarnation City, it is safer there.”

At this moment, demons were everywhere in the Han territory, and only Youzhou had been cleared of the Golden Turban.

Zhen Juese has now recognized Ye Chen as the master, and it is natural that Ye Chen cannot allow Zhen Juese to stay in Zhongshan County.

For Ye Chen, Zhen Jue Lu is the default woman and must be 100% safe.

Zhen Juese nodded when she heard this, and then looked at Zhen Yi and Zhang’s. Before she could speak, Zhen Yi smiled and said:

“Mi”er, just go In Reincarnation City, there is no need to miss your family.”

As soon as Zhen Yi’s words landed, Zhen Juelu’s eyes suddenly turned red, teardrops appeared in an instant, and then went back and forth in his eyes.

When Ye Chen saw this, he hurriedly looked at Zhen Yi and said:

“The Zhen clan can also move to Reincarnation City if they wish.”

Before Ye Chen asked Zhen Juese to go to Reincarnation City, she didn’t mention the Zhen clan, because only Zhen Juese was the master of Ye Chen. As for others, there was nothing to say to Ye Chen.

Otherwise, Ye Chen directly said that Zhen Juese’s family had gone to Reincarnation City.

After all, Zhen Juelu is a woman. In this era, she cannot represent the Zhen clan, let alone influence the decision of the Zhen clan.

It is precisely because of this that Ye Chen skipped Zhen Juese’s family and only asked Zhen Juese to go to Reincarnation City.

Zhen Yi’s eyes lit up when she heard this.

He didn’t expect Ye Chen to move the Zhen clan to Reincarnation City.

In this way, the Zhen family is equivalent to taking refuge in Ye Chen.

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This is something he always wanted to say, but he didn’t dare to say it.

I want to say, because Ye Chen is the Youzhou Mu of the Han Empire, a great general of hussars, with a prominent position, strong soldiers and strong horses, once following Ye Chen, the Zhen clan will no longer have to suffer from the turmoil.

I dare not say, it is because the Zhen family did not rely on Ye Chen’s capital.

Although the Zhen clan is also considered a big clan, it is not very prominent and has nothing to do with it. Apart from some money, there is nothing to do with Ye Chen.

Originally, money was a bargaining chip, but the fact is that Ye Chen is not short of money at all, not only is he not short of money, but he is also rich in the enemy’s country.

Zhen Yi didn’t know this at first, but after he learned that Ye Chen led the army to annihilate Zhang Liang’s tens of millions of golden scarves, he sent a servant to inquire about Ye Chen’s news.

After hearing the explanation from the servant, Zhen Yi called it a tangle.

Because Ye Chen is not short of money at all.

If Ye Chen is short of money, how could he get millions of war horses, how could he equip his men with all diamond-level suits, or millions of sets, even the war horses are wearing diamond-level horse armors.

So Ye Chen is not short of money at all, and there is only one result of this. The Zhen family’s money cannot be used as a bargaining chip for Ye Chen.

In this way, how did Zhen Yi speak.

Of course, Zhen Yi’s several daughters are very beautiful, especially Zhen Juechu, who is so beautiful and beautiful.

However, in Zhen Yi’s view, Zhen Juese follows Ye Chen, not marrying Ye Chen.

What’s more, Ye Chen didn’t say anything about Zhen Jue Se, let alone marry Zhen Jue Se as his wife.

So, Zhen Yi couldn’t speak at all, telling Ye Chen about the Zhen family’s refuge in Ye Chen.

After all, the Zhen clan is a big clan, not ordinary people at all, it is impossible to casually follow Zhen Juese to the city of reincarnation.

If this is the case, it is very likely that Ye Chen will be disgusted. This is not what Zhen Yi wants to see.

And now, Ye Chen took the initiative to speak and asked the Zhen clan to move to Reincarnation City. How could Zhen Yi not be excited, how could she not be excited.

Not only Zhen Yi, even the Zhang family next to him, but also Zhen Jiang, Zhen Tuo, Zhen Dao, and Zhen Rong’s four daughters also showed excitement.

Being able to go to Reincarnation City means one thing. From now on, you don’t have to live in fear.

“Lord” Zhen Juese heard this and hurriedly turned to look at Ye Chen, and shouted with red eyes.

“Change your name, I mean, you should be able to understand.” Ye Chen gave Zhen Jue a look, and then said with a smile.

Zhen Juese was stunned when she heard this, and then her face turned red, and her little head dropped suddenly, not daring to look at Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen’s meaning, how could Zhen Juese not understand? This is for her to call Ye Chen as her husband.

For this, Zhen Juelu naturally has no resistance, and some are just shy.

She was very young before, but after being unsealed by the system, she grew up directly. Although she was still a young girl, she knew a lot of things, and also knew the rumors about Ye Chen.

In this era, beautiful women love heroes, even if they are as beautiful as they are beautiful.

Ye Chen is obviously the hero of the heroes, and he is also very handsome. How could Zhen Juese not have a good impression of Ye Chen.

What’s more, after she lifted the seal, she already recognized the master Ye Chen, and she had the idea of ​​”Will Ye Chen accept her” in her heart.

And now, Ye Chen asked Zhen Juese to change her name, which naturally matches Zhen Juese’s original intention.

However, Zhen Juelu never expected Ye Chen to be so direct and domineering.

For a while, the girl’s shy character made her dare not respond to Ye Chen.

Zhen Jiang, Zhen Tuo, Zhen Dao, Zhen Rong’s four daughters were stunned when they heard this, and then there was a hint of resentment and envy in their eyes.

Obviously, the four of them also heard what Ye Chen meant, and they had an inexplicable affection for Ye Chen, otherwise it wouldn’t be the case.

Zhen Yi, Zhang’s stayed together at this moment.

What Ye Chen meant, how could the two of them not be able to hear it? This was for Zhen Juese to directly call Ye Chen her husband.

This hasn’t been the bride price yet, nor has it been married, so I changed my name directly, which is a bit of a surprise.

That’s right, it was a surprise, Zhen Yi, and Zhang were all smiles after they recovered. It was a joy.

For the two of them, there is nothing more happy for them than this.

Ye Chen is planning to marry Zhen Jue Lv. Although he has not yet given the betrothal ceremony and has not paid a courtesy ceremony, this is just a customary gift.

As long as Ye Chen is willing to marry Zhen Juese as his wife, Zhen Yi will not care about the worldly etiquette.

Other people want to have a relationship with Ye Chen, but Zhen Yi is not stupid, how could she miss such a good opportunity.

He asked Zhen Juese to hurry to reincarnation city, why not hold it so that Ye Chen could finally marry Zhen Juese.

As long as Ye Chen marries Zhen Juese, in this way, the Zhen clan will be justified when they go to the city of reincarnation.

But now there is no need to wait, because Ye Chen is direct and overbearing enough, and directly asked Zhen Juese to change her name. The facts are already clear.

“Mi”er.” Seeing that Zhen Juese was still shy, Zhang hurriedly shouted.

After hearing Zhang’s cry, Zhen Juese tried to stabilize her shameless heart, then raised her head to look at Ye Chen, and shouted:


Zhen Juelu’s voice is very low and soft, but it is very beautiful, and Ye Chen can’t help but sway in his heart.

Looking at Zhen Juelu who is still shy, Ye Chen smiled and nodded, and then said:

“If there is anything to bring, go and prepare, I will take you there first. Reincarnation City, as for your family, I will arrange an army escort.”

“There is nothing to bring.” Zhen Juese’s face turned red again when she heard this, and then whispered.

When Ye Chen heard this, he smiled slightly and glanced at Zhen Jue, who was still shy, and then said: “Okay, let’s go.”


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