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Chapter 433: The Beast

“You think too much, I have never lacked freedom. In addition, I can tell you one thing. Without my brother, there would be no me now, so I die!” Yanhu Yelin said. Tiger Claw patted without hesitation.

When the little black cat saw this, a pair of cat eyes was suddenly occupied by deep despair.

It never thought that Yanhu Yelin would think so, let alone Yanhu Yelin would be so ruthless.

Since it was visited by Yanhu Yelin, its heart has been completely occupied by Yanhu Yelin. In order to be with Yanhu Yelin, it has thought of many ways.

However, without exception, none of its methods will work.

Until the Black Dog Little Demon was summoned by the altar to be summoned from the prehistoric world, and then found her, she realized that it is not impossible to be with Yanhu Yelin.

As long as Ye Chen can be killed, everything will be solved.

Therefore, it did not hesitate to participate in the plan to lure Yanhu Yelin out of the city.

However, from the very beginning of the plan, there was a problem.

Ye Chen, the first human being, not only saw through their plan, but even more frightening was that Ye Chen’s strength completely exceeded Little Black Cat’s expectations.

In the eyes of the little black cat, no matter how strong Ye Chen is, it is impossible to be better than the little black dog demon.

However, the fact is that the existence of such a powerful Black Dog Little Demon was stupefied by Ye Chen.

Thinking of this, the two cat eyes of the little black cat suddenly lost their anger. They looked like death.

However, at the moment when Yanhu Yelin’s claws were about to fall, a group of strong black demon aura suddenly descended, and then enveloped the little black cat.

There was a loud “bang”.

Yanhu Ye Lin’s claws slapped the black demon spirit fiercely, and then stopped.

Just then, a loud roar suddenly sounded.

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I saw the black dog little demon who had been transformed to stand up, then looked at the little black cat, and shouted:

“Get out of here , Practice hard until you are strong enough, and then come to them for reward.”

The little black cat, who had already accepted his fate and was waiting to die, heard this, the dim cat’s eyes suddenly regained a little light, and then became more brilliant. Sheng.

In the next second, the little black cat stood up, and then looked at Ye Lin, who was still full of murderous intent, and asked bitterly:

“You treat me like this, you really Are you not guilty?”

“Guilty? If you don’t count your brother, maybe I will be guilty, but not now!” Yanhu Yelin opened her eyes sharply when she heard this, and then shouted.

“Okay! You wait for me. Sooner or later, I will come back for payment. In front of you, I will cut your master into slices one by one, and then feed them to you!” Little black cat listened At this point, his long hair exploded in an instant, and then he roared sternly.

“You’re looking for death!” Yanhu Ye Lin was furious when she heard this, and then shouted with tyranny.

After Yanhu finished speaking, Tiger Claw photographed again without hesitation.

There was a loud “bang”.

Yanhu Yelin’s claws were still blocked by the strong demon, and there was no way to hurt the little black cat protected by the demon shield.

When the little black cat saw this, the hatred in the eyes of the two cats raged again, and then sternly shouted:

“Yanhu, you forced me! I will definitely kill you. Master, this city of reincarnation will be destroyed, I swear! I will make you suffer forever and blame yourself forever! I want you to regret everything you have done to me today!”

Not far away, Ye Chen, who quietly looked at the black dog little demon transformed into a human, opened his eyes sharply after hearing the little black cat’s oath, and then shouted:

“You want to die.” , I will do you well!”

Originally, Ye Chen wanted to hand over the little black cat to Yanhu Yelin, but what Ye Chen didn’t expect was that the little black cat was so rampant that he even promised Dare to post.

Once you swear, you will never die.

This, after the meteor fell, has become one of the rules of this world.

To put it simply, vows cannot be made casually, otherwise 100% will be fulfilled.

Therefore, all people or demons who swear will do so according to the oath.

It was precisely because of this that Ye Chen confirmed that the little black cat was really going to deal with Reincarnation City and Ye Chen, instead of just talking about it and scaring Ye Lin, the Yan Tiger.

It can be said that the little black cat at this moment is no longer the little black cat who has an unclear relationship with Yanhu Yelin. It is Ye Chen’s enemy.

As for the enemy, Ye Chen will not keep it 100%. When he encounters it, he will kill it!

Ye Chen didn’t want to trouble herself.

Ye Chen is not afraid of the little black cat’s revenge, but in the real world of Samsara city, there will be soldiers from Samsara city in the future, and Ye Chen’s women will come from time to time.

Therefore, Ye Chen couldn’t let this little black cat leave, practice, become stronger, and then come back to take revenge.

After Ye Chen finished speaking, his mind moved, and the dark and thick Gunslinger instantly appeared in front of Ye Chen.

At the same time, Ye Chenjian pointed his finger up, and one of the Nine Secrets, “Bing”, was instantly used.

In the next second, a golden and simple word “soldier” appeared on the ground instantly.

The word “Bing” is surrounded by golden light, forming a huge golden disc. Inside, small golden runes are constantly swimming, and Ye Chen is standing in it.

At the same time, the sound of the great road followed.

“Ye Chen! Want to kill it? First ask Lao Tzu if he agrees or not!” The little demon who transformed into a black dog saw this, narrowed his eyes sharply, and then shouted.

The black dog didn’t expect Ye Chen to have this ability at all. Although it didn’t know what kind of ability Ye Chen used, just look at the power released by Ye Chen, and the suspension in Ye Chen. With the Killing Spear around, you can make a judgment.

As long as Ye Chen starts to attack, it will be 100% earth-shattering, and he can break the demon shield of the little black cat’s body without hindrance.

Leaving Ye Chen to kill the little black cat is not what he wants to see.

As for the reason, it’s simple.

It was not sure whether it could kill Ye Chen, and similarly, it was not sure whether it could survive.

Originally, it was 100% sure, but after being repaired by Ye Chen, there was no such assurance.

And just now, Ye Chen even let it transform, not attack, and it made it feel that something was wrong.

So, it is prepared to keep some back-ups, and the little black cat is its choice.

If it is really unfortunately killed by Ye Chen, then the little black cat that ran away would be his trump card for revenge.

After all, the little black cat hates Ye Chen far more than the monsters here. 、

As long as the little black cat escapes smoothly, if there is a chance in the future, 100% will come to Ye Chen’s trouble.

At this point, the Black Dog Little Demon is quite sure.

Now that Ye Chen wants to kill the little black cat, how could the little black dog demon be willing.

Ye Chen smiled coldly when he heard this, and then pointed his sword towards the little black cat.

In the next second, the Gunslinger trembled for an instant, and then quickly shot at the little black cat with a piece of golden light.


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