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Chapter 46: The Enemy

The speed of killing the gun was extremely fast, far beyond the speed of the diamond chief and the gun controlled by Ye Chen, and it reached the ground in the blink of an eye.

“Puff” sounded instantly.

I saw the most ferocious black bear that I had shouted before, and was directly pierced with the head of the bear by the Gunkiller.

At the same time, a black light flashed from the tip of the sharpshooter, and the soul of the black bear was instantly swallowed.

The Killing Spear feature, Soul Eater is activated.

Although there is a chance for the characteristics of the Killing Spear to devour the soul, that chance varies with Ye Chen’s strength and the opponent’s strength.

The stronger Ye Chen’s strength is, the greater the chance that the Gunkiller will swallow the soul, and now Ye Chen is in the Purple Mansion realm, far beyond the realm of the monster beast.

Therefore, the soul-swallowing feature of the Gunslinger is 100% triggered.

The image of the huge and fat black bear beast being stabbed to death by the slaughter spear instantly frightened all the beasts on the ground.

The last thing they want to see is to be killed by the Killing Spear, and now the Killing Spear is beginning to reap the lives of their clan, how could the monsters who know the characteristics of the Killing Spear not be wrong? Fear, how can you not be afraid.

They are monsters, this is true, but they are also afraid of death, afraid that after the game world is killed by Ye Chen’s gunshot, the real world will also hang up, completely dead.

So, the monsters began to panic and began to tremble.

They are afraid of death, just as humans are afraid of death.

In the next second, the monsters looked at Ye Chen in horror, and then they were in an uproar.

“Grandpa Ye Chen, Xiaozhu didn’t scold you just now, and didn’t say to retaliate against you, don’t kill Xiaozhu” a black pig monster, pig eyes shouted at Ye Chen in horror.

“Let me go, as long as I let me go, I am willing to take the wolf clan to recognize you as the master!” A gray wolf monster beast shouted at Ye Chen with a “sincere face”.

“I am wrong, King Ye Chen, the younger one is willing to be your servant, please forgive me” a big gray rat stammered and shouted.

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The monsters began to beg for mercy, begging frantically for mercy, they were afraid that the next target of the gunshot was them.

Ye Chen glanced at the beasts of the beggers, and curled his lips in disdain.

If you don’t know you, maybe you really believe it.

Actually, the monster clan cannot surrender Ye Chen at all. They can say good things, keep their breath, and please Ye Chen as much as possible. Even begging Ye Chen to let them go, nothing more than to survive, to live well in reality.

Only when you are alive can you have hope. Find Ye Chen’s hope of revenge.

Therefore, no matter how the monster beasts scolded, begged for mercy, or even “sincerely” surrendered, Ye Chen could not be moved.

Because Ye Chen knows that the Monster Race and the Human Race are mortal enemies, what they say, what they do, and the ultimate goal is to find Ye Chen revenge.

Compared with those who possess despicable humanity, Yaozu will not give in.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s mind moved, and the sharp gun that was inserted into the black bear’s head was pulled out in an instant, and then the black light flashed, and it quickly stabs a large thorny hedgehog.

The hedgehog monster who was crying for mercy saw this, and the eyes of the two hedgehogs shrank fiercely. However, before it could react, the Gunslinger passed through.

There was a “puff”, and the hedgehog monster was killed instantly.

At the same time, the tip of the sharpshooter flashed with black light, the devouring feature was instantly activated, and then the soul of the hedgehog beast was swallowed.

This time, the Killing Spear did not stop again, after passing through the hedgehog monster, it directly pierced another monster.

After a “puff”, he stabbed another monster again.

Time and time again, the black light flickered, and the monster beast was stabbed to death by the Killing Spear continuously, and then the soul was swallowed up.

However, during the time of breathing, more than five thousand monsters were completely wiped out by the Killing Spear.

After the monsters watched the killer gun and wiped out more than 5,000 of their clan, the eyes of the beasts were suddenly big, and then they were filled with fear, and their beasts were involuntary at this time. Shivered.

Just then, five hundred and ten thousand arrows descended.

“Puff, puff, puff”

The sound of arrows entering the flesh, followed by an extremely dense sound.

More than 100,000 monsters were shot to death in an instant, but the monsters that were not shot to death, without exception, all showed envy and regret.

They envied those monsters that were shot to death by bows and arrows. Because they were shot dead by bows and arrows, they would not die in reality. But if they were shot to death by the Gunslinger, they would actually die on the contrary.

As for regret, it is very simple, because they failed to expose their most fatal weakness to the rain of arrows in time.

The sky.

Ye Chen glanced at the monster beasts on the ground that kept howling miserably. With a movement, the Gunslinger instantly returned to Ye Chen. The black light flashed, and then disappeared.

The ground.

The monsters with fear on their faces, they saw that the Gunslinger had suddenly left, and they were stunned one by one, and then looked at Ye Chen with ecstasy.

Originally, they thought that Ye Chen was going to kill them with his own hands, completely killing them.

Whoever thinks, Ye Chen stopped after killing more than 5,000 monsters. For those monsters who are still alive, this is tantamount to a great happy event.

They don’t want to die. Only by living can they have a chance. Whether it is to become stronger or to find Ye Chen’s revenge, it is to survive.

And now, if Ye Chen doesn’t make a move, then they can definitely survive.

In fact, Ye Chen knew about the monster clan, knew about the monster clan, and just took action, but the monster beasts said they wanted to avenge Ye Chen.

In fact, they don’t say anything, Ye Chen also knows that as long as they become stronger and have a chance, they will definitely come to Ye Chen’s trouble.

To be precise, not only them, but also the monster races all over the world are no exception. Even if they didn’t say revenge against Ye Chen and trouble Ye Chen, they would do the same.

Because the monster race and the human race are mortal enemies, there is no reconciliation.

And Ye Chen is the first person of the Human Race, and there is no doubt that he is the first target candidate for the Demon Race to get rid of.

Of course, the monster race in the real world is looking for Ye Chen’s trouble, and there is another premise, that is, to have sufficient strength.

Unfortunately, this point does not exist in the real world, and will never exist in the future.

Because of Ye Chen’s rebirth, he took the lead step by step, and now he has become the number one person in the real world, far exceeding the three realms of the strongest monster.

And after Ye Chen’s entire country ascends, his strength will inevitably increase explosively, and then he gets stronger and fiercer. The real-world monster race is desperate to catch up with Ye Chen’s footsteps.

Moreover, this is only Ye Chen’s strength. In fact, in the future, Ye Chen will have a group of subordinates who are loyal to Ye Chen, as well as countless subjects. They will also continue to improve their strength and become stronger.

Therefore, the monster race in the real world wants to challenge Ye Chen, it is simply wishful thinking.

It is precisely because of this that Ye Chen just killed those monsters who dared to retaliate. Otherwise, Ye Chen would kill them 100%, leaving none.

Just when the monsters were fortunate, don’t worry about hanging up in reality, in the huge pit, a black-haired gorilla suddenly roared up to the sky and reached a height of 100 meters in the blink of an eye.

In the next second, the black-haired gorilla picked up dozens of monsters in the huge pit and swallowed them in one bite.

When Ye Chen saw this, his eyes suddenly narrowed, and the cold light flashed.

Want to devour the advanced mortal realm of the same race


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