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Chapter 461: Black Gorilla

At this moment, the black-haired gorilla swallows dozens of kinsmen who are also in the realm of monsters, not to go crazy, but to advance.

Others may not know the reason for the time being, but how could Ye Chen not know.

In addition to practicing and devouring the human race, the monster race wants to improve its strength. There is another way, that is to devour the same race.

It’s just that this kind of thing rarely occurs, because there are more human races in the real world, and no demon race is willing to be swallowed by the same race and contribute to the advancement of the same race.

If you want to eat monsters of the same clan, you will encounter resistance 100%, and it is the kind of endless death.

Of course, these reasons are only the most basic. The most important thing is that once the existence of devouring the same clan appears, then it will be 100% wanted by the entire monster clan and hunted down.

There is no monster race who is willing to let such an existence live.

This is the same as Wang Xiaoming who was killed by Ye Chen. He got blood nerves. In order to improve his strength, he wanted to mutilate human beings. After being discovered by people, he became the wanted criminal of the entire human race, and everyone was hunted down. he.

Of course, this was a matter of the previous life. In this life, although Wang Xiaoming had killed many people, he was far from the level of the previous life, and was completely killed by Ye Chen.

And now, this gorilla, apparently taking advantage of the panic of the monsters in the huge pit, was afraid of resisting Ye Chen, and launched a surprise attack. As a result, it succeeded.

It wants to advance to the Transcendence Realm, and then fly directly to leave the Three Kingdoms Novice Zone.

Originally, the monster race in the real world will not know about the ascension for a long time, but since the black dog demon summoned to the real world appeared, this is no longer a secret.

Otherwise, it is impossible for this black-haired gorilla to attack the same clan and devour dozens of them.

Know that just by the number of monsters it swallows, it will advance to the Transcendence Realm when it die. It is to swallow all the monsters here, and don’t even try to reach the realm of Human Golden Core Realm. Let alone the Purple Mansion Realm.

In this way, it is impossible for the black-haired gorilla to fight Ye Chen.

Ye Chen knows this. The black-haired gorilla knows better. However, the black-haired gorilla still does this. Therefore, its purpose is self-evident, it is to ascend.

It doesn’t want to be killed by the soldiers of the Samsara Legion, and it doesn’t want to regress in strength and become a beast. It has to gamble once, succeed, soar directly, leave the Three Kingdoms novice zone, and fail, nothing more than being killed by Ye Chen.

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As soon as Ye Chen thought of this, the “crunchy, crunchy” chewing sound rang.

It was the sound of the monster’s body being chewed up. It was extremely permeating and loud, until I heard the players watching from a distance all got goose bumps.

“Fuck, what is this black-haired gorilla doing?”

“It’s not to be loyal to Boss Ye Chen, to show sincerity?”

“Grass, don’t be like this. If it’s like this, if Boss Ye Chen let it go, it would be a bad thing. This black-haired gorilla appeared outside my safe city.”

When the players discussed, the monsters in the giant pit recovered from shock one by one, and then looked at the black-haired gorilla in a rage.

“Heimao, what do you want to do!” A roar instantly sounded from the mouth of a tiger monster.

“Black Mao, you scumbag, aren’t you afraid that our monster clan will chase you down!” A roar followed immediately from the mouth of a leopard monster beast.

However, the black-haired gorilla did not respond to both of them at all. Not only did they fail to respond, the huge gorilla chewed harder.

“Crunch, crunch”

A large amount of blood flowed out of the black-haired gorilla’s mouth instantly, instantly dyed its hair red, and then flowed down the black hairs on its body go with.

“Asshole! You traitor, you dare to betray the demon race!” The tiger demon beast roared again.

“Where is this chopstick? It will be fine for a while. If it is in that place, go offline and kill it in the past!” a monster beast roared viciously.

“Gudong” came.

The black-haired gorilla swallowed the corpses of dozens of monster beasts, then looked at Ye Chen with a big mouth, and said with a smile:

“Ye Chen, Do you see my sincerity? They all regard me as a traitor. Can you let me go now? I can swear, as long as you let me go, I will always serve you as Lord!”




“I will kill you!”

In the huge pit The monster beasts began to yell and roar, it was an excitement.

In the sky, Ye Chen, standing in the air, glanced at the blood-filled black-haired gorilla, then smiled and nodded and said:

“Seeing your sincerity, you did a good job , Very good, very good.”

When the black-haired gorilla heard this, he was overjoyed, and then shouted: “Well, from now on, you will be my master. I will be the master now. These clutter have been solved.”

“No, you can just stand.” Ye Chen raised his eyebrows involuntarily when he heard this, and then said with a smile.

When the black gorilla heard this, two huge eyes flashed strange gazes involuntarily, then nodded and said:

“Okay, master!”

At this moment, the sky broke again.

“Swish swish”

Five and ten thousand arrows lifted into the air again, and then hurriedly shot to the ground.

The black-haired gorilla standing in the huge pit saw this, the original black face of the gorilla suddenly changed, and he hurriedly looked at Ye Chen and shouted:

“Master, can I leave this huge pit first? Master, don’t worry, I will definitely not go very far.”

Ye Chen heard this, glanced at the black-haired gorilla, and then smiled and nodded.

When the black gorilla saw Ye Chen nod, he was overjoyed. Without even thinking about it, he jumped, and then jumped to the ground.

In the next second, the black-haired gorilla spread its feet and ran wildly, extremely fast.

However, no matter how fast it is, it is not as fast as arrows. Soon the back is filled with thousands of arrows, and even the head is hung with hundreds of arrows.

At the same time, the terrible howling all over the sky suddenly sounded from the mouths of the monsters.

In the distance, the faces of the players who have been watching all changed suddenly. They heard what the black-haired gorilla said, and they heard what Ye Chen said, and now, the black-haired gorilla really He jumped out, and ran out of the arrow’s range.

All this undoubtedly told them one thing, Ye Chen actually accepted the black-haired gorilla as his younger brother!

“How could this happen!” a person shouted in disbelief.

“Why, boss Ye Chen, that black-haired gorilla and his clan dared to eat it, it is impossible to be loyal at all.”

“Yes, boss Ye Chen, hurry up and kill It, otherwise you will definitely be harmed by it!”

When the players shouted at Ye Chen with a look of disbelief, the howls of the monsters suddenly became louder, and soon Then the shouts of the players were overwhelmed.

The sky, Ye Chen, who has been watching everything on the ground, saw the ridicule in his eyes flashing by.

Ye Chen glanced at the black-haired gorilla that stopped after running beyond the range of the arrow, and then stopped “.”

The time passed, and the arrow waved again. With the arrival of a wave, the lives of the monsters were continuously being harvested by the Samsara Legion.

After ten waves of arrow rain, the monster beast army was only destroyed by more than two hundred thousand. This is the premise that the monsters deliberately exposed the vitals to the arrow.

At the back of the Samsara Legion, Guo Yi, who has been watching the battlefield, shouted again: “Go on, shoot all the bows and arrows!”

As soon as Guo Yi’s words landed, the extremely dense arrows broke through the air. The sound rang again.

Ten thousand arrows are sent out, and the arrows are raining down, time after time, as if they never stop.

When the thirtieth wave of arrow rain came, in the distance, the eyes of the black-haired gorilla standing outside the range of the arrow suddenly burst into light.

In the sky, Ye Chen, whose consciousness has been locked on the black gorilla, opened his eyes suddenly at this moment.

The harvest time is up


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