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Chapter 465: Tong Yuan

Ye Chen didn’t expect that on a whim, let the black-haired gorilla advance, and then slaughtered it at the moment of its advancement, and unexpectedly burst out the fairy city advancement order.

For Ye Chen, this thing is no different from Xiantian Lingbao, and it also solved a big problem for Ye Chen.

So Ye Chen’s mood at the moment, it’s a joy.

By the way, the blessing is profound!

Fuck! It must be a deep blessing, otherwise how could it be possible to explode the Xiancheng Advanced Order

The deep hidden attribute of the blessing is a super explosive item, otherwise it is impossible to explode such an important thing in the Three Kingdoms novice area.

? It’s a pity. When I killed that little demon, I didn’t activate the deep hidden attributes of Fuyuan. Otherwise, I don’t know what good things came out.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen The eyebrows raised involuntarily.

But this luck is enough to guard against the sky, even if the good fortune was deeply activated at the time, it will not be able to burst out.

Yes, yes, this time the harvest is really not small. p0> Thinking of this, the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth suddenly curled up, and then flew quickly toward the battlefield.

After a few breaths, Ye Chen came to the battlefield.

At this moment, the monsters on the ground have died as many as possible, but there are only more than 5,000 monsters in the huge pit, lingering, and each body is full of arrows.

At this moment, the giant pit has formed a blood lake, a blood lake composed entirely of the blood of monsters.

A strong and extremely bloody breath, constantly rising from the lake of blood, and then drifting with the wind, then drifting again.

Ye Chen glanced at the more than 5,000 monster beasts who had become extremely frightened because of his arrival. He curled his lips in disdain, and then looked at the players who were shining in the distance.

There, the millions of players who were rescued still haven’t left, most of them stared at the place where the monsters died.

To be precise, staring at an item exploded due to the death of a monster.

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As for why the players showed such gazes, how could Ye Chen not know.

They want to get the items exploded by monsters.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen sneered coldly.

A group of idiots who do not live or die

At this moment, the extremely dense sound of breaking through the sky sounded instantly.

“Swish swish”

I saw only five hundred and ten thousand arrows, which were shot again by the reincarnation legion, and then landed towards the giant crater.

The remaining monsters, seeing this, they did not hesitate to expose their vital points again.

At this moment, these remaining monsters have long lost their fighting spirit. They don’t want to continue to be tortured, let alone see Ye Chen using the Gunkiller, so they want to die, they want to die immediately.

They can’t even hate it now, because Ye Chen’s strength is too altered, stubborn, and too smart to give them the slightest chance to escape.

For these monster beasts, it is better to change back to a beast, than to be killed by Ye Chen’s Killing Spear and completely hang up.

Therefore, at the moment the arrow descended, they scrambled to expose their vital points.

In the next second, the sound of arrows entering the flesh sounded in pieces.

“Puff, puff, puff”

When the sound ended, it was followed by the sound of heavy objects falling.

“Boom Boom Boom”

More than five thousand monsters, without exception, their bodies were completely paralyzed in the huge pit, and the blood in the sky was splashed more than ten meters high in an instant, and then greeted In the afterglow of the setting sun, it fell to the giant pit again.

Ye Chen glanced at the monster beast that had been beheaded so many times, his eyebrows raised involuntarily, and then he looked at the Samsara Legion.

When Ye Chen saw that the new recruits of the Samsara Legion had improved in strength, he nodded in satisfaction.

Yes, yes, no effort is wasted. It will not take long for the recruits of the Samsara Legion to advance to the innate realm.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile, and then looked towards Guo. Guan Er, Zhang San, Zhang Jai, Nu Yi, Gao Lan, beside Yi, shouted:

“You wait to clean the battlefield. After cleaning, stay here for the time being. Remember, no one is allowed to come near or arbitrarily. Those who come close, kill without mercy!”

“Yes! Lord!” Guan Er, Zhang San, Zhang Jaw, Yu Yi, Gao Lan heard this, and all bowed and responded loudly.

Ye Chen heard this, smiled and nodded, and then flew towards the city of reincarnation.

Ye Chen gave this order because he saw the greedy and greedy eyes of the players in the distance, otherwise how could Ye Chen give this order.

Ye Chen is now very strong, and the army in Reincarnation City is also very strong, so strong that the players are afraid.

However, this does not hinder the players” greed and greed. As long as there are good things, there are often people who are willing to risk their lives and put them into action.

As far as Ye Chen is concerned, it is best for such a person not to dare to do it. If he dares to do it, just kill it directly. There is nothing to say.

Ye Chen left, the players in the distance look at me and I look at you, and their expressions are a bit wrong.

They heard what Ye Chen said in the sky.

What Ye Chen said was not for Guan Er, Zhang San and others, as it was for the players.

Because Ye Chen did not control the volume of the sound, all players heard it.

At first glance, Ye Chen’s words were not terrifying, but the killing intent contained in those words was ten percent.

And this makes these players involuntarily think of Ye Chen’s past, domineering, cold, and merciless, beheading countless players” past.

“What a good luck today, what? I went to withdraw first. I don’t know how long this plot mission will last. It is the business to fight monsters and upgrade the equipment as soon as possible.” One person watched Ye Chen and left. He glanced in the direction, then slapped haha, and said.

“Well, yes, I was able to survive today. I didn’t lose the level, but I was lucky. Well, I went elsewhere to fight monsters and upgrade.”

“I’ll go too”

Players, you and I talked about the scene, and then one by one, groups of people left the battlefield.

They really want to grab the items exploded by the monsters, because those items, at first glance, are top-notch existence, otherwise how to shine.

Unfortunately, they dare not, because Ye Chen’s words have allowed them to regain their sanity. In the face of absolute strength, the total of these people is not enough for Ye Chen’s army to stuff their teeth.

Rather than being killed, it is better to leave honestly.

Three Kingdoms novice area, Youzhou, Reincarnation Valley.

Ye Chenzhan’s tea time flew here, and as soon as it arrived, it stopped.

Because there is a straight old man standing outside the tall and majestic walls of the Reincarnation Valley.

He has gray hair, but he has no weak posture at all. Not only is he not, but the whole person also exudes a special aura, that aura is as sharp as a spear.

A person who can have this aura must be a martial arts master. At this age, there is also this aura.

Ye Chen just thought of this, the soldiers on the wall of the Valley of Reincarnation, all kneeled on one knee. Then he said respectfully and loudly to Ye Chen:

“See the lord!”

Hearing this, Ye Chen immediately returned to his senses, and then nodded at the soldiers on the wall.

At the gate of the city, Zhou Zang, who was receiving the old man, heard this and hurriedly raised his head, then knelt down on one knee to Ye Chen, and said loudly:

“Meet the lord!”

Ye Chen nodded with a smile, and was about to ask. The white-haired old man directly bowed to Ye Chen and said:

“Jingzhou Tongyuan, Tong Xiongfu, meet Huqi General!”


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