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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 466: Tong Yuan Acknowledges the Lord Read Novel

Chapter 466: Tong Yuan Acknowledges the Lord – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 466: Tong Yuan Acknowledges the Lord

When Ye Chen heard this, he was taken aback, then his eyes suddenly opened.

Fuck! It turned out to be Zhao Yunzheng’s master, Tong Yuan

Why did he run here by himself?

As soon as Ye Chen’s doubts appeared, he suddenly remembered something.

Half a month ago, when Zhao Yun was talking to Ye Chen, he mentioned that he wanted his master, Tong Yuan, to come and settle in Samsara City.

But Tong Yuan was fascinated by martial arts and didn’t like to go to battle to kill the enemy. He hoped that Ye Chen would allow it. Ye Chen agreed without hesitation at the time.

Because the soldiers of Reincarnation City, although their strengths continue to rise, they do not have many martial arts skills to kill the enemy. Tong Yuan is here to make up for this gap.

After all, Tong Yuan is a master of spearmanship. Anyone who teaches the soldiers of Reincarnation City can also make the soldiers of Reincarnation City’s combat effectiveness soar.

Of course, relatively speaking, Tong Yuan, a spear master, can’t compare with Ye Chen’s spearmanship.

Otherwise, Ye Chen wouldn’t be able to get the title of Spear God.

In terms of spear technique alone, Ye Chen is undoubtedly the number one in the world.

It’s just that Ye Chen’s spear skills can’t be taught to soldiers at all. If you want to teach, you can only accept apprentices, and then teach them to apprentices. This is the rule of the game world.

It’s just that Ye Chen doesn’t want to accept apprentices casually. You have to know that after accepting apprentices, the luck of the master and apprentice is connected together. If one is not good, it will affect Ye Chen.

Therefore, Ye Chen would not accept disciples easily, nor did he consider this matter.

Now that Tong Yuan is here, how could Ye Chen be unhappy.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen nodded with a smile, and then flew directly to the ground.

When Ye Chen landed, Tong Yuan solemnly bowed again and said:

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“Jingzhou Tongyuan, Tong Xiongfu begs General Huqi to take him in!”

As soon as Tong Yuan’s words landed, the system prompt sounded suddenly.

“Ding, Tong Yuan, the super-class historical military commander, want to recognize you as the master, do you accept it?”

After hearing the system prompt, Ye Chen was overjoyed and hurried forward a few steps. He lifted Tong Yuan up, and then solemnly said:

“Samsara City can be assisted by the male and female, and it is a blessing for the heavens!”

When Tong Yuan heard this, his eyes suddenly lit. Then he hurriedly bowed again and said:

“Jingzhou, Tong Yuan, Tong Xiongfu, meet the lord!”

In fact, after receiving Zhao Yunzheng’s letter, Tong Yuan first started Is hesitant.

Because Zhao Yunzheng’s letter only told him that the environment of Samsara City is excellent, the world is full of spiritual energy, and the practice is twice the result with half the effort, but he came here to do something for Ye Chen.

To be precise, he helped Ye Chen train the soldiers of Reincarnation City and taught the soldiers how to spear.

For Tong Yuan, who is obsessed with martial arts, this is tantamount to a difficult multiple-choice question.

I want to come, because the city of Reincarnation is rich in spiritual energy from heaven and earth, which is helpful for cultivation.

I didn’t want to come, because I wanted to help Ye Chen and train soldiers.

Of course, just training soldiers, he can still accept, but he is worried that Ye Chen will let him go to the battlefield, although he is not afraid of going to the battlefield, but he really has no intention of this.

At that time, if Ye Chen really lets him go on the battlefield, and he refuses, it will inevitably cause Ye Chen’s unhappiness, and it will also cause Zhao Yunzheng to be implicated. This is not what he wants to see.

However, after a period of time, he still missed the aura of the world of Reincarnation City, so Tong Yuan finally decided to come to Reincarnation City to try.

If Ye Chen really lets him go to the battlefield, then he promises to leave Samsara City after three times.

In this way, it is possible not to hurt Ye Chen’s face, or to embarrass his apprentice Zhao Yunzheng.

Whoever thinks, as soon as I arrived in Reincarnation City, I saw Ye Chen flying in the sky.

For Tong Yuan, this is tantamount to a huge excitement.

It is fascinated by martial arts for ascension, and now, in this difficult world of ascension, there is a person who can fly in the air, and this person is not someone else, it is the city of reincarnation that he is going to try to take refuge in. Lord, Ye Chen.

For Tong Yuan, this stimulus is so big.

Know that volley flight can only be done after soaring, and Tong Yuan knows this very well.

Although Tong Yuan didn’t understand that Ye Chen could fly in the sky and why he was still staying in this world, but this did not hinder his excitement.

Because as long as he takes refuge in Ye Chen, he will definitely be able to get Ye Chen’s guidance, and then he is expected to rise.

It is for this reason that Tong Yuan recognized Ye Chen as the master without hesitation.

Even if Ye Chen put him on the battlefield, he would not refuse, and this is what Tong Yuan is thinking at the moment.

Because once Ye Chen instructs him, it is no different from the master teaching the apprentice.

In this era, respect for teachers and Taoism is deeply engraved in everyone’s bones.

It is also for this reason that Tong Yuan completely gave up his previous stubbornness. No matter what Ye Chen asked him to do, he was willing.

Because he wanted Ye Chen’s guidance.

However, what he didn’t know was that as long as he joined the city of reincarnation, he would do nothing, and he could follow Ye Chen to ascend the whole country.

Unfortunately, Zhao Yunzheng didn’t tell him this.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that at this moment, Tong Yuan is wholeheartedly taking refuge in Ye Chen.

Ye Chen glanced at Tong Yuan, who was inexplicably excited, and suddenly smiled.

Just then, the world announcement sounded.

“Ding, congratulations to player Ye Chen for winning the fifth super-class historical military commander, Tong Yuan’s allegiance, special reward to player Ye Chen, 10 million taels of gold.”

The world announcement three times in a row, Immediately detonated the World Channel.

“Fuck, I’m not mistaken? Didn’t Ye Chen just kill a fairy? Why did you take Tong Yuan in a blink of an eye? Could it be that Tong Yuan was next to Ye Chen, or that Ye Chen saved him? Tong Yuan?”

“What’s special, these are not important, the important thing is that Tong Yuan is a super-class historical military commander, is it good? More importantly, Tong Yuante is Zhao Yunzheng’s master. Nima, there is nothing wrong with it! How can you take Tong Yuan away.”

“What a special, there are five super first-class historical generals, Ye Chen is so special is the rhythm of flying”

“Hahaha, the boss Ye Chen is awesome, and , Tell you, Boss Ye Chen can really fly, I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Damn, how could it be possible that Ye Chen could fly? I didn’t believe I killed him!”

“Grass, this is a fact, believe it or not, anyway, boss Ye Chen can fly in the air.”

“It’s true! I saw it too, just now”

“I saw it too”

“Nima, if Ye Chen could fly in the sky, it doesn’t mean that Ye Chente has become a god?”

“I don’t know if Ye Chen’s boss has become a god, but the strength and ability of Ye Chen’s boss is no different from that of a god. The one with the golden light disc still has a word in it, what’s it called, I don’t know”

“Hahaha, I don’t know either, but it’s not a problem at all. Thinking of the picture now, I still feel Shocked, more than half a million long and spears flew up, rotating around Boss Ye Chen, I will ask you a word, accept it!”

“Hahaha, it seems that this is true, great. In this way, I can continue to grow stronger and become an immortal immortal!””

“Dream, be a fairy, I also act first, you stand back!”

“Fuck your uncle!”

The World Channel became lively because Ye Chen had subdued Tong Yuan, but soon, it was boiled up when someone said that Ye Chen could fly in the sky and mastered super magic spells.

In the past, players have made guesses, continue to play, and after they become stronger, it is very likely that they will fly to the sky and become gods and gods.

And now, the various extraordinary and holy methods shown by Ye Chen have undoubtedly confirmed their guess.

So the players started to get excited, they started to get excited, and they couldn’t vent their joy one by one.

Even if this may be far away for them, even if it can’t support it until that time, it is unknown, and it cannot affect the excitement of the players.

Becoming gods and immortals is everyone’s dream, even before the meteor falls.

Of course, at that time, people couldn’t think about this every day. Most of them were at a certain moment, thinking about it, and then hiding it.

Because it is not practical at all, but it does not hinder people’s desires.

And now, becoming gods and immortals are placed in front of everyone, how could they not be excited, how could they not be excited.

Ye Chen glanced at the hustle and bustle of World Channel, his eyebrows raised involuntarily.

The players are excited because they see the possibility of longevity, but in fact, longevity is not easy.

Even if you become a fairy, it is not eternal.

Because there is still an immeasurable robbery.

Once the amount of calamity appears, even the great Luo Jinxian may hang, so how can we live forever?

There is only one way for eternity and immortality, preaching!

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Chapter 466: Tong Yuan Acknowledges the Lord – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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