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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 475: Use Xiancheng Advance Order Read Novel

Chapter 475: Use Xiancheng Advance Order – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 475: Use Xiancheng Advance Order

Looking at the Godkiller Spear that had lost the incomplete word, Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

The complete gunslinger, but it is a genuine innate treasure. The Demon King will poke at will, and die with one poke. It is the sky demon. Don’t even think about leaving completely.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s The corner of his mouth was tilted involuntarily.

“Hum, hum, hum”

The hum of shaking the world continues.

The tyrannical aura exuded by the Gunslinger became stronger and stronger.

Just as the Killing Spear announced to heaven and earth that it had been reborn, the people of Reincarnation City boiled.

On the streets of Reincarnation City, no hundreds of people looked at the sky frantically. To be precise, the rod looking at the sky was dark, thick, and constantly exuding wild, wild, domineering, and destructive spirits. Guns, one by one shouted at the sky with excitement.

“Lord Lord, long live! Long live!”

The people of the reincarnation city at this moment, that is an excitement, that is an excitement, because their lord, once again, is guarding they.

Just now, there is no cloud in the sky. Whoever thinks, suddenly dark clouds cover the sun, and thunder rolls.

If it is a normal thunderstorm, the people will not be alarmed, let alone panic.

But the thick dark clouds that appeared this time were too abnormal, and with a strong aura of destruction, everyone felt the crisis of death.

The people didn’t know why this suddenly appeared, but it didn’t prevent them from panic.

However, they haven’t been terrified for long, when a super tornado appeared out of thin air, and then the animation sky dark clouds, flew toward the sky of 10,000 meters.

It didn’t take long for the sky to dim, and everything was calm.

And now, the Gunslinger suddenly appeared in the sky, exuding a breath of mighty power.

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All these are added together, and the people don’t want to think about Ye Chen.

In the eyes of the people in the city of reincarnation, the city of reincarnation suddenly encountered a crisis, and it was their lord, Ye Chen, who took action to eliminate the crisis in one fell swoop and save the entire city of reincarnation.

Otherwise, how could the Gunslinger appear in the sky.

In fact, the people don’t know at all that this thunder catastrophe came because of Ye Chen, and was eliminated because of Ye Chen.

But this is not important. What is important is that after this incident, the people’s worship of Ye Chen has grown deeper.

For Ye Chen, this is tantamount to a good thing. Even if it is incidental or even trivial, the essence of a good thing cannot be erased.

Reincarnation forest.

Ye Chen shook his head helplessly as he looked at the Godkiller Spear still venting in the sky.

This guy has been holding back for a long time.

As soon as Ye Chen finished thinking about it, the tyrannical aura of Gunslinger instantly gathered, and then flew to Ye Chen’s side, turning around Ye Chen as if to please him. After three laps, it merged into Ye Chen’s body.

Seeing this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile, and then thought.

In the next second, the space in front of Ye Chen suddenly twisted.

Glancing at the twisted space, Ye Chen’s eyebrows couldn’t help but raised, and then stepped in. Then, Ye Chen disappeared into the reincarnation forest.

Reincarnation Valley, Reincarnation City, City Lord’s Mansion, Great Hall.

Cai Yin, Mi Zhu, Xun Qing, Chen Qun, Zhou Zang, Tong Yuan, are discussing the recent change with worry.

Before, Ye Chen advanced and attracted Thunder Tribulation. The momentum was too great. The people in Youzhou were shocked by the sudden appearance of Thunder Tribulation, not to mention the reincarnation closest to Thunder Tribulation. City.

Cai Yin, Mi Zhu, Xun Qing, Chen Qun, may not be clear at first, but Zhou Zang, Tong Yuan, after returning to the city of reincarnation, directly talked about Yang Mei Daxian.

It is precisely because of the sudden appearance of Great Immortal Yang Mei that makes them worry.

After all, Great Immortal Yang Mei appeared suddenly, and Lei Jie also came suddenly, how could they not be worried.

However, what they did not expect was that the thunder robbery came suddenly and went suddenly. It was broken before it even started to show off. Until now, the huge tornado filled with thunder and lightning in the sky still Constantly emerging in front of everyone.

The picture was shocking and exciting.

Of course, after seeing the Godslayer Spear in the sky, they also confirmed one thing for the first time. Their lord, Ye Chen, took action.

But this does not prevent Cai Yin, Mi Zhu, Xun Qing, Chen Qun, Zhou Zang, and Tong Yuan from worrying.

After all, Great Immortal Yang Mei is an enemy or a friend, and it is impossible to tell for a while.

As for the reason, it’s simple.

The appearance of Lei Jie was too sudden, and Great Immortal Yang Mei was discovered by Ye Chen at this moment, and they couldn’t help but contact Great Immortal Yang Mei about Lei Jie.

When everyone was worried, the space in the main hall of the City Lord’s Mansion was suddenly distorted.

In the next second, Ye Chen walked out of it.

After seeing the sudden appearance of Ye Chen, Cai Yin, Mi Zhu, Xun Qing, Chen Qun, Zhou Zang, Tong Yuan, all stayed together, and then hurriedly got up and bowed in prayer:

“Meet the lord!”

They never thought that Ye Chen still has the ability to cross space, otherwise, they would not be stunned.

Ye Chen glanced at all of his hands, smiled and nodded, then looked at the maid on duty at the door, and said:

“Go and ask the wife to come over.”

“Yes! Lord Lord!” When the maid heard this, she hurriedly bowed and hurried to the back house.

“Lord, is Great Immortal Yang Mei an enemy or a friend?” Cai Yin looked at Ye Chen at this time and asked with a heavy face.

As soon as Cai Yin’s words fell, Mi Zhu, Xun Qing, Chen Qun, Tong Yuan, Zhou Zang, Qi Qi looked at Ye Chen, and waited for Ye Chen’s answer.

Hearing this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but glanced at all of his subordinates. When Ye Chen saw the unyielding and even desperate look in their eyes, his heart suddenly warmed.

They were worried about Ye Chen’s safety, and they were worried about the safety of Samsara City. How could Ye Chen fail to see it.

Of course, Ye Chen could even see that they didn’t mean to escape or be afraid.

To be precise, if Great Immortal Yang Mei really is an enemy of Reincarnation City and Ye Chen is an enemy, they will also fight Great Immortal Yang Mei without hesitation.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen suddenly smiled, and then said:

“The Great Immortal Yangmei is not an enemy or a friend, but he only takes what he needs. You don’t need to care about it.”

“Yes! Lord!” Cai Yin, Mi Zhu, Xun Qing, Chen Qun, Tong Yuan, Zhou Zang, they all stunned when they heard this, and then bowed together in response.

Ye Chen nodded, and at this moment, the sound of crisp footsteps sounded.

Soon, Zhao Yu, Chan Juan, Cai Mei”er, Mi Zhen, Huang Wan”er, and the five sisters Zhen Jue Se came to the living room.

The moment the girls saw Ye Chen, Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief, and then they met together and said:

“I have met my husband!”

Obviously, the girls were also The change just now has affected. To be precise, they are also worried about Ye Chen’s safety. Now that Ye Chen is unharmed, they are naturally relieved.

After hearing the reassuring meaning contained in the women’s words, Ye Chen warmed his heart again, then smiled and nodded, and said:

“Call you over, yes Let you join me in witnessing something.”

When the girls heard this, Qi Qi was stunned. At this moment, Ye Chen came to the center of the hall. With a thought, the cornerstone of the city of reincarnation, the golden stone tablet, slowly rose from the ground.

Looking at the unique and unique golden stone tablet, Ye Chen smiled slightly, and then with a move with his right hand, the Xiancheng Advancement Order appeared instantly.

He glanced at the Xiancheng Advancement Order. Ye Chen did not hesitate to make a choice.


“Ding, Xiancheng Advanced Order uses the target, Reincarnation City, whether to confirm or not. Once confirmed, it cannot be changed.”

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Chapter 475: Use Xiancheng Advance Order – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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