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Chapter 476: Reincarnation Fairy City – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 476: Reincarnation Fairy City

Nima, still need to consider, definitely confirm!

“Ding, the Xiancheng Advance Order is successfully used, and the Reincarnation City Advancement begins.”

As soon as the system’s prompt sound ended, the Xiancheng Advance Order instantly turned into a colorful ball of light. Then rushed to the cornerstone of the reincarnation city, the golden stele.

When the colorful light group was completely integrated into the golden stele, the city of reincarnation and even the entire valley of reincarnation trembled fiercely.

At the same time, the roar that shook the entire valley of reincarnation sounded one after another.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The voice came from underground, dull and heavy.

Cai Yin, Mi Zhu, Xun Qing, Chen Qun, Tong Yuan, Zhou Zang, after feeling the tremors from the earth, they were suddenly shocked, and then invariably looked at Ye Chen and shouted:

“Master! Take the mistresses out of the hall, there is an earthquake!”

At this moment, the city of Reincarnation is trembling violently up and down. It feels like an earthquake, no wonder Cai Yin, Mi Zhen, Xun Qing and the others called Ye Chen.

And the five sisters Zhao Yu, Chan Juan, Cai Meier, Huang Waner, Mi Zhen, Zhen Jue Se behind Ye Chen were equally shocked, but they didn’t exclaim, because they knew that Ye Chen would definitely not Put them in danger.

Ye Chen glanced at the shocked people, then smiled and said:

“No need to be nervous, there will be no danger.”

Everyone heard this, Qi Qi was stunned, and then unanimously he mentioned the heart of the throat and released it back.

If someone else said this, they would definitely not believe it, but it was their lord, the unparalleled, omnipotent lord, who said this. This is completely different.

All of them would not doubt Ye Chen, no matter what Ye Chen said, they would think it was right.

Because their lord, Ye Chen, would never make fun of their lives.

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As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, the violently shaking Reincarnation City suddenly stopped.

At the moment when everyone was stunned, the huge city of reincarnation, together with the valley of reincarnation, the three high mountains around the valley of reincarnation, and the forest of reincarnation outside the valley, suddenly burst into glory.

A mysterious and mysterious wave appeared in the entire Samsara Valley and the Samsara Forest.

The sound of bursts of avenues also sounded at this moment, and then continued to echo.

Ye Chen, who has been letting out his consciousness, watching the changes outside, suddenly opened his eyes when he saw the three high mountains surrounding the Samsara Valley and the Samsara Forest participating in the changes.

Fuck! This time I made a lot of money!

Don’t blame Ye Chen for thinking like this. The essence of Xiancheng Advancement Order is to upgrade ordinary cities to Xiancheng.

And this advanced process is to turn all the materials for building the city into fairy-level materials, and then automatically generate some formations to attach to the city.

And now, Ye Chen’s Reincarnation City is changing, it’s nothing, Ye Chen can confirm this early in the morning.

What Ye Chen didn’t expect was that the Samsara Valley and the three 10,000-meter mountains surrounding Samsara Valley, as well as the larger Samsara Forest, were also involved in the changes.

All of this, I told Ye Chen straightforwardly.

There are also three 10,000-meter mountains in the Samsara Valley, and the entire Samsara Forest is also being transformed!

To be precise, Ye Chen would have three more immortal-level materials for 10,000-meter mountains out of thin air, as well as a super-large reincarnation forest.

As for the Valley of Reincarnation, 100% will become a fairy field!

For Ye Chen, all of this is tantamount to a big surprise.

Be aware that after the city of Samsara is advanced to the city of Samsara, if you want to increase the scale of Samsara city, you must continue to add materials to the city of Samsara.

And this material must reach the cent level.

But this is the newbie area of ​​the Three Kingdoms. If you want to find fairy-level materials, you can only go to Sanxian Island, but there is no other way.

But even if you find Sanxian Island and evacuate Sanxian Island, the city of Samsara can grow to cover the whole country.

In this way, Ye Chen’s idea of ​​putting all the people in the city of reincarnation will definitely be impacted.

And now, Ye Chen doesn’t need to worry about this trouble, because the three 10,000-meter mountains are turning into a fairy-level mountain, and the reincarnation forest is turning into a fairy forest.

Once the transformation is completed, the three 10,000-meter mountains surrounding the Reincarnation Valley, as well as the huge reincarnation forest, will 100% provide Ye Chen with massive amounts of fairy-level construction materials.

Therefore, Ye Chen doesn’t have to worry about the immortal grade material being insufficient.

Even if they couldn’t find Sanxian Island, Ye Chen didn’t worry.

Because the three 10,000-meter mountains are too big, even if the Sanxian Islands add up, they cannot compare to the three 10,000-meter mountains.

Not to mention, Ye Chen also has a reincarnation forest with a larger area!

Of course, simply looking at the materials, three 10,000-meter mountains and reincarnation forest can not build a city that can hold the people of the whole country.

It’s just that the city built with fairy-level materials has the characteristic of shrinking and expanding on its own.

If it shrinks, it can be reduced to the size of a rice grain, while the internal space remains unchanged.

As for expansion, start with ten thousand times, without capping.

To be precise, the higher the level of materials used to build Xiancheng, the greater the range of Xiancheng’s self-expansion.

And Ye Chen has refined the origin of space at this moment. Although the ability to control space is only a fur, he still has the ability to enhance the internal space of Reincarnation City.

So Ye Chen didn’t worry about this at all.

As soon as Ye Chen thought of this, a powerful force suddenly appeared under everyone’s feet.

“This is” Tong Yuan. After Zhou Zang noticed the abnormality, he was taken aback, and then shouted in astonishment.

They are military commanders, and they immediately noticed the weirdness under their feet.

The problem is that the ground is still level and there is no bulge at all.

At this moment, a feeling of being pushed up rapidly appeared in everyone’s hearts.

In the next second, a white cloud suddenly appeared in the hall where everything was normal, and then it became thicker and thicker.

At this moment, the system prompt sounded.

“Ding, congratulations to player Ye Chen, Samsara City has officially advanced to Samsara City.”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he heard this.

The momentum is quite big, I don’t know how advanced those three mountains and the trees in the reincarnation forest are.

Ye Chen just thought of this and found that Zhao Yu suddenly appeared in the hall. Suddenly stayed, then looked at Ye Chen, and asked in astonishment:

“My husband, this”

“Now the Samsara City, including Samsara Valley, and Samsara Forest, have arrived It’s in the sky.” Ye Chen suddenly smiled when he heard this, and then said.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, the women and Ye Chen’s men all stayed together.

They didn’t expect that the change just now was caused by the rise of Samsara City.

After regaining consciousness, Cai Yin, Mi Zhu, Xun Qing, Chen Qun, Zhou Zang, Tong Yuan, all looked at Ye Chen together, and then solemnly bowed in prayer:

“Lord! Long live! Long live! Long live!”

What is out of place, what should not be called that way, at this moment, Ye Chen’s men are thrown out of their heads.

In their view, their lord is the true destiny.

Otherwise, how could Samsara City fly into the sky?

This is not a mortal method at all, nor is it something emperors can do.

Even if the emperors exhaust the power of the whole country, it is useless to seek heaven and earth!

Ye Chen suddenly smiled when he heard this, and was about to speak. A white-haired old man suddenly appeared at the entrance of the hall.

In the next second, a respectful greeting sounded.

“Nanhua, meet the Lord Lord.”

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Chapter 476: Reincarnation Fairy City – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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