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Chapter 477: Nanhua Alchemy

Hearing this, Ye Chen couldn’t help looking at the old Nanhua fairy, nodded with a smile, and then asked:

“Can you still get used to it in Reincarnation?”

“Lord Enlightenment, the city of Reincarnation is more than a hundred times better than Pan Dao thought, and now, it is more than ten thousand times better.” Old Immortal Nanhua heard this and hurriedly bowed. Tao.

Obviously, Old Immortal Nanhua already knew about the extraordinary changes in Reincarnation City, otherwise he wouldn’t say so.

Ye Chen heard this, smiled and nodded, and then asked:

“What are you doing here?”

The old fairy of Nanhua is the Three Kingdoms Novice’s special existence, currently living in the city of Reincarnation, has not yet recognized the master Ye Chen, it’s nothing to come to the city’s main mansion to meet Ye Chen, but Ye Chen doesn’t think the old Nanhua immortal is here, just to congratulate Ye Chen, advance to the city Reincarnation Xiancheng.

You know, the old man Nanhua came in a hurry, obviously there was something important, otherwise he couldn’t be like this.

After hearing Ye Chen’s question, Nanhua Old Immortal hurriedly bowed to Ye Chen, and then said:

“My lord Qi, the poor Dao has made small gains in alchemy recently. I got it, but there is still a lack of blind medicine.”

“Medicine? What kind of medicine?” Ye Chen was stunned when he heard this, and then asked.

When the old fairy Nanhua heard this, he smiled slightly, and then bowed and said:

“Lord, the best choice for the medicine is the water of the spring of spirit, but now, in the valley of reincarnation There are better alternatives.”

Ye Chen was stunned when he heard this, and then asked:

“You are talking about the Valley of Reincarnation. Those originally are ordinary springs. Now it has become the spring water of Xianquan?”

“It is this.” Old Immortal Nanhua suddenly smiled when he heard this, then nodded and bowed in response.

When Ye Chen heard this, he shook his head helplessly, and then said:

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“You don’t need to use this as much as you want. If you want to use it, just get it.”

“Thank you Lord Lord!” When Old Immortal Nanhua heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up, and then he hurriedly bowed in prayer.

What is the fairy spring, how can the old fairy of Nanhua not know, this thing is in the mortal world, it is impossible to appear, but at this moment, the city of reincarnation, to be precise, the city of reincarnation has appeared, and Ye Chen And let him take it as he pleases.

For the old man of Nanhua, how could he not be excited, how could he not be excited.

You must know that Nanhua Lao Xian’s alchemy is not unprofitable. If he can continue to make alchemy, he will also get various improvements from alchemy.

Ye Chen took a look, the extremely excited Nanhua old fairy, nodded with a smile, and then asked:

“How effective is the pill you are trying now?”

Nanhua Lao Xian is a cultivator and is good at alchemy. This is one of the reasons why Ye Chen asked Nanhua Lao Xian to settle in the city of reincarnation.

To be precise, Ye Chen originally had the idea of ​​letting Nanhua Lao Xian make a pill for the city of Reincarnation, whether it was for the people or for the soldiers.

Now that Nanhua Lao Xian has officially started to refine his pill, Ye Chen naturally wanted to know the type of pill that Nanhua Lao Xian would refine.

“Lord Enlightenment, the pill that is refined by the poor Dao can increase the strength of soldiers. If the water of the fairy spring is used as the medicine, the effect of the pill will definitely be greatly improved, and it will not Leave the slightest side effect.” Old Immortal Nanhua heard this and hurriedly bowed in prayer.

Old Immortal Nanhua didn’t dare to conceal anything. Although he had not formally followed Ye Chen, in essence, this was already a certainty, and it was impossible to change it.

As long as Ye Chen builds the country and the whole country soars, he will definitely recognize the master Ye Chen, even if Ye Chen doesn’t speak, he will actively recognize the master.

As for the reason, it’s very simple. Ye Chen saved his life and promised to let him settle down in Reincarnation City. In this way, he can fly with Ye Chen.

For the old fairy of Nanhua, Ye Chen is no different from reproductive parents. It was Ye Chen who gave him a new life, and Ye Chen also gave him the hope of rising.

Therefore, he will not hide Ye Chen at all, let alone talk about it.

Furthermore, even if there were no previous factors, Old Immortal Nanhua didn’t dare to speak casually, because Ye Chen’s pressure on him was stronger, even so strong.

There is only one reason for this change, Ye Chen’s realm far exceeds the Transcendence realm.

Old Immortal Nanhua couldn’t judge what level he was, but Old Immortal Nanhua was very sure that even if he added up to a hundred, he couldn’t compare to a single Ye Chen.

“What!” Ye Chen suddenly opened his eyes when he heard Nanhua Old Immortal’s words, and then asked.

Ye Chen didn’t think about how the pill that Nanhua Old Immortal refined could actually increase the soldier’s strength.

This kind of pill appeared in Ye Chen’s previous life, but it was a long time later, and the person who refined the pill to increase strength was not Nanhua Old Immortal, but Hua Tuo.

Originally, Ye Chen planned to send someone to find Hua Tuo after the end of the plot mission, bring Hua Tuo to the city of Reincarnation, and then let Hua Tuo develop that kind of medicine.

But now, the words of Nan Hua Lao Xian undoubtedly told Ye Chen one point that Nan Hua Lao Xian has also developed a pill to increase strength, and it is still a pill with no side effects.

For Ye Chen, this is tantamount to a great thing.

You must know that there will be more and more soldiers in the city of Reincarnation. If the fighting continues, there are still soldiers to train, but if the fighting does not start, then you can only practice sullenly.

That speed is undoubtedly very slow.

And now the Nanhua Old Immortal said that he undoubtedly gave Ye Chen a surprise.

After hearing Ye Chen’s words, Old Immortal Nanhua hurriedly bowed again and said:

“Encourage Lord Lord, that pill can increase the soldier’s strength without side effects.”

“What is the output of the pill refining?” Ye Chen hurriedly asked when he heard this.

Old Immortal Nanhua was slightly taken aback when he heard this, and then bowed and said:

“Lord Kai, the problem of alchemy lies in the beginning. This poor path can be solved. If you increase the pill furnace, If you recruit people with flexible hands and eyes to be apprentices, the output of pill can be increased to 100,000 pieces per day, or even more.”

“How much force can be increased?” Ye Chen heard this, eyes. Exhausted, and then asked.

Nanhua Old Immortal thought for a moment, and then bowed and responded:

“The specific value cannot be judged by the poor road, but the water of the fairy spring is used as a medicine. Once the refining is successful, at least it can Provides 30 points of strength. If the pill is perfected, it should be able to directly break through the innate realm.”

“Good! Good!” Ye Chen heard this, his eyes opened sharply, and then he leaned back. Laughed wildly.

Cai Yin, Mi Zhu, Xun Qing, Chen Qun, Zhou Zang, and Tong Yuan on the side looked at each other at this time, and then all looked at Ye Chen and bowed in prayer:

“Congratulations to the lord, congratulations to the lord!”

When Ye Chen heard this, he smiled again, then looked at Mi Zhu and shouted:

“Zizhong, what medicine does Nanhua need, you Write down all of them, and then make every effort to purchase all related drugs in Dahan, regardless of all costs!”


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