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Chapter 492: Guo Yi’s Contributions – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 492: Guo Yi’s Contributions

It’s really time for these three people to come.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen narrowed his eyes, then looked at the tens of thousands of golden turban soldiers on the ground, and shouted:

“Remove the golden scarf on your head, take off all the clothing with the golden scarf on your body, and pile them together. Remember, you are all refugees persecuted by the golden scarf!”

Ye Chen did this for a very good purpose. It’s simple, just don’t give Dong Da, Cao Ning, and Lu Zhi handle it.

You must know that these Golden Turban soldiers had participated in the rebellion. If the three of them saw that Ye Chen had conquered tens of millions of soldiers, and they had all gotten to Youzhou, they would definitely stop them.

After all, Jinjin Jiangzu was involved in the rebellion, how to deal with it, that requires Liu Hong to speak.

But Ye Chen’s behavior is undoubtedly ignoring Liu Hong, which is a disrespectful charge.

Although Ye Chen is not afraid, Ye Chen does not want to carry the charge.

Because Liu Hong was not dead, Ye Chen openly rebelled against Liu Hong and his name was not right.

If Ye Chen destroys the Dahan directly and builds the nation, then Ye Chen will definitely not get much luck.

Ye Chen wants to ascend the whole country, but the luck of heaven and earth also requires Ye Chen, otherwise, even if it can ascend, Ye Chen’s empire will not stand.

An empire without the blessing of heaven and earth will not last for a long time. Ye Chen knows this very well.

It was for this reason that Ye Chen asked the soldiers to remove the costumes and headscarves that represented the golden scarf on their bodies, and then burn them all.

Without this, Ye Chen said that these golden trousers were ordinary people, Lu Zhi, Cao Ning, and Dong Da. Even if they didn’t believe it, they couldn’t find evidence.

Furthermore, they did not dare to turn their faces with Ye Chen, the military god of the Han Empire, just because there was no evidence.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, the soldiers of the Golden Turban descended for a while.

They didn’t understand why Ye Chen gave this order, but they didn’t understand why they didn’t understand. They didn’t dare to violate Ye Chen’s order. After returning to God one by one, they hurriedly took off their heads according to Ye Chen’s orders. Take off the clothes related to the golden scarf on her body, and then pile them together.

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It didn’t take long for tens of thousands of clothes piles to appear on the ground.

When Ye Chen saw this, he flicked his finger, and tens of thousands of fireballs appeared instantly, and then quickly flew to the pile of clothes.

In the next second, an extremely dense explosion sounded instantly.

“Boom, boom, boom”

In just two breaths, all the piles of clothes were burned out.

When Ye Chen saw this, his eyebrows raised involuntarily, and then he looked at the pawns in the golden scarf, and shouted:

“You will go to Youzhou on your own, and someone will give you yours.” Distribute enough food, seeds, and farming tools. If you have a family member, you can take your family to Youzhou by yourself.

When you get there, you will build a house by yourself, open up wasteland and plow the land. Remember, don’t have to live. Otherwise, one person commits the crime, and the others commit the same crime!”

“Thank you, Lord Lord! Long live Lord Lord! Long live!” The Golden Turban pawns heard this, their eyes lit up, and then they faced each other with excitement. Ye Chen in the sky bowed and said.

Ye Chen’s words are harsh, even cruel, because one person commits a crime and everyone is punished as the same.

But the Golden Turban soldiers never thought about making troubles, let alone committing crimes. They just wanted to live a good life and live a good life.

So, they don’t worry about being punished at all.

Of course, these are not important. What is important is that what Ye Chen provided was beyond their expectations.

Originally they thought that Ye Chen would give them food that would not starve to death, and some seeds, farm tools, and even farm tools might not be given.

After all, they are sinners, but the truth is not what they thought.

Ye Chen not only gave them enough food, but also distributed seeds and farm tools, and allowed them to take their families to Youzhou.

This is simply a great thing for the Golden Turban soldiers.

What they want is nothing more than food and clothing, and they can live a stable and stable life without being hungry.

And these, Ye Chen gave them directly, how could they be dissatisfied, and how could they be unhappy.

Ye Chen looked at the inexplicably excited Golden Turban pawns on the ground, smiled slightly, and then shouted:

“Go now, target Youzhou!”

“Yes Lord Lord!” The sky-shaking cheers sounded instantly.

After the Golden Turban soldiers shouted, they turned one by one and walked towards Youzhou.

Ye Chen sighed secretly when he saw this.

The people of this era, all they want is a stable and stable life, without having to go hungry.

Unfortunately, Liu Hong has deprived them of such a wish. How could the world not Chaos

Thinking of this, Ye Chen looked directly at Zhao Yunzheng, Zhao Meng, Guan Er, Dian Xiong, Zhang San and the others, and shouted:

“Assemble, prepare to march!”

“Yes! Lord!” Zhao Yunzheng, Dianxiong, Zhao Meng, Guan Er, Zhang San stared at this, and all the generals bowed and responded loudly.

In the next second, the army of the reincarnation city began to gather and quickly stood in the square.

Ye Chen saw this and flew directly to the Samsara Legion. When Ye Chen rode on Tianma Xiaojin, the dull roar of the earth finally reached the ears of the army of Samsara City.

Guo Yi, who was next to “Master” Ye Chen, was slightly taken aback when he heard this. After returning to his senses, he hurriedly looked at Ye Chen and bowed in prayer.

It’s just that Ye Chen interrupted before finishing speaking.

“It’s Lu Zhi, and Cao Ning loses, Dong Da.”

Guo Yi was taken aback again when he heard this, and then reacted, why did Ye Chen just let the Jinjin down the soldiers Take off the clothes with the gold scarf logo on them, and then burn them.

After regaining his senses, Guo Yi couldn’t help but smile, and then bowed and said, “The lord is wise!”

“Stop flattering.When Ye Chen heard this, he glared at Guo Yi, and then said.

When Guo Yi heard this, he smirked a few times, and then bowed and said, “Master, there is something wrong with Jia.”

“But it doesn’t hurt to speak. “Ye Chen was stunned when he heard this, and then said.

Hearing this, Guo Yi nodded, then bowed and said:

“Master, this time the golden scarf To be wiped out, I contributed ninety-nine percent of the power to the city of Samsara. It was because the lord’s military exploits shocked the sky. However, at this moment, the lord has officially occupied the general Hussar, Youzhou Mu. If you have this kind of military exploits, I might be able to overpower the lord.

Instead of provoking your majesty’s suspicion, I don’t prevent him from giving Lu Zhi, Cao Ning loses, and Dong Da some benefits, and then I traded some horses for the army of Reincarnation City.”

When Ye Chen heard this, he was stunned. After recovering, Ye Chen laughed, and then said:

“Fortunately, Feng Xiao reminded him early. I can’t get rid of it.”

Guo Yi is telling the truth. Ye Chen’s contribution is too great. The entire golden scarf was basically destroyed by Ye Chen.

Soon after, Ye Chen was going to destroy again. Monster Race, by then, Ye Chen’s military exploits will definitely be too great.

Once Ye Chen’s final military exploits are placed in front of Liu Hong, Liu Hong will definitely be frightened. After that, Liu Hong will be 100% off. Hundreds will be jealous of Ye Chen.

Because Ye Chenbing has a strong horse and is too special to fight.

For this kind of existence, Liu Hong is faint and will be on guard. This is not what Ye Chen wanted to see.

“Master, it’s a perfect time for these three people to come, otherwise, the master’s military merits are really difficult to separate.” Guo Yi suddenly smiled when he heard this, then bowed and bowed.

When Ye Chen heard this, he laughed, and then said:

“The war horse is the most lacking in my reincarnation city now, so I will change the war horse, but Lu Zhi forgets it, this person is too If Cao Ning is upright, and if Cao Ning loses, he is still a school officer. The financial resources are not good, so Dong Da is the only one. However, you have to add these two people to this battle report.”

Ye Chen is now expensive. Youzhou Mu, General Hussar, Champion Hou, really despised Liu Hong’s award, otherwise Ye Chen would never sell his exploits.

Of course, not only did Ye Chen “sell” the exploits for the army of Reincarnation City, he also had plans to push Dong Da.

You must know that Dong Da is the key figure in the co-stars, and he won’t let Dong Da get “brilliant” and his tail will be up to the sky. Then how can Dong Da dare trouble Chang”an.

Without Dong Da’s scourge, the heroes have risen together. I don’t know how many years it will be delayed. Ye Chen didn’t want to wait any longer.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen waved his right hand.

There was a sound of “hum.”

The army of 1.9 million reincarnation city disappeared instantly without a trace.

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Chapter 492: Guo Yi’s Contributions – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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