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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 493: Lu Zhi, Dong Da, Cao Ning are shocked Read Novel

Chapter 493: Lu Zhi, Dong Da, Cao Ning are shocked – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 493: Lu Zhi, Dong Da, Cao Ning are shocked

Ye Chen hid the army of 1.9 million Reincarnation City, the purpose of which was naturally to hide his strength.

After all, Lu Zhi and Cao Ning are down. Dong Da and the others are rushing towards this place. If they see it, it will definitely reach Liu Hong’s ears.

If Liu Hong knew that Ye Chen had so many troops, and he had a special set of diamond-level equipment, it would be weird if he was not afraid or worried.

Of course, this is not the key. The most important thing is that Ye Chen didn’t want to scare Dong Da.

If Dong Da saw that Ye Chen’s army was tyrannical, he might really not dare to rebel.

What Ye Chen has to do is to keep Dong Da always in a “sweet” mentality, let him swell, and make him crazy.

Otherwise, how could he dare to die, to bring trouble to Chang”an, and to harm the imperial family of Han Dynasty.


Thousand horses are galloping, and the earth roars.

Lu Zhi, Cao Ning lost, Dong Da led the three cavalry armies, and quickly approached the Samsara Legion.

Just when they were ten miles away from the Samsara Legion, the ten thousand chiefs of the Samsara Legion raised their weapons together and shouted in a loud voice:



The Samsara Legion turned their horses together, then drew their bows and set strings, aiming at the three cavalry troops that rushed in.

“Boom Rumble”

The horse galloped, and Cao Ning, who led the cavalry army in a continuous gallop, lost, Dong Da, and Lu Zhi. The moment they saw the reincarnation army, they all went wide. Eyes.

“This is the Cavalry of Champion Hou?” Dong Da shouted with a dull expression.

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“It’s no wonder that the champion Hou Neng wins every battle.” Cao Ning suddenly opened his losing eyes, and then said in surprise.

“As expected of the champion, how can such an army not be invincible!” Lu Zhi shouted in shock.

Lu Zhi, Cao Ning, and Dong Da were all surprised by the luxurious equipment set of the Samsara Legion.

They didn’t expect that the great general of the Han Empire hussars, champion Hou Yechen’s cavalry army, would be equipped with all diamond-level suits.

The price of such equipment is extremely high, and ordinary generals can have this, but Ye Chen’s reincarnation legion has a diamond-level suit, so how can it not surprise them.

In fact, if they get closer, they will find that among the soldiers of the 51 million reincarnation legion, there are still 10,000, each wearing heavenly equipment and holding heavenly weapons.

Although they are not standard equipment, they are all real heavenly equipment.

Just when the three of them were shocked, the reincarnation legion’s action of drawing a bow and stringing suddenly awakened them from the shock. One by one hurriedly raised their hands and shouted:


The three cavalry armies, then slowly stopped.

When the three cavalry armies stopped, Dong Da and Lu Zhi, unanimously looking at the lieutenant beside them, said, “Send someone over and explain.”

Three cavalry armies, but the real leaders are Dong Da and Lu Zhi.

Although Cao Ning has led a cavalry, his official position is still very low at the moment. Under the command of Lu Zhi, he will naturally not do anything that is overwhelming.

When Dong Da and Lu Zhi sent people over, Cao Ning, who had been observing the Samsara Legion, narrowed his eyes sharply, but immediately, he returned to normal.

It was Cao Ning who saw the unusual place of the Samsara Legion. To be precise, they were soldiers of the Samsara Legion, all of whom were in the innate realm. Some of them even exceeded Cao Ning’s expectations.

Just when Cao Ning was dull and silent, a general of Dong Da’s side was shocked, and then hurriedly whispered to Dong Da.

After Dong Da finished listening, he shuddered suddenly, and then looked at the Samsara Legion with a shocked expression on his face.

At this time, a general next to Lu Zhi also found something wrong. After reacting, he was shocked and then whispered to Lu Zhi.

When Lu Zhi finished listening, he was in a daze, then looked at the Samsara Legion, and said with a shocked expression:

“It turned out to be in the Innate Realm. “Bing”

“His subordinates don’t know, but this alone can explain why the Hussar General dared to use hundreds of thousands of soldiers to attack the giant deer.” Lu Zhi’s lieutenant just said this. Suddenly, a large number of people appeared on the left and right sides of the Samsara Legion.

After a moment, Lu Zhi’s lieutenant suddenly thought of something, and then shouted in shock: “The Giant Deer City was broken.”

I couldn’t help but think otherwise. You have to know. The news they received was that the army of Reincarnation City was attacking Julu, so Lu Zhi and Dong Da, who had just arrived here, decided to lead their troops to join Ye Chen, the army god of the Han Empire, to attack Julu together.

But the current situation is that the army of the reincarnation city has not moved, and a large number of people in ragged clothes have appeared outside the city. There is no other explanation except for the destruction of the giant deer.

You know, the people are not stupid, it is impossible to do stupid things wherever there is a battlefield.

So, in the end, there is no doubt that Julu was forced, and the people who appeared outside the city were all from Julu.

“What?” Lu Zhi was shocked when he heard this.

The Reincarnation Legion has a 510,000 innate realm and a diamond-level suit for everyone. Lu Zhi already knows it, but Lu Zhi does not think that such a fierce cavalry army can break the giant deer.

Know that they are cavalry, they can’t attack the city at all.

It was precisely because of this point of view that Lu Zhi was so shocked after hearing the explanation from the deputy general.

“General, there are traces of a large number of people on both sides of the army in the reincarnation city. They must be from the giant deer.” Lu Zhi’s lieutenant hurriedly explained.

When Lu Zhi heard this, he hurriedly looked at both sides of the army in the reincarnation city. The next second, Lu Zhi was stunned on the spot.

After a while, Lu Zhi recovered, and then said in shock:

“This giant deer is really broken”

At the same time , Cao Ning was negative, Dong Da, also discovered this, and then Qi Qi showed inexplicable shocked eyes.

They also didn’t believe that the cavalry army of Samsara City could defeat the giant deer, but the fact was in front of them, the giant deer was really destroyed.

The location of Dong Dajun.

“Prepare your jewels, you need the most precious jewels, the more the better, I will be useful later.” Dong Da glanced at the Samsara Legion, then looked at the lieutenant next to him and shouted in a low voice.

“Yes! General!”

Cao Ning’s army is located.

“Yuan Rang, if you are given enough money and equipment, how long will it take you to build such a large army?” Cao Ningg glanced at the Samsara Legion, then looked at Xiahou Dun next to him, and said Asked.

“General, this kind of army requires not only equipment and money, but also soldiers with at least A and grade qualifications, and the corresponding skills, otherwise” Xiahou Dun heard this and sighed. Then he said.

Cao Ning’s brow frowned when he heard this, then nodded and stopped speaking.

However, his eyes are strobe light.

Obviously, Cao Ning has no intention of giving up at all, but still wants to build a strong army, exactly the same as the Samsara Legion.

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Chapter 493: Lu Zhi, Dong Da, Cao Ning are shocked – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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