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Chapter 497: Acting

Ye Chen has always been out of mind, Dong Da, Cao Ning is negative, Lu Zhi’s every move, every word and deed, even a small expression, Ye Chen can see clearly.

Therefore, Cao Ning’s trick of instigating discordance cannot escape Ye Chen’s perception.

Of course, the wonderful expression of Cao Ning’s failure to provoke discord was also clearly seen by Ye Chen.

But this is not important. What matters is that Cao Ning, who hasn’t made a fortune at this moment, is disliked by Lu Zhi.

For Cao Ningmin, this is undoubtedly not what I want to see.

After all, Cao Ning is now under the management of Lu Zhi.

It’s just that, for Ye Chen, this is something that makes Ye Chen happy.

After all, Cao Ning will be one of the 18th princes in the near future, and he will definitely fight Ye Chen.

Of course, for Ye Chen at this moment, Cao Ning’s future achievements are so impressive that Ye Chen doesn’t care, because Cao Ning and Ye Chen are not on the same level.

Before Ye Chen’s rise, he would still regard Cao Ning’s negligence as a person, but at this moment, in this world, no hero will be seen by Ye Chen.

This is also an unexpected gain. Originally, I wanted to give Dong Da a prestige, but Cao Ning was willing to jump inside.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen glanced at it with a “calm” face “Cao Ning, who was walking towards this place, turned negatively, his mouth curled up, and then he returned to calm.

Not long after, Dong Da, Lu Zhi, and Cao Ning arrived in front of Ye Chen. The three of them glanced at Ye Chen, and then all bowed and said:

“Farewell to Piao.” Ride the general!”

Ye Chen’s official position is higher than the three of them, even the title is higher than the three of them. Naturally, the three of them dare not to be casual in front of Ye Chen. Not only can they not casually, they must be upright. If the salute of the Eight Sutras is spread out, the three of them will inevitably be criticized and even scolded by the people of the world.

Ye Chen nodded when he heard this, then looked at the three of them and asked:

“Wait, why are you here?”

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“Ask the general Hussar, the next official heard that General Hussar was attacking the giant deer, so he led his troops to help out!” Lu Zhi heard this and hurriedly bowed in prayer.

When Dong Da on the side heard this, he turned to Ye Chen with a smile on his face, bowed and said:

“The same goes for the lower officials, but the lower officials didn’t expect that, Huqi Da The general has used his soldiers like a god, and has now defeated the giant deer and killed Zhang Jue, Zhang Bao, and Zhang Liang. After his Majesty knows this, he will surely be happy, and the people of the world will surely sing the deathless merits of the Hussar!”

Ye Chen heard a slight smile, haha, and then he said:

“General Dong is serious. Ye is just doing what a minister should do. Why not do it? Said Gongyi.

What’s more, General Lu, General Dong has done a lot to defeat Julu. Don’t worry, you two, I will report the truth to your Majesty.”

Dong Da, Lu Zhi, heard this, Qi Qi was stunned.

They didn’t expect Ye Chen to say so.

This is simply telling them clearly that the two of them have a share of the exploits to break the giant deer.

After regaining his senses, Dong Da looked at Ye Chen with bright eyes, but Lu Zhi frowned slightly, then looked at Ye Chen and said:

“Piao” General Cavalry, this”

“Hahaha, General Lu must not be humble. Without your previous suppression, Zhang Jue would have gone elsewhere long ago, even if my army in Samsara City can fight again, so what? Swallow it all at once?” Ye Chen laughed, and then said.

“This, this” Lu Zhi’s face turned red involuntarily when he heard this.

Ye Chen said it nicely, but the real situation is that he can’t suppress Zhang Jue at all. Not only can he not suppress Zhang Jue, but he has to be on guard at all times because Zhang Jue is too abnormal.

If Zhang Jue was not willing to suffer any major damage, Lu Zhi’s army would have been defeated by Zhang Jue.

Lu Zhi knows this very well, and it is precisely because Lu Zhi knows this that Lu Zhi is very embarrassed, but in front of Ye Chen, Lu Zhi is embarrassed to admit that he can’t do it. Going out, that would be too embarrassing.

“That’s the case, but” Ye Chen glanced at Lu Zhi, who was embarrassed about the battle, and then spoke.

Ye Chen didn’t finish what he said. Anyone who reads it will know that Ye Chen is in trouble.

When Dong Da on the side heard this, he hurriedly looked at Ye Chen and bowed and said:

“General Husseong, if you have any difficulties, you will do your best to help Piao General Cavalry.”

Obviously, Dong Da is trying to get close to Ye Chen and please Ye Chen.

As for the reason, it is very simple. Ye Chen wants to give credit for breaking the Julu. Dong Da doesn’t want to miss this good opportunity.

After all, Ye Chen has encountered difficulties how he heard what he said. If he didn’t take this opportunity to please Ye Chen, wouldn’t he be a fool.

If you know that the capture of the giant deer is a great feat, you can get a lot of benefits from Liu Hong.

Of course, money is impossible, but Dong Da really looks down on money, and he is not lacking. What he lacks is an official position.

That’s why he “can’t wait” to “help” Ye Chen.

After Ye Chen heard what Dong Da said, he couldn’t help but sighed, then looked at Dong Da, and said:

“Although the Golden Turban was destroyed, there are countless demons in the Han Dynasty. The clan is raging. If you don’t destroy the demon clan in one day, the big man will not be peaceful for a day.

However, my army of Samsara City came from Youzhou with endless people and horses. I was already exhausted and wanted to be in time. The demon clan was wiped out, and the great man was at peace. It is really powerless.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words arrived here, Cao Ning, who came here with Dong Da, followed by Lu Zhi, frowned suddenly, but immediately Calm was restored.

When Dong Da heard what Ye Chen said, he was startled for a moment, then shivered abruptly.

Dong Ziran knows what the Yaozu is. Not only does he know it, but he has also fought against the Yaozu. He naturally knows the ferocity of the Yaozu.

And now that Ye Chen said this, it sounded like he couldn’t continue to attack the monsters, and the army of Samsara City had to take a rest.

Dong Da didn’t dare to continue with these words. If they did, Ye Chen would let him lead his army to attack the Yaozu, and the consequences would be very serious.

100% of his army will not be left, and it will even be wiped out.

“General Hussein, although the monster race is very powerful, it must be suppressed, otherwise the world will no longer be dominated by the human race.” When Lu Zhi heard this, his face suddenly changed and he hurriedly bowed. Tao.

Lu Zhi naturally knew the demon clan’s tyranny, but at this moment the most promising one to destroy the demon clan was Ye Chen’s reincarnation legion.

After all, the soldiers of the Samsara Legion are in the innate realm, and the equipment is extremely luxurious. If Ye Chen didn’t send troops, it would be really a bad thing.

Ye Chen sighed again when he heard this, and then said:

“Actually, Ye wants to send troops as soon as possible, but the horse is too tired, I’m afraid I can’t go too far. Moving forward, you have also seen that my army in Samsara City is all cavalry. Although the soldiers are in the innate realm and can recover quickly, the horses cannot.”

Ye Chen’s words just landed. Dong Da’s eyes suddenly lit up, then looked at Ye Chen and bowed and said:

“Zhuh, I would like to contribute millions of horses to General Hussar!”


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