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Chapter 5: Storm Rising

“The lord, Hussein General Ye Chen, is a stranger. Even if he is defeated, he can make a comeback. The lord must not be taken lightly.” Li Ru smiled slightly after hearing Dong Da’s emotion. Bow down in prayer.

When Dong Da heard this, he laughed, and then said:

“Foreign people can be resurrected after they die. This is true, but the resurrection can’t keep the official position, why be afraid?”

“The lord’s words are extremely true.” Li Ru nodded with a smile, and then spoke.

When Dong Da heard this, he looked up to the sky and laughed again. After a while, Dong Da’s face was solemn, then he looked at Niu Fu, and said in a deep voice:

“Niu Fu, you lead the soldiers back to Liang State, make every effort to recruit soldiers, and specially select the soldiers who have reached A and grade qualifications. In addition, arrest blacksmiths everywhere!

No matter whether you are beginner or advanced, or master-level blacksmiths, don’t let one go!

When we have enough blacksmiths, give these drawings to the blacksmiths and let them build them for me! There is no limit to the number!”

Dong Da said that, he took it directly from his arms. Out of three drawings, he handed them to Niu Fu who was stunned.

Niu Fu saw this and hurriedly took it, then bowed and said, “Yes! Lord!”

Li Ru glanced at the drawing in Niu Fu’s hand, and then looked at Dong. Big, bowed and said:

“The Lord Sage!”

“Hahaha, what about the diamond suit? My Liangzhou cavalry, everyone has a mysterious suit, when the time comes , Zhuo, I must see the world, how brave my Xiliang cavalry is!” Dong Da laughed when he heard this, and then shouted.

Cao Ning’s negative army is located.

“It’s a pity” Cao Ning looked at the direction of the army in the reincarnation city and sighed.

Xiahou Dun and Xia Houyuan glanced at each other, and then said in unison:

“Master, this is God’s will.”

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Cao Ningnei heard this, slightly. Frozen, then his eyes flashed sharply.

A few seconds later, Cao Ning let out a long exhalation, then looked at Xiahou Dun, and said in a deep voice:

“Yuan Rang, you go directly to Qiao County, and you must make all your efforts to recruit troops. Millions of soldiers with A-level qualifications!”

“Yes! Lord!” Xiahou Dun couldn’t help being stunned when he heard this. After returning to his senses, he hurriedly bowed in prayer.

At this moment, Cao Ning looked at Dong Dajun in the distance, then took out some drawings from his arms and handed them to Xiahou Dun.

Seeing this, Xiahou Dun hurriedly took it with both hands.

“This is another task, to collect blacksmiths with all your strength, no matter what method, you must get enough blacksmiths, and then give this blueprint to the blacksmiths, let them build it! Don’t slack off!”

“Yes! Lord!” After taking the picture, Xiahou Dun took a look, and then he was taken aback. After he recovered, he hurriedly bowed and worshiped.

The location of Lu Zhi’s army.

“General Hussein, alas” Lu Zhi sighed long as he looked at the direction the army of Samsara City was leaving.


Thousand horses gallop, and the earth roars.

In front of the army of the swift reincarnation city.

With a movement of Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness, it instantly covered a 10,000-mile radius, and then directly locked onto the reincarnation fairy city flying in the sky.

Ye Chen’s voice suddenly sounded in the reincarnation fairy city, the lost mansion, and the hall.

“Zizhong, there are tens of millions of golden soldiers marching towards Youzhou. When they arrive in Youzhou, they will open up wasteland and cultivate land. Later, you will have enough food for them to eat, as well as seeds and farm tools. Distribute them to them.”

Ye Chen had collected tens of millions of golden trousers and soldiers, and had already ordered them to go to Youzhou, so naturally he would not leave them alone.

The Mizhu who was dealing with the affairs of the reincarnation fairy city, heard this, first was taken aback, then hurriedly got up, bowed to the sky and said:

“Yes! Lord!”>

“In addition, I will transport a batch of war horses back to the city of Samsara. You send someone to take care of the war horses.” Ye Chen’s voice sounded again.

Hearing this, Mi Zhu hurriedly bowed and prayed again: “Yes! Lord!”

Southwest of Julu, a hundred miles, in front of the army of Samsara City.

Ye Chen, who had conveyed the order to Mi Zhu, raised his right hand, and then shouted:


The army of the reincarnation city heard this and hurriedly stopped. OK, then stopped.

When Ye Chen saw this, his divine consciousness moved and instantly locked 1.11 million unrided horses.

In the next second, 1.1 million horses disappeared instantly.

When the soldiers of the army of Reincarnation City saw this, they were all taken aback, and then looked at Ye Chen neatly and uniformly.

In the next second, a strong breath of worship rose instantly.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile after feeling the admiration from the soldiers, and then shouted:

“Go on!”

“Yes! Lord!” Two The 1.41 million reincarnation city army shouted together, and then followed Ye Chen towards the southwest.


Thousand horses gallop, and the earth roars.

Ye Chen’s army of Reincarnation City rushed towards Luoyang with a mighty and domineering aura. After that, the smoke and dust billowed and the momentum was huge.

Not long after Ye Chen left, a group of female players on horseback chased after him.

If Ye Chen is here again, they will be able to recognize their identities at a glance, they are the female players of the Beauty League who went to Youzhou to seek Ye Chen’s help.

“Sister Yaoyao, Ye Chen’s brother is too good, right? Just destroy the golden scarf. If this continues, there will be no more monsters left.” Little Lori Wang Mengmeng looked into the distance. He said with a gloomy face because of the dust that was splashed by the army of the reincarnation city.

Li Mengyao, the leader of the Beauty League, smiled uncontrollably when she heard this, and then said:

“No, the monsters are not that stupid. They saw the army that could not defeat Ye Chen, definitely Will run away.”

Wang Mengmeng was relieved when he heard this, but immediately, her small face collapsed, and then she looked at Li Mengyao, and asked worriedly:

“Yaoyao” Sister, the protective shield of a safe city in the real world will disappear within three days. What should we do then?”

“Let’s take a step and take a step. If it doesn’t work, we can only rely on a safe city to defend the monsters.” Li Mengyao heard this, was silent for a moment, and then said.

Wang Mengmeng listened. When I got here, I could not help but clenched a small fist, and then said bitterly:

“It’s all the bad guys in the sanctuary. If it weren’t for them, we would have built our own territory in the real world.”

“It is useless to blame the sky and others. We have to rely on ourselves. Only when we are strong can we survive in this world. When the time comes, no one will want to bully us.” Li Mengyao heard this, touched He touched Wang Mengmeng’s little head, and then said earnestly.

Hu Xiaoyue, who had not spoken all the time, heard this, a trace of sadness flashed across his face, but immediately returned to normal.

At this moment, the roar of a galloping horse came from behind the League of Beauty. Hu Xiaoyue heard this and hurriedly looked at Li Mengyao and said:

“Sister Yaoyao, let’s hurry up. The people are about to catch up.”

“Okay, let’s go! “Li Mengyao nodded, and then shouted.


Outside Luoyang city.

The boundless army of the monster race, shocked and enveloped time and time again. The entire Luoyang protective shield.

The soldiers on the city wall, with pale faces, shot the arrows in their hands again and again at the monster army outside the city.

However, the effect was close. At zero.


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