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Chapter 503: Suzaku


The roar that shook the sky, as the army of Samsara City appeared, one after another sounded.

Countless monsters, birds and beasts all turned around and looked at the army of Samsara City that suddenly appeared behind them.

“Why did these human armies suddenly appear here again?” A gorilla looked at the sudden appearance of the army of Reincarnation City and said with a dazed expression.

“How did I know.” A wild boar with black fur and fangs roared a little violently.

“No matter how he appeared, just such a small number of people is not enough for our teeth, big gray, old black, you two took the people to destroy them, save these damn humans to us Sabotage.” A big lion covered in golden retriever snorted coldly, and then roared.

“Yes, my lord!” Hearing this, a gray-haired wolf and a black eagle hovering in the sky shouted.

“Wait, something is wrong with this army!” An exclamation suddenly sounded from the mouth of a pure white fox.

“Why is something wrong? They can still kill us!” When the Golden Retriever Lion heard this, the eyes of the two lions suddenly opened, and then coldly snorted.

When the pure white fox monster heard this, a cold light flashed in the fox’s eyes, but his calm was restored immediately.

In the next second, the pure white fox demon said in a deep voice:

“I have deliberately learned the characters of the human race. The handsome flag of this human cavalry army says “Ye”.”

“What can Ye Zi do, is it possible that my demon tribe’s hundreds of millions of army are still afraid that he will not succeed?” A black bear snorted, and then roared.

“The word Ye is not very good, but if the commander of this cavalry army is Ye Chen, it will be different.” The pure white fox glanced at the black bear and said calmly.

As soon as the words of the pure white fox fell to the ground, the sound of air-conditioning in patches followed.


“Old Bai, are you sure that this cavalry army is Ye Chen’s army?” The golden lion king glanced at the reincarnation of the demon army. The city cavalry army then looked at the pure white fox monster and asked.

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The pure white fox demon beast heard this, nodded, and then said:

“Nine to all, this cavalry army appeared too suddenly, and their coach The surname is Ye.

Ordinary human players, seeing that we don’t dare to approach, or even hide far away, but this army of cavalry is obviously different.

What I feel from them is only a strong killing intent, without the slightest taste of fear.”

“Is it possible, isn’t Ye Chen in that giant deer? Get away from here. So far, how could it be possible to reach Luoyang in such a short time! “A tiger monster, when hearing this, the tiger’s eyes opened sharply, and then it roared loudly.

“Even if Ye Chen can listen, don’t forget, we have prepared it for so long. The Ten Thousand Demon Soul Eating Formation, Ye Chen doesn’t matter if he doesn’t come, since he is here, I just use this to deal with him directly, I don’t believe it, Ye Chen is so powerful as to fight against the Ten Thousand Demon Soul Eating Formation! “A black snake monster said coldly.

“Yes! Just use the Ten Thousand Demon Soul Eating Array, no matter whether he is Ye Chen or not, use the Ten Thousand Demon Soul Eating Array to destroy them all!”

“That’s right, just use Ten Thousand Demons Soul Eater!”

After a roar, the golden lion king stood up, and then roared:

“Big gray, old black, you two will try to attack with the clansmen first, if If you can directly destroy the cavalry army, you will directly destroy the others, and prepare the Ten Thousand Demons Soul Eater Array with me!”

“Good! “When the gray wolf monster and the black hawk monster in the sky heard this, they all responded. After speaking, the two monsters screamed together.



In the next second, millions of wolf tribes, millions of eagle tribes, left the monster tribe army directly, and moved quickly The rushing demon army rushed forward.


Thousand horses are galloping and the earth roars.

Leading Ye Chen glanced at the millions of Eagles and millions of Wolves who rushed over. He smiled coldly and made a move with his right hand. Innate Supreme Treasure Killing Spear, Innate Spirit Treasure Fire Spirit Orb, Appeared instantly.

In the next second, Ye Chen raised the sharp spear, and then shouted in a loud voice:

“Suzaku battles!”

As Ye Chen yelled, Fire Spirit Orb There was a shock in an instant.


The sky filled the sky with fire light, and then the reincarnation army was covered.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The cry of killing that shook the sky followed closely through the sky.

In the next second, the extremely strong murderous aura, accompanied by the raging fire from the Samsara Legion, burst into the sky with a “boom”.

At the same time, Ye Chen and the Samsara Legion disappeared.

The sky, full of flames began to converge, and then continued to extend and deform.

After a few breaths, a huge bird appeared in the sky with a fiery red body and a raging fire all over.

At the demon army position, the Golden Retriever Lion King looked at the huge bird that suddenly appeared in the sky, the lion’s eyes opened fiercely, and then shouted in shock:

“What is this!”

“I don’t know,” a wild boar monster and two pig eyes responded with horror.

In the sky, the eagle leader rushed to the army of Samsara City. After seeing the huge birds in the sky, the eagle eyes shrank fiercely, and then shouted in surprise:

“Suzaku turned out to be Why is this impossible for Suzaku!”

As the leader of the Eagle Clan said, the huge bird that appeared in the sky is Suzaku, derived from the Suzaku battle formation.

The Suzaku at this moment is the second time it has appeared in the world. The difference from the first time is that the Suzaku is more lifelike this time, with a larger body, and the pressure far exceeds the first time.

In fact, this is due to Ye Chen’s refinement of the Fire Spirit Orb. After all, the key to the Vermilion Bird’s battle formation is the Fire Spirit Orb.

At this moment, Suzaku opened his eyes, scarlet, blazing, and burning everything, instantly presenting the world.

At the same time, Suzaku’s whole body was burning like boiling water, boiling wantonly, and the direct burning air “cracked”.


A long cry that has gone through many years, suddenly sounded like a blade of time and space, traversing the past and the present.

“Suzaku! It’s Suzaku!” After the Golden Retriever Lion felt the pressure from Suzaku, he suddenly remembered something, and then shouted in surprise.

“This is broken. Suzaku is one of the four great beasts. This is”

“Is it possible? Didn’t it mean that this is Ye Chen’s army? Isn’t Ye Chen not only? Can you summon the White Tiger, but can you still summon the Suzaku?”

“No, definitely not, it can’t be summoned by Ye Chen”

“Even if it wasn’t summoned by Ye Chen , This Suzaku is also hostile to us, aren’t those stupid birds useless”

Monsters, you say, I roar, the golden lion king hears this, a lion face Suddenly it was distorted.

In the next second, the Golden Retriever Lion King looked up at the various bird leaders in the sky, and roared without hesitation:

“Use ten thousand demons to eat souls! Quick!”


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