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Chapter 506: Innate Realm Dzogchen

As soon as Liu Hong’s words landed, the Manchuria, civil and military all stayed together.

They didn’t expect Liu Hong to be so bold. Even if he went out of the palace to see the immortals, he still had to go to the city wall, which was the first line of defense to guard Luoyang, which was extremely dangerous.

Although a protective shield has suddenly appeared in Luoyang now that the monsters cannot attack it, no one can guarantee how long this protective shield will last.

In case the protective shield breaks as soon as you step on the city wall, it will be no different from the death in the past. After a military commander recovered, he hurriedly bowed and said:

“Your Majesty, the demon clan birds in the sky have been destroyed, but there is no news about the demon clan on the ground, so I rush to the city wall now. It’s too dangerous.”

“Yes, your Majesty, it’s too dangerous to go to the city wall, please think twice.” A civil servant heard this and hurriedly followed and bowed.

“My Majesty, please think twice!” Manchao Wenwu looked at each other and pressed a glance, and then all bowed in prayer.

Liu Hong, who was in a state of excitement, suddenly changed his face when he heard this, and at the same time, his heart “cocked” involuntarily.

Obviously, the words of the ministers of civil and military affairs were in Liu Hong’s heart.

After a few breaths, Liu Hong exhaled for a long time, and then shouted:

“Even if the monster army outside the city has not been destroyed, I am not worried, because the “fairy” has already Do it for me, you can rest assured!”

After Liu Hong finished speaking, he turned around and strode forward.

Liu Hong listened with confidence and looked at his actions with confidence, but from his strange eyes and slightly trembling voice, it is not difficult to see one thing.

Liu Hong is pretending to be calm, and that’s the truth.

It’s just that Liu Hong is afraid, so he must go.

Because this “fairy coming” is a golden opportunity.

To be precise, it is a good opportunity for him to consolidate the Great Han Dynasty and enhance the imperial majesty, and it is unique.

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Therefore, Liu Hong didn’t want to miss this opportunity, nor could he miss it.

As long as he appears on the wall, and let the people in the city see him with their own eyes.

Then “The Lower Realm of Immortals” will inevitably be automatically connected to Liu Hong by the people.

Because he is the emperor, the emperor of Han, the immortal lower realm can’t be for the people, but it is also for Liu Hong.

And the people will certainly think so.

At that time, his prestige will inevitably spread all over the world, and then all the people will know that he, Liu Hong, is the true son of heaven, and he is the emperor of heaven.

Otherwise, why is the fairy in the lower realm, and why should he come to protect him.

Of course, what Liu Hong wants most is to take this opportunity to tell all the people in the world who have a heart for rebellion.

If you are right with him, Liu Hong, you are right with God. There is only one word in the end, death!

Liu Hong is mediocre, but he also knows the choice, and he knows how important this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is.

And he also firmly believes that since the “immortal” has already taken action, he definitely won’t let him have the slightest danger.

It is precisely because of these reasons that Liu Hong “ignored” the possible danger and determined to go to the city wall.

Manchu Wenwu heard this, you look at me, I look at you, and then all bowed and said:

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

finished, The Manchu Civil and Martial Arts followed Liu Hongchao to the outside world.

Outside Luoyang city, among the monsters and beasts.

“All are dead” The Golden Retriever Lion King looked at the empty sky, the two lion-eyed bosses, and then stammered and shouted.

“How could this happen?” A black-haired wild boar monster, the boss with staring pig eyes, shouted in horror.

“This is too fast,” a monster hedgehog looked at the sky that had been emptied after a few breaths, shivered abruptly, and then screamed.

“Lord, let’s return to the demon world,” a green snake monster looked at the golden lion king in horror, and then shouted.

“Yes, lord, let’s go back soon, if we don’t go back again, we and we all have to die” a black bear monster shouted in a panic.

After the Golden Retriever Lion King listened to the shouts of his underlings, the entire lion face suddenly became distorted, and then roared:

“You are not allowed to go back! Even if you go back, you will die. Forget, this is the human world, it is easy to advance to goblins, besides, we are also players, monster players, we will not die if we die, what’s to be afraid of!”

“Lord, we It’s best to go back now, so that we still have a chance to ascend as soon as possible, otherwise, not only will we not get any benefits, it will also be very dangerous, don’t forget the Vermillion Bird, and there is also Ye Chen in the Human Race, who was killed by Ye Chen , It will die in reality.” A pure white fox monster heard this, the fox’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and then he looked at the Golden Retriever Lion King and said.

The Golden Retriever Lion King shuddered involuntarily after hearing the words of the fox demon beast.

It naturally knows the horror of Suzaku. He just saw with his own eyes how the burning fire burned hundreds of millions of monster clan birds.

But he was not reconciled, because as long as Liu Hong was destroyed, the monster clan would gain great benefits, and the benefits of killing Liu Hong’s monster directly would be even greater.

It was precisely because of unwillingness that the Golden Retriever Lion King did not agree to return to the Demon Realm for the first time.

It wants to disperse and evacuate the monster army and avoid the Vermillion Bird, and then look for opportunities to destroy Liu Hong, so that it can reap great benefits.

But when he thought of the horror of Suzaku, the Golden Retriever Lion suddenly lost his confidence.

Just as the Golden Retriever Lion King was thinking, a red beam of light suddenly descended in front of the army of Samsara City.

When the beam of light dissipated, Ye Chen and the Samsara Legion appeared in place.

“Master Wan Sheng! Wan Sheng! Wan Sheng!”

The sound of shaking to the sky, instantly resounded from the army of Samsara City.

Ye Chen listened to the shouts of excitement and worship, smiled slightly, and then looked at the soldiers of the Samsara Legion.

In the next second, Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction.

Yes, yes, the innate realm is complete.

Just as Ye Chen thought, the soldiers of the 51 million reincarnation legion, without exception, are all advanced to the holy generals. Or the innate realm Great Perfection, the force value reached 100.

One step forward is the Transcendence Realm, but this is the Novice Zone of the Three Kingdoms. The soldiers are all ordinary characters, not special existence in this world, so it is impossible to break into the Transcendence Realm.

Of course, Ye Chen doesn’t care about this, because these soldiers can all go to the real world. In the real world, there is no restriction on the Three Kingdoms novice zone.

Of course, Ye Chen won’t let the reincarnation legion break through to the Transcendence Realm in a short time.

Because once they break through to the Transcendence Realm, they will definitely be sealed.

In this way, the innate true qi in their bodies could not be used, and Ye Chen didn’t want to watch this happen.

Be aware that Ye Chen is going to go directly to the secret realm of the underground palace to take away the Jiuding of Zhenguo after destroying the monster race.

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Chapter 506: Innate Realm Dzogchen – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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